After a long hiatus, American Airlines is now serving espresso drinks again on international and premium domestic flights.

The “java city coffee” is a popular drink that is back on board American Airlines International and Premium Cross Country Planes. The java-based beverage was originally removed from the menu in 2016 due to health concerns, but has since been reintroduced.

Espresso Drinks Are Back On Board American Airlines International And Premium Cross Country Planes

Coffee is once again available on American Airlines’ international and premium cross-country flights.

on April 9, 2022 by Gary Leff

During the epidemic, American Airlines turned off the espresso machines on its Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Airbus A321T planes. According to the airline, “frothing wands, cups, saucers, and brewing pods” were removed off flights. Espresso drinks are, thankfully, back!

There was minimal high-yield demand when corporate travel was entirely grounded, and American had adjusted its service levels lower. Given the inferior coffee that other airlines have been utilizing, an espresso option, such as in first class on New York JFK – Los Angeles and San Francisco flights, was even more useful for American Carriers than other airlines.

  • Illy coffee is served by United.
  • Starbucks is available at Delta.
  • FreshBrew, on the other hand, is used in the United States. That was one of former CEO Oscar Munoz’s first attempts to disassociate himself from the cost-cutting Smisek period (it was also during this time that United launched stroopwafels).

Espresso is the only way to get a drinking coffee in America.


The main issue with inflight coffee, regardless of the grounds, is the water — and this is true for all airlines that don’t prepare their coffee using bottled water. Because coffee is a significant expense — large US airlines spend $5 to $10 million per year on it – bottled water should be the norm.

Employees were more likely to utilize American espresso machines than consumers, who were typically unaware of the alternative. Investing in better coffee for staff and consumers, on the other hand, offers a business argument that goes beyond customer desire.

  • By removing pilots stopping at Starbucks in the airport on their way to the plane, operational efficiency and delays were improved.
  • Employee morale improves, which influences customer service. Better coffee is a product that flight attendants can be proud of, and it minimizes customer complaints. American has always said that they are investing in its personnel in order to better serve their consumers. They’ve fallen behind in this vital sector.

For early departures, good coffee is very crucial. The ‘first flight Monday AM’ consultant routes gained the most from this investment before to the outbreak. It’s fantastic to see that this service is once again available on American Airlines flights equipped with the necessary equipment.

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American Airlines announced that they are bringing back espresso drinks on board their international and premium cross country planes. American Airlines is also adding more food options to the drink menu, as well as a new flight attendant uniform. Reference: american airlines drinks menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Airlines serving drinks again?

A: No, American Airlines is not currently serving drinks again. As a result of the recent incident with Drinks on Planes, most domestic airlines have stopped offering alcoholic beverages for flights.

Are drinks free on American Airlines international flights?

A: Unfortunately, drinks are not free on international flights. They can be bought through the website or in-flight if you have a meal that includes it.

Are they serving drinks on planes?

A: No, but you will find a selection of snacks and drinks in the seat pocket or under your armrest.

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