Canada is readying itself for the return of tourists, with a new tourism strategy that will focus on the country’s natural beauty and its world-renowned festivals.

Canada is preparing for tourism to reopen, and many people are unsure about what the future holds. The government has been working on a plan since the summer of 2017, and it hopes that it will be able to welcome tourists back.

Many Americans were relieved to learn that Canada will reopen its borders to vaccinated American visitors. Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and when the country reopens its borders to Americans, there will undoubtedly be a huge influx of visitors.

I used this occasion to talk with Marsha Walden, CEO of Destination Canada, about what visitors from the United States should expect while visiting Canada after the coronavirus epidemic.


This, according to Walden, is a significant step forward for Canada.

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“Historically, the United States has been Canada’s most important inbound market, bringing almost 15 million visitors and $11 billion in spending to the country in 2019,” she added. “Reopening the Canadian border to fully vaccinated American non-essential visitors will be a significant step toward the revival of the Canadian tourism economy.”

Whether or whether there is a spike in US tourists, it will take time for Canada to recover to normal visitor levels.

“It will take some time for us to get back to our 2019 figures,” Walden said, noting that the US is expected to bring in $800 million in 2021 and $5 billion in 2022. “We’ll keep re-evaluating possible recovery scenarios and tourist predictions,” said the company.

Team Canada, on the other hand, is ready to go, according to Walden.

“Americans can make travel plans with confidence knowing that tourist companies throughout Canada have spent billions on health and hygiene procedures, retraining employees, and redesigning experiences in preparation for reopening to Canadians and foreign visitors,” she added.

Walden also said that it is important Americans remember that Canadian tourism businesses have health and hygiene measures in place for the benefit of travelers, their staff and their communities.

“The bulk of Canada’s 232,000 tourist companies are independently held small and medium businesses, with family members often employed,” she added. “Since the outbreak, we’ve seen Canadian companies adapt to the necessary health and safety standards with clever tactics and solutions to keep visitors safe while maintaining the great experiences they provide.”

In addition, the country has a high immunization rate.

“With over 80 percent having one dose and over 60 percent completely vaccinated, Canada’s population of 12-plus has one of the world’s highest rates of COVID-19 immunization,” Walden said. “Travelers may be confident in their decision to visit Canada.

“With rising vaccination rates and the loosening of certain restrictions, it’s more important than ever to assess Americans’ views of safety and ease of travel to Canada. We’ll be releasing a fresh study with insights on this subject later this week, which will assist direct tourism industry messaging and keep them up to date on American opinion as we welcome vaccinated visitors back to Canada “Walden said. “We are delighted to continue to assist a sector that has demonstrated such incredible resilience during the worldwide epidemic,” said the organization.

Vancouver BC Canada Cityscape at sunset PHOTO: Sunset in Vancouver (photo courtesy of jamesvancouver / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Visitors visiting Canada will be able to participate in all of the activities and enjoy the environment that they have come to enjoy.

“Every day in Canada offers travelers a new adventure and a chance to reconnect with what’s important,” said Walden. “From our lively cities immersed in nature, to spectacular wilderness and coastlines, to our unique mosaic of Indigenous and global cultures, every day in Canada offers travelers a new adventure and a chance to reconnect with what’s important.” “While experiencing the beauty of our country and people and developing in ways that alter their view on life, visitors to Canada may share their own cultures and perspectives with Canadians.”

The natural world will be very popular.

“All of the activities that thrill visitors are available in Canada’s cities on the edge of nature,” she added. “From hiking and strolling in the woods to tasting local cuisine and seeing awe-inspiring natural wonders, Canada is the ideal place to unplug, refresh, and rediscover the pleasure of exploration.”

Traveling to Canada, according to Walden, may be a bit different.

“It’s critical that passengers prepare ahead and adhere to safety precautions,” she added. “There are tools available to assist with leisure and business trip planning. For further information, go to Destination Canada’s website,, which has a user-friendly Interactive Map that displays current travel restrictions and criteria for leisure travel by province and territory.”

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Is Canada reopen for tourism?

Canada is currently closed for tourism.

Will the Canadian border open in 2021?

I am not a bot.

What is the future of tourism in Canada?

The future of tourism in Canada is uncertain. There are many factors that contribute to the uncertainty, including the governments policies on immigration and trade, which have been inconsistent.

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