Australia is more of a secret in America than it’s ever been. From its strange food to the five-hour time difference, we’ve found that Americans struggle with embracing Australia as their second home. We’re not saying this makes us better or worse than you, but we think your friends should know!

The “average wake up time by country” is a statistic that shows how much earlier in the day people in different countries are waking up. This statistic can help Americans see what time it is like for Australians and vice versa.

How Australia is Waking Up Americans

We’re curious about people’s locations as travel bloggers. We keep a close eye on travel trends and where digital nomads go to see the world. People from all walks of life—pseudo-celebrities, van-lifers, YouTubers, and regular people like us—document their lives on the internet.

For the last two years, it’s been fascinating to see how tourists have navigated the globe. To give you an idea, we’ve been to four nations and 20 states. We also stayed in roughly 50 different places and are still alive—a it’s miracle!

Set the Clock Back

The terrified first remained at home as the virus unfolded. Some people still do. We remember hearing the same message at supermarkets: “Stay at home.” Keep yourself safe. “This is a team effort.”

At the time, the Department of Defense engaged Advanced Technologies International, Inc (ATI) to launch Operation Warp Speed, in which ATI was in charge of inventing catchphrases and distributing social distancing decals in order to “market” the pandemic to the general population using taxpayer funds.

A crafty marketing campaign and groupthink left the masses in a state of mass formation psychosis preaching about how we all need to “stay home and stay safe” to protect humanity. Jeez, I wonder where they got it from?” alt=”” width=”1024″ height=”536″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”” />How the US became a giant vaccine infomercial will go down as one of the most disgraceful chapters in history.

False Positives and Asymptomatic Spread

Others coined the word “asymptomatic,” which was a clever approach to associate healthy individuals with sick ones. Asymptomatic spread, like face masks, has been revealed to be a deception, a vast hoax. However, it permitted the ruling class to push for PCR testing (which we now know don’t work) and false positives. This epidemic has always been about population control, but we’ll go back to that later.

Others, however, continued to travel under the pretense of taking “extraordinary” “safety” precautions. In actuality, these hypocrites were merely trying to show off their virtues while still enjoying the pleasures of a nomadic existence. Unlike us, they kept their genuine acts hidden from their followers to avoid upsetting them.

The years 2020-2022 will be remembered by historians as a period of mass fear and communal lunacy unlike any other in American history. The list of victims and negative effects will be so vast and painful that nothing else will compare. Emerald Robinson is a writer.

Some tourists, like ourselves, chose to disregard the mainstream media’s panic and boldly continued on their way despite the torrent of social media outrage.

We had some of the most memorable travel experiences of our lives at this time. It was really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The roads were clear, the National Parks were deserted, and motels were inexpensive. One of our favorite memories is of visiting the Grand Canyon and having the park to ourselves. It closed two days after our arrival to coincide with a statewide shutdown.

The ‘Pandemic”s Hypocrisy’

However, as time went on, many people became irritated with those who sought to prolong or profit from the craziness. Some of the biggest offenders, for example, were people who promoted the “stay home, stay safe” campaign on social media while posting from different places.

As “two weeks to halt the spread” grew into years, many passengers started deciding when it was safe to go rather than following the CDC’s advice.

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Because it became inconvenient, the rules and/or regulations that these travelers/influences were instructing everyone else to obey no longer applied to them. Big government and the “pandemic” have thrown a bright light on hypocrisy, dysfunction, and corruption.

An Australian-American couple is on the lookout for the truth.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on one specific travel pair, and it’s been interesting, if not infuriating, to see their own personal Great Awakening.

Laura is an American reality TV star who has evolved into a travel influencer. Andy, the father of her child, is an Australian. They got engaged just as COVID was about to turn the planet off. Because they couldn’t have their ideal destination wedding because of the lockdown, they decided to have a kid and buy a house in the United States, relocating from Los Angeles to a red state, of course.

This couple’s entire livelihood is based on travel and movement. Thus, it was infuriating to watch how much they supported the COVID narrative while simultaneously flaunting their international travel lifestyle.” alt=”” width=”1024″ height=”683″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”” />Laura’s holding up her vaccine passport. It represents freedom!

Indubitably, to keep moving around the globe, they were quickly injected with all three jabs. Additionally, Laura has taken ad money to promote the globalist Passport to Digital Health on her Instagram account. An IRL prostitute, if you will, pushing the jabs for big pharma.” alt=”” width=”1024″ height=”683″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”” />Us, on the other hand, managed COVID-related affiliates in the above manner.

On a side note, we’re astounded by how many people are unaware of the heinous crimes governments are able to get away with by using vaccination passports. Without a doubt, the usage and production of vaccination passports will lead to the implementation of a social credit score system similar to that used in China, if not worse.

Passport to Digital Health

Laura’s post joyously showcases the Passport to Digital Health while holding her newborn infant. I wish I could ask her, “What happens when the Australian government mandates medical procedures that your daughter refuses but can’t escape due to the Passport to Digital Health?”

What a sad moment for any influencer to get paid to promote the globalist Passport to Digital Health.

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Australia is well-known for having one of the world’s most draconian and rigorous border entrance rules. However, it wasn’t until after two years of waiting for her to come home that her Australian lover started to doubt the story.

Taking a Flight to Australia

Citizens must jump through multiple hoops and submit mountains of documentation in order to legally request permission from the Australian government to re-enter the country. Laura is not a dual citizen of Australia and the United States, which makes their situation much more problematic.

They, like so many other Americans, started to question the dictatorship when it directly affected their lives. They happily followed every regulation and government process as triple-vaxxers, but their supporters watched as they waited at the airplane gate begging with authorities to allow them board the aircraft from the United States to Australia.

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Here are actual quotations from their Instagram accounts explaining why the Australian government must allow them to enter the country:

  • “I mean, they simply have to allow us in,” Andy says. It’s been almost two years since we last spoke. We want to visit our family and know that we will be protected. We’ll find out…we’ll be put to the test. We’ve received the immunization. “Everything is OK.”
  • “I assume we’ll have to variant after variation,” Laura says. We’re going to have to put up with it. We’ll have to learn how to travel.”

How egotistical—and naive—they are to believe that they can avoid The Great Reset by just complying.

We observed from afar for two years as this pair played the ideal obedient governmental puppets. They eventually began challenging the absurd rules after almost being refused admission to Australia. We like to assume that this was the spark that started their Great Awakening.

As you can see, the Australian government’s irrational authoritarian orders are gradually awakening up even the most oblivious.

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The “sleeping country in the world” is a country that has been asleep for quite some time. Australia is waking up America, and now Americans are starting to realize how much they have been sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do people in Australia wake up?

A: Most people in Australia typically wake up around 7 am.

What time do most Australians go to bed?

A: In general, most Australians go to bed around midnight.

Which country sleeps the most?


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