The “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it meaning” is a phrase that means to not try and change something that is working well. If you are going on vacation, then you might want to consider this saying.

How much time do you spend researching travel options before booking your next trip? Do you pick the cheapest option or go for a more luxurious one because of its reputation? These are questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing someone else’s opinion over your own.

As proven by Celebrity Apex, the cruise industry has had a strange few of years. The industry came to a halt as soon as the second ship of the Celebrity Edge class was delivered.

Instead of receiving visitors and generating revenue for the firm, Apex spent a year either parked at a shipyard or assisting in the repatriation of crew members who had lost their employment.

celebrity apex

Apex of Celebrity (Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)

Apex resumed operations in Europe earlier this summer before relocating to North America in late October.

Finally, the ship is sailing out of Port Everglades, providing us the chance to embark for a two-night cruise on which we were able to sample a tiny portion of Apex’s offerings.

Simply the facts

  • Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line.
  • Launched in the year 2020
  • Size: 130,818 metric tons gross registered
  • The dimensions are 1,004 feet long by 128 feet broad.
  • There are 1,467 staterooms on board.
  • 2,910 passengers (double occupancy); 3,405 people total
  • 1,320 people in the crew

celebrity apex pool deck sunset

Similar, but Not the Same

Apex and Edge, as is frequently the case within a class, have a lot in common. Because so much time and effort goes into designing the first ship in a new class, subsequent ships are frequently tweaked rather than completely overhauled. The main layout, as well as the majority of the locations aboard, are almost similar.

Having been on one of Edge’s initial trips when she started sailings in June, the ship’s similarity to Apex gave me a nice feeling of déjà vu. I appreciated the large atrium’s warm, inviting air, with its open architecture and exquisite martini bar acting as a focal point, much as I did on that ship.

celebrity apex martini bar

The “infinite veranda” cabins were one of the breakthrough features unveiled by Edge in 2018 — and one that, like the Magic Carpet, garnered a lot of discussion.

At the stroke of a button, the barrier separating the stateroom area from the balcony was effectively removed in these accommodations. It works in a similar way as when you roll down the window in your automobile.


While I loved trying it out on Edge, I’m not sure I’d spend the additional money for it. I like the classic balcony door, particularly since I discovered that the endless veranda might cause humidity to build up in the stateroom, as well as create a wind tunnel if the cabin door was opened.


During this cruise, we stayed in a balcony cabin with a more classic design. The environment is created with the contemporary traveler in mind, much as on Edge. Both USB and conventional outlets are plentiful.

The lighting in the stateroom is likewise quite contemporary. It’s interesting how little attention you give to lighting until you’re trying to walk to the restroom in the dark or do makeup at the vanity and realize how excellent or horrible it is.

celebrity apex cabin stateroom balcony

The grey and blue tones of the Apex staterooms are relaxing, managing to be both traditional and contemporary at the same time, which is a difficult combination to achieve. Onboard, the restrooms were nice, well-lit, and had a shaving bar in the showers in the corners. If my memory serves me correctly, Celebrity was the first line to have shaving bars in its showers, which is something we’re now seeing other lines implement as well.

Interiors, oceanviews, concierge class, spa suites, aqua class, sky suites, Celebrity suites, Edge villas, and the Iconic Suite are among the other cabin options. The Iconic Suite is available for rent for $75,00 a week and is fully booked for the next year!

There’s so much food and so little time.

While two-day cruises give you plenty of time to physically tour a ship, they don’t enable you to sample all of the amenities that a contemporary cruise ship has to offer. We did, however, visit several of the ship’s key eating areas, including the main dining room, the Ocean Cafe buffet, and the Rooftop Garden Grill, which is one of my favorite spots on board.


The buffet is quite typical, with a good selection of fresh foods. Whether passengers serve themselves or are served by crew members is a subject we never really had to ponder about in the past, but it’s now an issue that comes up with every ship.

It’s a mix here, as it has been on most of the ships I’ve sailed since things got back on track. At some stations, crew members served us, while others offered pre-plated grab-and-go alternatives. From salads to pizza, everything we tasted was fresh and delicious. It’s not a buffet that will change the way you think about food, but you won’t leave hungry or disappointed.

oceanview café buffet celebrity apex

Is there a unique feature of the space? Because the ship’s aft jogging track covers two floors, one side of the Oceanview Cafe may have a very high ceiling, giving the whole room an open, spacious feel.

There are also wide windows on both sides of the building, which add to the atmosphere. The spaciousness of the room has a relaxing effect in an age when individuals are cautious of feeling crowded or simply being inside.

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Do you want to eat outside? On the rear of the ship, there’s a dining area where you can order meals from the oceanview café and have a late-night snack while listening to the wake.

The Garden on the Rooftop Grill is situated on the ship’s upper deck’s rear deck. Steaks, chicken, wings, and even brisket are available at an extra cost of $45 per diner for supper and $25 per diner for a sea-day lunch, as the name indicates.

rooftop garden grill steak celebrity apex

The meal we had was delicious, but keep in mind that since it’s an outside restaurant, bad weather may cause you to cancel your plans. We had a short Caribbean rain pass by while we dined here on a previous cruise. Our table was soon relocated beneath an overhang by the dining staff. The rain shower had gone by by the time they relocated our table and washed off the chairs.


The Rooftop Garden

Cosmopolitan, Tuscan, Normandy, and Cyprus are the four primary dining rooms at Apex. Each night, all four restaurants share a similar core menu as well as unique dishes exclusive to each restaurant’s concept.

For example, a French-themed meal in Normandy may include French onion soup and escargot in addition to typical fare, but a Greek-themed menu in Cyprus will have a range of Greek dishes.

We ate at Cosmopolitan, which specializes in “modern American cuisine with foreign flavors.”


While I’m not a gourmet who can explain what it means, everything was fresh and beautifully arranged, and the service was excellent. We informed our waiter that we wanted to see the 9 p.m. concert, and he made sure that everything was done in a timely manner so that we could do so.

Raw on 5 (seafood), Fine Cut Steakhouse, Le Petit Chef (table animation), Le Grande Bistro (French), Eden, and Blu were other dining choices aboard the ship that we did not have time to experience on this cruise (but have in the past) (exclusive for AquaClass guests).

After the Sun Has Set

Onboard, we had the opportunity to see two distinct concerts, one of which was named Rockumentary and was held in the main theater. This was, in some respects, your typical jukebox musical, with a collection of songs from a variety of prominent performers linked together.

But it was the fact that they employed a live band rather than pre-recorded music that truly set this production apart from others in the similar ilk. It ended up seeming more like a concert than a typical song-and-dance presentation as a result of this, not to mention the high-tech production qualities.

rockumentary celebrity apex show theater

Eden is arguably the one spot on Apex where things are drastically different from what they were on Edge. When this area was initially launched on the first-in-class ship, it rapidly developed a reputation for offering “interactive” but more accurately defined as “in-your-face” entertainment.

While several of my friends raved about the experience, I found it to be incredibly off-putting. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, as guest comments played a key factor in their decision to reassess the nocturnal services offered here.

Eden remains a vast, attractive, multi-purpose place in terms of space. However, the entertainment we witnessed here, Wonder at Eden, was more of a performance than the acid trip I had on Edge. 

It’s worth mentioning that Eden is more than just a bar and a performance place; it also has a speciality restaurant with an open kitchen. While we didn’t have time to dine here on our brief trip, the lunch I enjoyed at Edge’s version of Eden was delicious.

eden windows celebrity apex

Day and night, there was entertainment all around the ship, the most of which we just didn’t have time to see.

The Club, Martini Bar, and the old casino bar, now known as Craft Social, are all good options for late-night dance or discussion (beers, cocktails and bar bites).

It’s also worth mentioning that the Celebrity Apex’s casino is smoke-free.

Outdoor Areas

While interacting with the water has always been a big attraction of sailing, there has been a noticeable increase in that component in recent years. We’ve seen it on almost every cruise line, whether it’s Norwegian’s Breakaway class introducing the Waterfront or Carnival’s Mardi Gras adding Summer Landing as one of the new “zones,” and Celebrity is no exception.


There are a bevy of areas where you can take in the views, whether it’s the always-popular Sunset Bar, the gorgeous and serene Rooftop Garden, or even the two-deck running track.

It would be quite simple to spend whole sea days just going from one location to the next and soaking in the views.

rooftop garden celebrity apex

The plunge pool here, as on Edge, is enormous and has lots of loungers. On the starboard side, you’ll find two champagne glass-styled hot tubs and cabanas for rent.

The adults-only solarium is also a nice location where I saw many individuals resting throughout the day. The Spa Cafe serves light breakfast selections and fresh juices in the morning.


This is a ship that, like Edge, demands to be investigated since you never know what you’ll uncover. You could discover a quiet small space to sit if you round a corner.

You can come face to face with an interesting sculpture if you go out a door. The ship has an air of peace and elegance about it, something you don’t often associate with a ship of this size.

celebrity apex pool

Take care of yourself.

Massages, haircuts and styling, manicures and pedicures, and other treatments are available in the onboard spa.

The SEA thermal suite is breathtakingly lovely; it overlooks the ship’s front, and the heated tile loungers give unparalleled views.

The rainfall water treatment room, Turkish bath, steam room, sauna, and aromatherapy rooms are also available. A full-service gym with Peloton cycles is located just above the spa.

heated tile loungers celebrity apex

The Exclusive Retreat

We think of distinct spaces set aside for the use of select passengers when we think of enormous ships these days.

It’s The Retreat, which is reserved for suite guests and has a gorgeous retreat sundeck (with a private plunge pool) and a private inside retreat lounge, both of which include full-service bars.

We were permitted to visit even though we weren’t staying in a suite for the two-night preview trip. It was simple to understand why The Retreat would be a compelling reason to pay the additional money for a suite, particularly if you were already leaning in that way.

Luminae, a premium dining experience for suite guests, is also available.

celebrity apex retreat


Children’s Areas

While there were none on our voyage, deck two was set aside for the line’s Camp at Sea children’s club. Celebrity separates the children’s shows into four categories: shipmates, cadets, captains, and teenagers. Each area contains activities that are appropriate for the age group.

Last Thoughts

celebrity edge magic carpet

The Apex, like the Celebrity Edge, is a contemporary cruise ship in every manner. Because the line was already working to incorporate more technology into every element of sailing, they were ahead of the curve when it came to the technological innovations brought on by the pandemic.

If nothing else, the large orange Magic Carpet that hangs over the side of the ship is worth a look, if only to catch some great shots of the ship plying over the sea. It’s a bar on sea days, and there’s no charge to enjoy the sights.

While this isn’t an adults-only ship like the Scarlet Lady from Virgin Voyages, it is what I would term a “adult-friendly” ship. While families with children are welcome, this seems like a ship that caters to those in their 30s and beyond.

celebrity apex

Apex of Celebrity (Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)

This ship belongs to the Edge class, which is distinct from the rest of the fleet. On the upper deck, you won’t find a roller coaster or a go-kart track, which are popular with younger passengers (as well as those of us who are just young at heart).

As I previously said, this ship is both sophisticated and luxury without ever seeming stuffy or arrogant. It’s a beautiful ship with a lot to offer, and I can’t wait to spend more time on it to see all of the things we didn’t get to see during our two-day preview trip.

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The “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it origin” is a phrase that means to not attempt to improve something when it is working well. This phrase has been used in many different contexts, but this article focuses on the use of this phrase in the context of travel.

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