The captain of MSC Opera and several crew members will be jailed for an incident that took place in 2019.

Captain for five months

After the MSC Opera hit a dock and a river cruise ship in Italy, the under-the-radar incident immediately went viral. Although human casualties were thankfully avoided, several people were injured and the incident contributed to an already heated debate about the presence of cruise ships in Venice.

MSC Opera raids the quayside in Venice.

The Maritime Executive now reports that the criminal case has resulted in the verdict that Captain Carmine Civiero will spend five months behind bars. In addition, the ship’s chief engineer and chief electrician will spend two months in jail.

Two other crew members will spend 10 days in jail, while other crew members charged in connection with the incident, including a fellow exec and a senior security officer, have been acquitted.

There was no shortage of witnesses, as the passenger list aboard MSC Opera was complete. The colliding vessel, a river carapace, was damaged, and several passengers reportedly suffered minor injuries.

MSC Opera (Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises)

At the heart of this process, of course, was the question of how this terrible incident, which could have ended much worse, had come about. MSC Cruises tried to point the finger at the builders of the opera house, claiming design faults were the cause of the accident.

However, several experts testified that the ship’s crew made several mistakes.

Much of the testimony would have focused on the inability of the chief engineer and the chief electrician to properly respond to the warning signal, which, if handled properly, could have prevented the events that ultimately occurred that day.

Other experts stated that the vessel was speeding when it entered the area. The captains of the two tugboats that tried to prevent the incident were acquitted of any wrongdoing.

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frequently asked questions

Does every cruise ship have a prison?

The brig is the name of the prison on the ship. … Although bribes are the norm on cruise ships, we are told they are rarely used. Instead, passengers are often locked in their rooms with a guard at the door.

How much does the average cruise ship captain earn?

After all that, what does a cruise ship captain do for a living? Most of them earn an average annual salary of about $150,000.

What happens if you commit a crime on a cruise ship?

Unlike airplanes with federal marshals, cruise ships do not have police on board. … Most crew members know that nothing will happen to them if they commit a crime on the ship. Because there is no criminal liability, there is no deterrent to crime on cruise ships.

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