A flight attendant is suing Southwest Airlines for killing her husband. In its defense, Southwest Airlines is claiming that the flight attendant’s husband was already dead when they tried to serve him a drink, while the coroner’s report indicates he died in an airplane toilet. Nevertheless, the flight attendant claims that the in-flight entertainment system—which Southwest Airlines has since moved to an outside vendor—is to blame for her late husband’s death.

A flight attendant has filed a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines, claiming that the company is responsible for the death of her husband after he was sucked into a jet engine. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges that the airline’s “reckless conduct” caused the 2016 death of Brian Halye, who was killed when he was sucked into a jet engine while working on a runway in August 2016. This is an example of a situation in which your initial hypothesis may not be correct. The first version of the intro paragraph that you wrote may not be the final version. You may find that you have to go through various iterations to get the intro paragraph to sound right. This is part of the writing process

flight attendant sues Southwest Airlines for the murder of her husband

Gary Leff 28. April 2021

Surprisingly, the lawsuits against Covid 19 were not as extensive as feared. The Covid 19 legislation has been delayed for some time in Congress by disagreements over the inclusion of judicial immunity for employers (predictably, the Republicans defended corporations and the Democrats defended trial lawyers).

However, a new lawsuit has been filed by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant who claims she contracted Covid-19 during her retraining, that she passed it on to her husband, and that he died.

  • It is difficult to prove where she contracted Covid-19, even if someone else was infected during training. She didn’t find out through the airline or her union, which underscores the inability to track contacts in this country, but she did find out through Facebook.
  • It points to deficiencies in cleaning protocols during training, although the CDC points out that surface transmission is not a major factor in the spread of the virus.
  • And Southwest claims that it cannot be held responsible for those to whom the flight attendant transmitted the virus after she became infected, even if she contracted the virus during her event (which can only be assumed to be indirect) and through her negligence (the reasoning behind this claim seems to violate CDC guidelines).

Carol Madden, a 69-year-old flight attendant from Baltimore who has worked for Southwest since 2016, is demanding more than $3 million in damages for the airline’s negligence. This is the result of a lawsuit filed in the District Court of Maryland.

…Southwest flight attendants and instructors were not screened for VDOC symptoms before or during the one-day training and were not asked about exposure to VDOC, the complaint states.

Masks were mandatory, but there was no hand sanitizer, and equipment, from fire extinguishers to megaphones, was not disinfected between uses, the lawsuit said. The human-sized dummy used for self-defense training had not been wiped either, even though the flight attendants repeatedly had physical contact with it. Model name: Bob.

Ms. Madden has taken refresher courses as required by the government. Lack of disinfection of surfaces is much less likely than being indoors with others who may be infected with the virus, although of course most people with Covid-19 don’t spread it, so you can’t say that indoor contact is the only reason that person caused the disease. If there were any safety violations at Covid, it was due to a lack of ventilation rather than the absence of disinfectant fire extinguishers.

I’m sorry for your loss. And we’ll no doubt see more Covid-19-related lawsuits, but what strikes me most is the fact that it’s not widespread.

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