The most famous of the 2,000 natural stone arches in Arches National Park in Utah is the Delicate Arch.

Get up early and walk to Delicate Arch before it gets too crowded. Bring a headlamp if you start your hike before sunrise or after sunset. And wear hiking boots with good grip for walking on the rocks.

Even if you only spend one day in Arches National Park, you should include Delicate Arch in your itinerary. This 52-foot-tall, self-supporting natural arch is magnificent.

I also recommend these five easy hikes in Arches National Park to enjoy the special character of this incredible Utah landscape.

If Delicate Arch looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen the image on a Utah license plate. The arch is also on a postage stamp. It is truly the most famous arch in the park.

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Although hiking in Delicate Arch is not difficult, you must be prepared for the conditions and weather of the hike.

If you are staying overnight in Moab, remember to bring water, food, a first aid kit, hiking boots and other clothes/shoes in case the weather conditions change. There are no stores or restaurants in Arches National Park.

Arky National Park Rates

The entrance fee covers the cost of visiting the Parc des Arches for 7 consecutive days.

Personal vehicle: 30

Motorcycle : 25

Cyclist/pedestrian: 15

It is preferable to purchase your parking ticket online before arriving on site so that you do not waste time at the station entrance paying the fare.

Since Canyonlands is also close to Moab, you can visit both parks in one trip. Consider purchasing an annual pass for $80, which is valid for an entire year to all U.S. national parks and monuments.

In Utah, you get value for your money if you buy an annual pass and visit 5 national parks.

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The hike in front of the Delicate Arch offers a scaled-down view

Small details of the walk under the arcades

Distance: 5.5 km (3.4 miles) there and back

Altitude gain: 191 m (627 ft)

Type of walk: Outdoor and back

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: Resolution 2 – 3 hours

Dogs are allowed on the hiking trail: Dogs are not allowed on the hiking trail.

Since there are no stores, restaurants or gas stations in Arches National Park, you will need to bring the necessary equipment, snacks and water. Fill up the gas tank in Moab the night before.

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Hiking on a large rock on the Delicate Arch Road.

An easy stroll in the arcade Description

The first kilometer from the start of the trail is gently rolling, then it gets steeper over the course of the second kilometer or so, before it softens and becomes fairly flat at the arch.

There are no shadows in the way.

If you are going to hike in the dark, download a map in advance. Part of the trail consists of a huge boulder where it can be difficult to find the beacons in the dark, and there is no cell phone reception on the trail.

Look for landmarks along the way, some are real signs and some are cairns.

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Signs and cairns mark the path of the delicate Arch.

At the arcade, a stone staircase was built into the path.

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When you reach the stone steps, it is not far from the Delicate Ark.

And you will see an arc that is not a fragile arc – but it is not far from that point.

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Not a filigree arc, but a denser one.

When you get to the filigree arch, a sort of stone bowl forms around it and there are many places to sit and watch the sun rise near the arch. You can also go directly under the arch.

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An early morning hike to the Delicate Arch is worthwhile

And when other tourists come, everyone (except me LOL) seems to want to take pictures under the ark. As you get closer to the arch, you can see that part of the stone pillar is more worn down than the rest of the sandstone.

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take a closer look at the columns of the Delicate Ark.

To take pictures without people, it is sometimes necessary to ask others to wait a moment to take a few pictures of the delicate Ark without people.

During the winter months, you may encounter snow and ice on the slopes. Micro pegs or ice crampons are handy to bring and prevent you from slipping and falling on the trail. And many people like to use hiking poles.

If you are hiking to Delicate Arch in the summer, be aware that there is virtually no shade on this trail. This is another good reason to hike early in the morning or at sunset. Don’t forget to bring water with you into the park.

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A gentle bow in the morning sun

Tips for avoiding the crowds at the Delicate Ark

  • Buy your passport in advance
  • Arrive at the trailhead before sunrise for the best chance of avoiding lots of people.
  • Shortly before sunset, there are usually fewer tourists on the road.
  • Bring a headlamp for walking in the dark if you are hiking uphill (or back to the trailhead if you are hiking at sunset).
  • Download a map of the route with a program such as Alltrails before you arrive in the park, as there is no cell phone reception on the route.

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Standing under the delicate arch

The Wolf’s Lodge and petroglyphs

After hiking Delicate Arch, take a few minutes to hike the short trail to the petroglyphs and visit the historic Wolfe cabin. Both are located near the Delicate Arch trailhead and parking lot.

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A small wooden cabin built in 1898 by John Wesley Wolfe.

Enjoy your vacation in Utah and discover other places to visit.

Other National Parks in Utah

Utah has 5 national parks and you should explore them all!

Visit Bryce National Park for a hooded hike and scenic drive.

Capitol Reef National Park is the least visited national park in Utah, but it is worth a visit!

Canyonlands National Park is an easy day trip from Moab.

The most visited national park in Utah is Zion National Park.

More things to do in Utah.

Utah has some of the most beautiful rock formations in the world. Discover great places to hike, climb and bike in Utah.

Cedar Faults National Monument offers hudu, hiking trails and scenic attractions.

Cedar City is the perfect place to explore southern Utah.

Dead Horse Point State Park is located next to Canyonlands and offers breathtaking views of the Colorado River.

The Canary Falls Canyon hike is very interesting if you are not afraid of getting your feet wet.

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Fall is a great time to hike in Arches National Park – the weather is cooler and it is less crowded.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to walk to Delicate Arch?

Remember that the walk to Delicate Arch is not a hike. The trail is 1.5 miles to the arch, or 3 miles there and back. Bring extra water (at least a gallon per person), carry a good hoe, and try to avoid the afternoon heat.

How difficult is the hike to Delicate Arch?

To get to Delicate Arch is a 3-mile hike with an elevation gain of 480 feet. This hike, plus the time it takes to see the arch, takes most people 2 to 3 hours. The National Park Service describes this hike as challenging … The most difficult part of the hike is the middle third.

Has anyone ever died in Delicate Arch ?

2 Californians killed, 1 injured after fall in Arches National Park in Utah. Two family members died and another was injured after a fall near Utah’s iconic Delicate Arch last week, authorities said in a statement released today. Toshiaki Amimoto, 65, and Etoko Amimoto, 60, died after the fall.

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