Acadia National Park, located in the middle of the Maine coast, has over 150 miles of hiking trails. From forests, lakes and mountain peaks to coastal hikes, hiking in Acadia is amazing.

A lovely family walk along the Gorham Mountain Trail. It is close to the coast, giving breathtaking views of the ocean from the top and along part of the trail.

The Mount Gorham Hiking Trail offers beautiful pink granite rocks, wild blueberries and stunning coastal views.

Although it’s not the highest mountain in Acadia, the view from the top of Gorham is stunning. It’s a great family camping trip, or solo like I did.

Parc national acadien de la Plata

The entrance fee covers the cost of visiting Acadia Park for 7 consecutive days.

Own car: $30

Motorcycle: $25

Cyclist/pedestrian : $15

There is also an annual pass to visit Acadia National Park that costs $55. If you live nearby but don’t visit other national parks, this is a good option.

Forest, beaches and stunning sea views from Gorham Trail

You might also consider buying an annual pass for America Beautiful if you plan to visit other national parks. It costs $80 and covers admission to ALL US National Parks and Monuments for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Are you over 62? It costs just $20 for a one-year subscription or $80 for a lifetime subscription.

In addition, free tickets are available for military personnel, U.S. citizens or permanent residents with disabilities, volunteers and fourth graders.

Visit the National Park website for more information on park passes and to purchase a pass online.

La Grande Tête is visible from the summit of Mount Gorham to the east.

Seasonal closure of Acadia National Park

Although the park is open year-round, vehicle access is limited during the winter months.

Park Loop Road will be open on the 15th. April open to motorized traffic, weather permitting, and will remain open until April 1. December, unless snowfall results in early road closures.

Some sections of the park are open to vehicular traffic year-round, such as B. Jordan Pond Road and the Sandy Beach entrance station on Otter Cliff Road.

When Park Loop Road is closed to vehicles, you can walk, bike, ski, roller skate and skateboard.

Fall is the best time to visit Acadia National Park.

Parc national de l’Acadie Parking

Parking in Acadia can be difficult. The earlier you arrive at the park, the more likely you are to find a parking space in the desired location.

There is a small parking lot at Gorham Mountain Trail, along Sandy Beach and Thunder Hole on Park Loop Road. Just past the Wuthering Hole, follow the sign to the right for the Gorham Mountain Trail.

I was lucky enough to get busy on a Saturday in the fall and get a spot on the track.

If you are unable to park at the trailhead, you can use the parking lot at Otter Point and enjoy the coastal path to the Gorham Mountain Trail.

If he’s very busy finding an early parking spot, like Sandy Beach parking lot. Because Park Loop Road is a one-way street on this side of the park, you can’t turn around to go back and find a parking spot.

Another way to explore the park is with the Island Explorer bus, which generally runs from late June to mid-October. Check out their website for services and updates.

The Island Explorer Bus offers free rides on all 10 routes with stops at campgrounds, hotels, beaches, hiking trails and Bar Harbor shops and restaurants.

Runways at Fränchmann Bay

Mount Gorham Details

Distance: 2 miles (2.6 km) round trip

Height gain: 160 m (500 ft)

Type of walk: Forward and backward

Complexity: Moderate

Weather: Allow 1 to 2 hours

Dogs are allowed: Yes, keep your dogs on a leash at all times.

Walk to Gorham Mountain

The Cadillac Cliffs Trail crosses the Gorham Trail, looking for wooden signs along the way. I recommend taking a ride in the Cadillac Rockies to see the steep rock formations. Parts of the Cadillac Cliffs Trail offer some shade.

The Gorham Mountain Loop Trail is a longer but still moderate hike. Follow the Gorham Mountain Trail and continue north to Bee Hive before returning to the Ocean Path, which offers stunning coastal views. The Gorham Loop is about five miles there and back.

Cadillac rock path with beautiful rock formations

Walk to Gorham Mountain description

A hiking trail starts through the forest with a slight incline. You will soon notice the cairns along the trail. They are known as the Bates Cairns, after Waldron Bates, who created the Cairns system and helped establish several trails in Acadia.

At the beginning of the track is an information board about Bates Cairns. And there is a Waldron Bates license plate on the Gorham Trail where it intersects with the Cadillac Rocks Trail.

The Bates cairns are set up to indicate the direction of the trail with a pointed stone at the top of the cairn. The distance between the foundation stones also indicates the direction of the route.

It is important that you do not add or remove stones to the cores.

Bates Kerns Marks Hiking Trails in Acadia National Park

You’ll also notice the wild blueberries, which make a delicious snack when berries are in season. In autumn the shrubs take on bright shades of red and orange. Fall is the perfect time to visit Maine with its beautiful foliage.

If you continue the path, you can climb the mountain in the caves, accompanied by rocks and stone steps for most of the way.

There’s a wooden marker at the top of the trail, and the 525-foot elevation offers stunning views of Sand Beach and Great Head to the east.

At the top of Gorham Mountain Trail

If you look south, you’ll see Otter Point, a great place to watch the waves.

Miles of beautiful Maine coastline

If you follow the Cadillac Cliffs Trail, you will walk along the cliffs and sometimes crawl through the rock formations. A little stronger than Mt. Gorham Hike.

Gorham and Cadillac Rocks Junction Road

Other Maine Vacation Ideas

Camden State Park is a great place to hike and camp.

Belfast Maine is an excellent starting point for exploring the Maine coast.

The Rockland Breakwater is a unique walk to the lighthouse along the massive cliffs that form the breakwater.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below. Enjoy your travels in Maine!

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