Delta is adding a new line of eco-friendly products to their onboard amenities. Delta says that these will be the most environmentally friendly items in the industry and that other airlines are starting to follow suit. These changes have been driven by customer demand for sustainable travel options, but these moves could also put pressure on prices at other major carriers like United Airlines, American Airlines, and Air France KLM as they both struggle with high fuel costs and declining revenue streams

Delta is adding new eco-friendly onboard items to their fleet. The “delta tumi amenity kit 2021” is one of the new products that will be available on all flights starting in 2021.

Delta Adding New Eco-Friendly Onboard Items

Delta Air Lines is stepping up its efforts to provide consumers with a more sustainable air travel future, this time by providing more eco-friendly onboard options.

Instead of bottles, the Atlanta-based carrier will provide artisan-made amenity packages, regenerated bedding, reusable and biodegradable serving ware and silverware, and premium canned wine.


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Delta claims that the new goods would cut single-use plastic use aboard by 4.9 million pounds per year and considerably improve its support for minority and women-owned companies.

In a statement, Allison Ausband, Delta’s E.V.P. and Chief Customer Experience Officer, said, “Decisions we make on every element of our product are chances to make good on two basic promises: to create amazing customer experiences and build a better future for people and our planet.” “These newest additions provide something unique to our consumers, lower our environmental footprint, and allow job growth in the areas we serve throughout the globe,” says the company.

The following are some of the services available:

— Amenity kits for Delta’s premium Delta One cabin will be created by Mexican fashion company Someone Somewhere. Delta’s relationship with Someone Somewhere, a Certified B Corporation that mixes Mexican traditional handcrafts with new goods, has produced employment for more than 250 individuals in five of Mexico’s most vulnerable states. The new amenity package replaces five single-use plastic products like zippers and packaging, saving up to 90,000 pounds of plastic every year. The artisanal manufacturing procedures used by Someone Somewhere also reduce waste and use regenerated cotton.

— Delta’s bedding sets now include more than 100 recycled plastic bottles, resulting in a total of 25 million recycled bottles being used each year. The airline is one of the first to employ 100 percent recycled polyester (rPET) bedding, which will save up to 260,000 pounds of single-use plastic per year when paired with the new usage of reusable bedding packaging. In December 2021, the sets started to emerge on the board.

— Delta is continuing its worldwide revamp of onboard service ware by adding goods made from natural and recyclable materials to replace and limit the use of plastic. Bamboo cutlery is now available for domestic First Class fresh boxed meals and certain foreign flights on Delta. All foreign Main Cabin clients will get new biodegradable dishware, bamboo cutlery, and a luxury paper placemat later this year.

— Imagery Estate Winery, a premium Sonoma winery managed by award-winning winemaker Jamie Benziger, has released two new aluminum-canned wines. Beginning this month, Delta will sell Imagery’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay on select coast-to-coast flights, with plans to extend to all domestic flights later this year. The wine’s metal packaging saves up to 250,000 pounds of plastic every year.

“People have always been at the heart of everything we do at Delta,” said Amelia DeLuca, Vice President of Sustainability. “It’s because of this people-first mindset that Delta has been able to bring innovative goods aboard that minimize waste, support diverse suppliers, and strengthen communities.” We want to safeguard our planet and the people who live on it, and the things we supply aboard are the most recent example of how we’re doing so.”

Delta Airlines is making a bold new decision to add eco-friendly onboard items. Delta will be the first airline to offer recycled paper, biodegradable plastics, and vegan leather in their economy cabins. Reference: delta airlines bold new decision.

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