Hilton has a lot to offer when it comes to travel. Unfortunately for their customers, not everyone can take advantage of the benefits that come with staying at Hilton hotels and resorts. To fix this problem, they need only implement one change: make breakfast an elite benefit in its own right rather than just being included as part of a suite stay or Gold status package.,

The “loyaltylobby hilton breakfast” is a benefit that Hilton offers to their elite members. This benefit allows members to get free breakfast every day of their stay. Hilton has been in the news lately due to many complaints about this benefits, and it should be changed soon.

Here's How Hilton Should Fix Their Elite Breakfast Benefit

Here’s How Hilton Could Improve Its Elite Breakfast Program

on December 19, 2021 by Gary Leff

In the United States, Hilton has replaced breakfast with a daily food and beverage credit as an elite bonus. I like the notion of spending the credit for anything other than breakfast – even room service! – but the amount offered by Hilton is insufficient. If you still want to use it for breakfast, it often doesn’t cover the least priced alternatives. In fact, with tax and the required gratuity, some hotels won’t even cover a cup of coffee.

Starting February 1, 2022, they’re bumping up the credit from $12 to $15 at full-service brands, so credit amounts will be:

  • $25/day ($50 for two visitors) at Waldorf, Conrad, and LXR
  • Hilton, Signia, DoubleTree, Curio, Tapestry, Canopy, Hilton, Signia, DoubleTree, Curio, Tapestry, Canopy, Hilton, Hilton, Hilton, Hilton, Hilton, Hilton, Hilton Motto: $15 a day ($30 for two visitors), but $18 / $36 in Boston, Chicago, the District of Columbia, Key Largo, Key West, New York City, and San Francisco, as well as the counties of Los Angeles and Hawaii.
  • $10 per day ($20 for two people) at the Hilton Garden Inn


Some individuals like this because (1) they aren’t huge on hotel breakfast or (2) they are traveling for business and can charge breakfast to their boss. Those who cherished the breakfast benefit, on the other hand, are strident and outspoken. It’s difficult since Hilton didn’t always reimburse hotels for the entire cost of breakfast. How can they provide guests more options without breaking the bank?

There’s got to be a way out of this. After all, it was my freshman dorm at UCLA that figured it out.

I didn’t always desire breakfast while I was on a food plan in college. I planned my schedule to avoid courses on Mondays and Fridays, and I may or may not be up for breakfast. Fortunately, you could swap a meal (such as breakfast) for a modest dollar credit to spend at other food outlets on campus if you requested it on the day of the meal, before the meal’s hours had expired.

I’d rushed downstairs to my building’s front desk a few minutes before breakfast ended, still dressed from the previous day and without having washed. But I got the $4 credit (or so, my recollection is hazy)!

Hilton Honors should treat VIPs the same way my college dorm does! They should provide the option of a free breakfast or a little cash credit. Hilton would still be able to control expenses while giving guests more options. This would transform a contentious decision into a triumph that consumers would cheer rather than bemoan.

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The “honors breakfast inc vs breakfast included” is a problem that the Hilton hotel chain could fix. The company could either offer an elite breakfast benefit for all guests or just those with a room reservation.

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