Delta is one of the largest airlines in the world with a name that’s synonymous with reliability. However, it announced changes to their award ticket policy which upset some travelers who were counting on Delta miles for flights and upgrades. In January 2019, they changed how these points are earned by eliminating any distance-based cap on flying redemptions that count towards status

Delta airlines has announced that their Delta Award tickets will now count towards status permanently, meaning you won’t have to worry about earning mileage on flights. This is a huge change for Delta and the airline industry as a whole. Read more in detail here: delta airlines.



Delta Award Tickets Are Now Permanently Counted Towards Status, and There Is No Mileage-Earning Cap On Flights

on March 31, 2022 by Gary Leff

This morning, Delta Air Lines announced two adjustments to its SkyMiles program. SkyMiles award tickets for Delta travel, which started contributing toward elite status in 2021, will now be a permanent part of the program. In order to motivate consumers who purchase the most costly tickets, the number of miles earned for travel will no longer be capped.

Traveling on an award qualifies you for elite status.

Delta-issued award tickets for travel on its own planes will be permanently counted toward elite status. Virgin Atlantic, a Delta vassal, was the first to implement this alteration to its schedule. SkyMiles was added for a limited time in 2021, and then again in 2022.

In some ways, this is a trend because American Airlines completely revamped its elite status earning so that most activity (including credit card spend and online shopping) counts towards status – while a minimum number of American Airlines flights is required to earn ‘choice rewards’ at the Platinum Pro status level and beyond. The 30 minimum segments for this perk at American include award travel.

However, Delta does not credit award travel on partner airlines or partner airline redemptions on Delta for determining status.

The minimum miles required for SkyMiles status are computed depending on the distance traveled. Each award flight is divided into segments. And since each mile redeemed is worth a cent in qualifying dollars, a 30,000-mile coach reward ticket gets 300 qualifying dollars.

There is no longer a limit on the number of miles that may be earned for tickets.

Delta set a restriction on the amount of miles a ticket may earn when it launched its revenue-based mileage-earning program eight years ago. No ticket, no matter how expensive, would earn more than 75,000 SkyMiles.

  • As ticket prices rose to their greatest levels, the most costly tickets ceased accumulating miles.
  • Because higher level members reached the cap faster as a consequence of their incentives, lower-tier members were given preferential treatment.

A regular member might earn 5 miles for dollar spent on the first $15,000 spent on a ticket. A top tier member earning 11 miles per dollar, on the other hand, would reach their earning limit after $6818. Of course, most tickets aren’t that pricey, but last-minute long-haul business class tickets may be.

Customers were also given an odd incentive to divide up their tickets into one-way trips as a result of this. It complicates matters for the clients for whom they want to make things as simple as possible. Delta has finally removed the cap.

When United and subsequently American changed their programs to be revenue-based, they imitated Delta’s cap. Generally, American airline professionals felt that Delta’s management was the sharpest at the time, and that anything they did had to be proper. Following Delta’s action, it’s unclear if United or American will eliminate their caps.

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