Delta has run out of flight attendants and pilots, according to the company’s CEO. Delta is hiring thousands of new employees in an attempt to reach full capacity by 2020.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian said that the pilot shortage is coming. Delta has been trying to recruit pilots, but it’s not easy. Read more in detail here: pilot shortage 2021.

A estimate from aircraft maker Boeing Inc. more than four years ago predicted a requirement for more than 637,000 pilots over a 20-year span in order to avoid a pilot shortage.

According to Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian, this might become a major problem sooner rather than later.


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“There’s going to be a scarcity,” Bastian stated on Tuesday. “It hasn’t arrived yet.” However, it is on its way.”

In an hour-long lunchtime keynote interview with US Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow, the CEO spoke at the US Travel Association’s “The Future of Travel Mobility” conference in Washington, D.C.

The impact of the pandemic on travel – and the financial sacrifices that airlines and the whole industry were obliged to make by giving early retirement, buyouts, and layoffs — impacted every part of the travel industry, including pilots.

When you add in the fact that an increasing number of pilots have retired or are going to retire after reaching the obligatory retirement age of 65, you have the ideal storm for a shortage.

“Years ago, you went into the military, became a pilot, and went to work for Delta or one of the airlines and had a terrific career and did well,” Dow said. “Then the smaller carriers stopped paying as well, and the pilots said, ‘OK, we’ll fly someplace else.’ There was talk of elderly pilots and the possibility of a scarcity (even) before the outbreak.”

Indeed, the COVID-19 epidemic – and the resulting severe drop in passengers and flights – was a “momentary respite” for the problem of pilot shortages, according to a research conducted by the New York and London-based consultant Oliver Wyman in March of 2021.

The impediments are building up, thanks to an aging workforce, fewer pilots leaving the military, and barriers to admission, such as the expense of training.

“We’re collaborating with flight schools,” Bastian added, pointing to one possible solution to the shortfall.

It’s unclear when the scarcity will fully strike, but there’s enough anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s already occurring.

According to the British daily The Telegraph, the number of pilots who have retired owing to the epidemic in the United Kingdom during the past year and a half is thought to be twice that of pilots who would usually have retired during that period.

Closer to home, a number of airlines have already announced or will announce employee reductions and flight reductions. As a consequence, pilot-related concerns are already being reported at smaller airports.

“Some airlines were very aggressive in terms of reducing their staff during the pandemic by offering incentives or retirement packages and other things, and they were very successful in getting people to leave their ranks so that they could reduce their payroll costs while they were not making any revenue during the pandemic.” As a result, they now have to play catch-up in the other direction,” Kevin Ploehn, director of aviation and transportation at Montana’s Billings-Logan International Airport, told KTVQ news.

The “navy pilot shortage 2021” is a problem that will be coming soon. The Navy has been struggling to find pilots for the last few years, and there are no signs of it getting better soon.

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