Hey, hey, hey, hey! The Christmas season is in full swing and we thought it was time to spend some Christmas movies with our friends and family. Christmas movies are the best way to immerse yourself in the holiday mood and travel around the world without leaving your couch.

For a Christmas quiz with the bells ringing, you don’t need the help of three wise men or Santa’s elves, just the love of the best movies of the year (every year). Do you know what state Kevin McCallister lived in in the U.S. alone? Where can you find the best cup of fairy coffee in the world? Do you think you can answer 50 Christmas questions and answers and beat your family in the 2020 Christmas Family Quiz? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Christmas movie Can you believe it? (Steve Harris)

Answer two sets of 25 questions about our favorite little things from Christmas movies. Are you ready to play? Grab a pen, paper and a holiday box and try to answer the 50 questions in our Family Christmas quiz. No spoilers! For answers simply click on the link at the end of each round.

Christmas film quiz: First round

1. Which famous actor was the voice of the conductor during the recording of the Polar Express 2004?

2. In the Christmas movie House Alone 2: Lost in New York, which hotel is Kevin staying at with his father’s credit card?

3. What’s the name of that elusive character in the film Zin-allway?

4. Here are some good Christmas jokes from the movie. In which movie did Bing Crosby sing a white Christmas song for the first time?

5. In the eleven, Buddy grows up at the North Pole. The North Pole (which lies in international waters) does not belong to any particular country, but which country is closest?
Canada, Iceland, Finland, Greenland

6. What is the name of the city where the film Beautiful Life was shot in 1946?

7. Which song from the first credits of the film Home alone was nominated for an Oscar and forms a memorable part of the beautiful film music?

Christmas Movie Romance is in : Hunt for true love through the airport on Christmas Eve (Photo: Quadrimian Brother)

8. In which London airport did Sam really run after his love Joanna at the end of Love?
Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, City.

9. Christmas King John Hughes wrote about his mother desperately trying to get home for Christmas, a festive darling of the house on her own. What other brilliant film did he write from his own experience about the difficulties of returning to Chicago on holiday?

10. In another hit movie by John Hughes there is a Santa Claus who wants to make sure the holidays are perfect for his children, but everything goes wrong when his cousin shows up and parks the van. Call that weird Christmas movie!

11. In which city is the Muppet Christmas song sung?
New York, San Francisco, London, Paris.

12. The classic 1947 Christmas film The Miracle on 34th Street is based on Macy’s Santa Claus Cave in New York City. But in 1994, in a remake with Richard Attenborough, the department store had to have a fictitious name for licensing. What was that?

13. Which British newspaper does Kate Winslet publish during the holidays?

14. When we were kids, we all wanted to live alone in a house! The appearance of the house is still visible today (30 years later, and it still attracts tourists – especially at Christmas), but in what state in the United States can you find a house worth $1.5 million?

Christmas Movies only at home Quiz Last Christmas at home (Photo: Ben Shumin)

(Thanks to Ben Shumin/Flikker for this picture)

15. How old was Macauley Calkin when he shot himself in that house?

16. Name a Disney movie by Tim Burton that combines Halloween and Christmas.

17. Which Hollywood actor scored the most points in the Christmas movies?
Macawley Culkin, Tim Allen, Jim Carrie.

18. Who plays the very naughty Santa Claus in Bad Santa?

19. What does Mark Darcy say about the sweater in Bridget Jones’ diary?

20. In which movie did Judy Garland do a happy Christmas carol?

21. Name the first film in which actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson worked with her husband Greg Wise.

22. Both are for sale lately, but which one is more expensive? Cameron Diaz from Los Angeles in The Holiday of The McCallister in Home Alone?

Christmas Movie Quiz 2020 We can understand why Kevin wanted to spend Christmas in New York (Photo: Andreas Komodromos)

23. In Home Alone 2, where in New York City does Kevin’s mom know he’s coming to see him on Christmas Eve?

24. Which movie star plays Mama Mia the role of Mila Kunis (Amy) in the movie Mom’s Bad Christmas?

25. In Harry Potter and the Wizard School, who mentions that they never have enough socks because people always buy them books for Christmas?

Did you know we have a Harry Potter quiz?

Click HERE to get all the answers to one of the questions in the Christmas movie quiz, as well as fun information about the movies and where to see them.

Or continue with the second series of quizzes on the following films:

Best questions and answers for Christmas 2020

How did you answer one of our quizzes about holiday films? Are you still spreading the Christmas spirit by singing out loud so everyone can hear it? Or have you become a cotton ninja? Don’t worry, there’s still time to rehabilitate yourself in the second round by asking impertinent questions to get good news.

Christmas tree Diana von Furstenberg Christmas in Claridges, London (Photo: Claridges)

Christmas film quiz: Second round

1. This year Netflix Originals has a Christmas movie with Emma Roberts called Holidate (about a girl who signed up to avoid embarrassing questions): Why are you still single? of your family). The film was shot at a location in the American state that is also the setting for the Hunger Games, Alien Things and Guardians of the Galaxy?

2. What is the name of the engine that drives Santa’s sled in the Eleven if there is no Christmas spirit?

3. Which of the following Christmas movies isn’t a transposition of Charles Dickens’ Christmas song?
Scrooge, the man who invented Christmas, Marley and I, the Christmas doll.

4. What do Buddy and Jovi call their baby at the end of eleventh grade?

5. What was missing from the movie White Christmas when Bob, Judy, Betty and Phil came to Vermont?

6. Which of these non-Christian films is not screened on Christmas Day?
Die Hard, sweet home, Alabama, Iron Man 3.

7. In which movie does Tim Allen’s character accidentally kill Santa Claus and have him take over the role?

8. Which famous London market does Bridget Jones live in?

Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers Covent Garden gets the leading role last Christmas, but is there a role in the diary of Bridget Jones? (photo: Tony Hidgett)

9. Which pop star appeared last Christmas as a spectator at a Christmas concert in a homeless shelter?

10. Which film in the Czech Republic literally translates perverted Santa Claus?

11. Which one of these actors never played Santa Claus?
Ben Affleck, Kurt Russell, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks.

12. Which Christmas film of the year 2004 was shot mainly in Yorkshire, England?

13. Call the Disney+ Christmas movie in which Santa Claus is played by actress Anna Kendrick.

Christmas in the Sun Palms at Christmas in the Sun (Photo: Thomas Hart)

14. There’s a 2 in the house: What’s the family’s sunny destination when Kevin gets lost in New York and gets on the wrong plane at the airport?

15. In what really horrible original Netflix cherry film does a high school teacher fall in love with a medieval knight?

16. What cult Christmas film uses Yippie Ki-Yai’s keyword?

17. What kind of holiday horror film does a horned monster see running amok when children lose their Christmas spirit?

18. What popular Christmas movie has a Donald Trump cameo in it?

19. What do love and Die Hard have in common, apart from the Christmas theme?

20. What famous Disney movie are the creatures of the Gremlin theatre watching?

Snow at Christmas Starts to look like an English Christmas (Photo: Alan Bloom)

21. Which winter classic lasts only 26 minutes, but has become a cult animation film in Britain?

22. Who’s your favorite elf?

23. What’s Santa’s name in the pre-Christmas nightmare?

24. Hugh Grant’s film about the boy is not festive, but has a Christmas theme. What’s that?

25. The song Bill Nighy recorded in the film Love is in fact the starting point for the hit The Troggs, which also appeared in the films Four Weddings and Funeral?

To find the answers to the second round of our Christmas movie quiz, click HERE.

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