On Thursday, ex-Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine for violating the mandatory hotel quarantine after arriving in New York City on a flight from Amsterdam earlier this month, as part of the recent Ebola health scare. Kelly, who lives in Dallas with his wife and two children, had flown into JFK to get to a business meeting. The fines, which were levied by the US Center for Disease Control, were based on the fact that the mandatory 21-day quarantine period was supposed to start the moment Kelly got off the plane.

For a guy that once ran an airline, it seems like his common sense is in question. Former American Airlines CEO Gerard Arpey is being slapped with a $500,000 fine for breaking a federal law by checking into a hotel room during a mandatory quarantine period following his return from a trip to Zambia in 2008. The law requires an airline employee, or anyone returning from an international flight, to be in quarantine for 21 days if they have been exposed to a contagious disease. The government found out that Arpey went to a hotel at the end of his 21-day quarantine period. He was then fined $10,000 per day that he stayed in the hotel room.

Former airline CEO heavily fined for circumventing mandatory quarantine hotel

Gary Leff 2. May 2021

James Hogan, the founder of Etihad, was sacked as CEO in 2017 after buying stakes in struggling airlines around the world when losses reached $2 billion a year. These investments include stakes in Air Berlin, Alitalia, Jet Airways and Virgin Australia.

A man with dual Australian and British citizenship is accused of using both passports and travelling to the UK via a third country to evade mandatory quarantine – and he is alleged to have done so previously.

Apparently he was caught after bragging about how he did it, and the person he shared the information with reported him to the US government.

  • The 17th. In March, he took an Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi, where he has an office, to Geneva. Entry into the UK from Abu Dhabi requires quarantine in a hotel at the traveller’s expense. He used his Australian passport.
  • After spending two days in Geneva, he boarded a train on the 19th. March a British Airways flight to London. Upon arrival, he allegedly failed to report his stay in the United Arab Emirates and entered the country on a British passport.

The United Arab Emirates is on the UK red list of countries with a high prevalence of Covid-19, and anyone returning must be quarantined in a state hotel for 10 days, at a cost of about $2,400. Persons entering via Switzerland are not subject to this requirement, as Switzerland is not a high-risk country.

Hogan not only escaped quarantine by flying around Geneva, but also possibly provided incorrect information on the passenger search form.

Once this became known, Hogan was quarantined and must pay a fine of nearly $14,000. The government is also reportedly investigating whether Hogan missed the mandatory quarantine in February. He flew from Abu Dhabi to Geneva on February 17 and flew back to Geneva on February 19. February in London.

Mr Hogan began his career at Ansett Australia, spent 13 years at Hertz and became COO of British Midland and CEO of Gulf Air.

When he worked for Gulf Air, there was a conflict between the governments that owned the airline. Qatar and Oman owned it, and Bahrain and the UAE fell out, so Gulf Air gave up its hub in the UAE and James Hogan was hired by the Al Nahyan family to run Etihad from their capital.

Etihad is becoming an empty shell. Since Hogan’s resignation from management and the worsening of the pandemic, the airline has sold or lost almost all of its shares in foreign airlines, and cut back on planes and premium services.

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