Crystal Cruises, a luxury cruise line known for its high-end accommodations and elegant evening shows, came under fire after one of their ships arrived in the port at Fort Lauderdale on November 29th. The company issued an apology to all those who had booked into Crystal’s “Adventures by Crystal” trip stating that they will fully refund guests’ travel expenses.

The “crystal cruises latest update” is a story of a cruise ship that ended its voyage early and had an arrest warrant issued.

Crystal Cruise Ship Ends Voyage Early and Arrest Warrant Issued

An arrest warrant for the Crystal Symphony cruise ship has been issued by a Miami court in an effort to collect assets for unpaid fuel costs. The cruise ship has been diverted from its original route, and it is unknown how or if the ship will be seized.

Crystal Symphony is the subject of an arrest warrant.

On January 20, 2022, federal U.S. District Judge Darrin Gayles issued an arrest warrant for the cruise liner, only days after its parent company, Genting Hong Kong, filed for bankruptcy. Crystal Trips had previously announced a suspension of all ocean and river cruises as a result of the filing, while ships that were already sailing were to complete itineraries that were already begun.

Ocean cruises, including Crystal Symphony itineraries, are presently halted until April 29, 2022.

Peninsula Petroleum Far East Pte. Ltd., a gasoline supplier, filed a civil complaint, prompting the arrest warrant. In addition to the Crystal Symphony, the entire line Crystal Cruises and Star Cruises, both of which are owned by Genting Hong Kong, were listed as defendants.

Total claims amount to $1.2 million against Crystal Symphony, $2.1 million against Crystal Cruises, and $1.3 million against Star Cruises, according to Petroleum Far East, with unpaid payments going back to 2017.

The arrest warrant was filed in an effort to collect on the debt, which is especially important given that the parent business has declared bankruptcy.

What Does It Mean When a Cruise Ship Is Arrested?

Obviously, a cruise ship cannot be “arrested” in the sense of being cuffed, imprisoned, or appearing in court. The ship, on the other hand, might be seized and held as collateral until the litigation is resolved and obligations are paid. When a ship is seized, valuable goods aboard — such as retail merchandise, cash reserves for the casino, and so on – may be used to settle outstanding debts in part.

Federal marshals are suspected to be engaged in locating the ship and enforcing the orders since the lawsuit and arrest warrant were obtained via a U.S. District Court, however this has not been verified.

What happened to Crystal Symphony?

Crystal Symphony was in the middle of a Caribbean cruise when the arrest warrant was issued, with a scheduled debarkation in Miami on January 23. That is no longer the ship’s route, thanks to the bankruptcy filing, lawsuit, and arrest warrant.

According to guests on board, the ship has been rerouted to Bimini, Bahamas, where it is expected to arrive on January 22 owing to a “non technical problem” with the ship’s initial debarkation arrangements. While no official reason has been stated for the diversion, it is most likely in reaction to the arrest warrant, which prevents the ship from being taken right away.

Crystal Symphony Cruise ShipPhoto credit: Shutterstock/Vytautas Kielaitis

Passengers will then be transported to either PortMiami, Miami International Airport, or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport through Balearia Caribbean, a rapid ferry service.

Because the passengers will not be arriving back in Miami as expected, and many travelers’ flight arrangements will likely need to be adjusted, assistance with travel plans to return home is likely to be made available.

What Does the Future Hold for Crystal Cruises?

It’s uncertain what the future holds for Crystal Cruises or its ships at this time. Refunds for purchased reservations that have been canceled may be in peril, since the cruise line’s assets may be blocked until the legal issues are resolved.

Another alternative is that another cruise line company buys Crystal Cruises and assumes part of its debt in return for those assets, which would then be managed by the new line.

Crystal Symphony Cruise ShipPhoto credit: Shutterstock/Vytautas

Ships might be restored for a new cruise company, reformed for a resurgent Crystal Cruises, or scrapped.

For such a historically well-respected and well-loved luxury cruise operator, the future is unclear. Since its inception in 1988, Crystal Cruises has been providing fantastic trips to its guests, and the company has a devoted following of passengers who desire to see it continue sailing for many more years. But one thing is certain: the cruise company will not give up.

Crystal Cruises’ president, Jack Anderson, said in a statement on the cruise line’s website, “Crystal has been associated with luxury sailing for more than 30 years, and we look forward to welcome back our cherished customers when we resume operations.” We want to express our gratitude to our visitors and travel advisers for their unwavering support throughout these trying times.”  

Passengers with future reservations should remain in touch with their travel agents or Crystal Cruises directly for updates and information at this time, but be aware that the situation may be volatile and that the processes may take weeks or months to conclude.

Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship

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The “crystal symphony reviews” is a cruise ship that ended its voyage early and issued an arrest warrant. The ship was being investigated by the Costa Rican government for environmental violations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has anyone received a refund from Crystal Cruises?

A: I cant answer that question.

Can I go on a cruise if I have a warrant?

A: Yes, you can go on a cruise if you have an arrest warrant.

Where does Crystal Cruises sail from?

A: Its hard to say exactly where the cruise ship leaves from. But if it is a destination in Europe, Crystal Cruises sails from London

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