Delta announced a new upgrade policy for elites and top spenders, which means that only those with elite status or the most expensive tickets will get confirmed into premium economy. They’re trying to incentivize people who fly Delta often and usually buy their ticket at full price to upgrade instead of paying more on each flight.

Delta Guts International Upgrades, Top Elites Only Get Confirmed Into Premium Economy. Delta has been known to offer upgrades from economy to premium economy on international flights. However, only the elites get confirmed into this status. The rest of the passengers who are not elite, have to wait for a standby list. Read more in detail here: how to upgrade on delta international flights.

Top Elites Only Get Confirmed Into Premium Economy On Delta Guts International Upgrades

on November 4, 2021 by Gary Leff

As Andrew Kunesh originally revealed, Delta is slashing verified international upgrades given to top elite passengers.

As a ‘option perk,’ top-tier SkyMiles Diamond members may pick confirmed worldwide upgrades. On any Delta aircraft when upgrade capacity is available, they have upgraded a passenger on a coach ticket to business class.

However, as of February 1, 2022, this will no longer be the case.

  • Only a coach ticket to premium economy will be confirmed with a global upgrade. Only premium economy tickets booked in advance may be upgraded to business class. (Customers flying on non-premium economy planes may still upgrade to business class.)
  • Those who upgrade from coach to premium economy in this manner may join a waiting list for a business class upgrade, which opens up 24 hours before departure. There are no longer any guarantees of double upgrades, thus if you desire business, you must at the very least purchase premium economy.
  • When applying these verified worldwide upgrades on partner airlines, the one-cabin upgrade limitation still applies.
  • There will be no capacity limitations while purchasing coach and upgrading to premium economy. These upgrade certificates should be reflected in revenue inventories (if a seat is available for purchase, the upgrade to premium economy should ‘clear’).
  • These worldwide upgrades may also be used to confirm first class on local and international flights within a short distance (Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and northern South America).
  • Upgrades will be valid for a longer period of time, from the moment they are acquired to the end of the status year (for example, earn a certificate on October 1, 2022, and it will be valid until January 31, 2024).

Delta-American-Express-Limited-Time-Offers-Up-To-90000-Miles Credit: Delta, Business Class

Customers who are dissatisfied with the changes may seek 8000 SkyMiles in return for their worldwide upgrades, however this takes a phone call, and the value of your time waiting on line may be larger than the worth of the miles you would get.

Due to the fact that these global upgrades will be the first without capacity constraints on regional flights, regional upgrades will be worth less, and Delta will swap them for 4000 SkyMiles.

$80 for Global enhancements and $40 for Regional upgrades, with a value of around a cent each, shows you how much Delta values them.

Delta-Guts-International-Upgrades-Top-Elites-Only-Get-Confirmed-Into Credit: Delta for premium economy.

The new one-cabin upgrade constraint on Delta’s worldwide upgrades provided to top elites might be thought of as a new higher-fare condition to be eligible for a confirmed elite business class upgrade. Because business class upgrade space is seldom confirmed at the time of booking, the additional money you now spend to purchase premium economy in the hopes of receiving a business class upgrade – rather than just confirming it – is an uncontrolled lottery. (State lottery laws are preempted by the Airline Deregulation Act.)

American Airlines used to have confirmed upgrades without capacity limitations for foreign upgrades on domestic flights 20 years ago, while Alaska Airlines didn’t have a capacity regulated inventory for their first class product until January 1, 2002. (5000 miles would confirm an upgrade into revenue first class, a great deal as Alaska began flying transcon flights).

American Airlines, on the other hand, verified that international upgrades are still available on the cheapest cost and that upgrades from economy to business class are still available (skipping premium economy). This seemed to be coming to an end at one time, and Delta’s action may have made that more probable, but it’s a true difference for top elites that they’d be unwise to lose – particularly given the airline’s confirmed business class upgrade inventory is already scarce.

And United now permits verified upgrades from coach to business class, as well as the use of extra upgrade points, even on the cheapest rates.

I developed the word ‘Skypesos’ for Delta’s redemption money, but in recent years, they’ve improved their elite tiers. This is a step backwards, and if other legacy carriers do not follow suit, it will be uncompetitive. It’s not unexpected for an airline that lowered reward prices twice during the epidemic.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

Delta Guts International is one of the few airlines that allows passengers to upgrade their seats. However, if you are a top elite passenger, you will only get confirmed into premium economy.。 Reference: delta upgrade/standby list.

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