After more than 30 years of flying virtually non-stop across the Atlantic, American Airlines ‘ (AAL) international flights from Boston’s Logan Airport to London’s Gatwick Airport have been grounded for the past two years. That’s because British Airways (BAB) and Iberia Air (IBE) have a partnership that allows flights between London and New York to be operated by Lufthansa (DLH). Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation has declared that it must allow passengers on those flights to board flights operated by any airline.

American Airlines and JetBlue will be joining forces this fall when their joint premium cabins begin flying on American’s new Airbus 319 fleet. JetBlue’s Main Cabin Select will be part of the offer, a single-class cabin option that will be available on flights between the U.S. and six international destinations. Pricing will be determined by advance purchase, while 40 seats will be available on each flight.

To bolster its long-haul business, American Airlines (AAL) and the parent company of JetBlue (JBLU) are planning to add a number of new first class benefits to the new Airbus (EADSY) A321neo and Boeing 787-9 aircraft they will operate as part of the new transatlantic joint venture starting in October.



This Fall, the American-JetBlue partnership will provide exclusive benefits.

on July 20, 2021 by Gary Leff

Early in 2021, American Airlines and JetBlue announced the formation of the “Northeast Alliance.” This includes American Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

  • Are sharing certain slots in New York in order for JetBlue to increase its flight schedule (American was underutilizing these)
  • On flights into and out of Boston and New York, codeshare is available (you should almost never book codeshares if you can avoid it)
  • Allow consumers to earn miles and elite qualifying credit by flying together.

There haven’t been any elite perks acknowledged between the two airlines until recently, and miles can’t be redeemed for each other’s trips. However, elite perks will be available shortly. The following perks will be available to elite members of each airline starting this fall:

  • Check-in with priority
  • first-class security
  • prioritization of boarding
  • two checked baggage at no cost

At this time, there is no elite seating perk, although JetBlue’s elites do receive additional legroom seats at the airport if they are available.

This partnership has a lot of potential for consumers. American will be able to fly more internationally, while JetBlue will be able to fly more domestically. (Spaces between the two airlines in New York are limited, thus these ads come at the cost of mainly squatting slots used by tiny regional planes.)

JetBlue’s operations at Future York LaGuardia will be divided between its present location at the Marine Air Terminal and new flights out of Terminal B, with the latter eventually displacing the former. A new airside connection bus linking American and JetBlue terminals has opened at JFK to help ease the collaboration across town.

Because of the American-JetBlue partnership, JetBlue and American will be able to compete in the New York market against bigger competitors United and Delta. Naturally, rivals aren’t pleased (or use government review processes as a tool to extract a tax from the businesses).

However, the partnership’s execution has been shaky at best. On JetBlue flights, American is unable to allocate seats directly. When booking via JetBlue rather than American and attempting to credit to AAdvantage, miles are often posted to JetBlue’s TrueBlue program instead.

Even though it isn’t currently a perk, American elites who book codeshares get confirmations offering complimentary baggage. Fortunately, this will change, and anybody who receives such an email should contact American Airlines for a refund of their baggage costs. (This is ripe for a Department of Transportation complaint.)

The next step is to work out the bugs in the connection so that miles are correctly credited and seats are allocated in a timely manner. JetBlue’s premium seating perk needs to be improved. In addition, both carriers must provide reciprocal mileage redemption.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

The nation’s second largest airline last week announced a new partnership with JetBlue Airways Corp. to offer supplemental elite benefits to the airline’s frequent travelers. In a press release sent out on Thursday on JetBlue’s page, it says that the benefits will roll out for the next year, starting September 1. Read more about jet blue partner airlines and let us know what you think.

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