The story of how the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh set sail to find El Dorado is one of exploration, discovery, and most importantly- hope. The constant search for what you think might be out there makes life more than just a day by day grind or simple routine task.

In the “virgin voyages” article, it is explained what it means to set sail on a “virgin voyage.” The article also includes some tips for those who are interested in doing so.

Scarlet Lady, a Virgin Voyages ship, set sail in the UK in August and completed her inaugural trip from Miami in early October, much to the delight of passengers. The cruise line takes a risk and offers a unique travel experience to its passengers.

The Scarlet Lady’s passengers enjoy a refined but laid-back ambience. There will be no children aboard the Adult-by-Design cruises, although youngsters at heart are always welcome.


Although the ship consumes less energy, no style points were lost in the process. The ship combines the elegance of a yacht with the variety of a huge cruise ship, ensuring that everyone on board has enough of entertainment.

Every palette will find something to like when it comes to food. Buffets and regular eating periods have been replaced with infinite made-to-order menu selections from over 20 different restaurant alternatives. Guests may eat whenever they choose, day or night, on anything from churrasco steak at The Wake to Korean BBQ at Gunbae.

Virgin Voyages’ associate vice president of North American sales, John Diorio, expressed his enthusiasm for the Scarlet Lady’s debut and for this new sort of cruise travel.

The Suite Aft Suite's private terrace The private terrace of the Suite Aft Suite boasts beautiful views of the ship’s aft, as well as plenty of room to enjoy them with a hammock, sun loungers, and an outside patio sofa. (Photo courtesy of Virgin Voyages)

“It’s what we call ‘Setting Sail the Virgin Way,’ where sailors (or passengers as Virgin refers to them) experience the opulence of a boutique hotel on the ocean combined with the unrivaled Virgin service, style, and value.” “It’s a polished but unpretentious adult-only experience,” he remarked. “Simple, honest pricing combined with the kind of elegance you’d expect from a Virgin brand.”

Sailors will discover a wealth of activities on board, all of which are included in the upfront payment. Beverages such as water, juices, sodas, teas, and drip coffee are supplied in addition to the large range of meals. Gratuities, as well as entertainment, Wi-Fi, and group exercises such as yoga, meditation, cycling, HIIT, and more, are all included.

Burn gym with a view of the ocean and sunset. With a view of the ocean and sunset, this is a great place to burn calories. (Photo courtesy of Virgin Voyages)

When sailing with Virgin Voyages, age is simply a number, and all adults are welcome. The average age of the visitors is roughly 48, with a range of 30 to 60. The cruise company attracts visitors who want to experience something new and are looking for adventure.

Guests may travel to the Caribbean or Europe on the Scarlet Lady and Virgin Voyages’ two ships, Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady, which will debut in 2022. Exciting locations on the itinerary include Puerto Plata, San Juan, Santorini, Spain, and more.

Sea Terrace Cabin interior with the outer curtain open to let in natural light. The exterior curtain of the Sea Terrace Cabin is open to allow in natural light.

Contacting their favorite travel adviser is the ideal approach for enthusiastic passengers to learn more or book one of these one-of-a-kind cruises. It’s never too early to begin preparing; prospective cruisers who book early and pay in full get further discounts.

Travel advisors interested in learning more about this exciting new company are welcome to join Seacademy as a First Mate. In addition to learning all there is to know about Virgin Voyages via this program, agents may also earn prizes.

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The “carnival cruise” is a journey that many people take to discover what it means to set sail the virgin way. The most common destinations for this type of trip are Caribbean and Mexico.

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