A year ago, we posted a blog article about how to increase your blog ad revenue from 50¢ per day. Now, our average daily earnings are $50! We attribute the success of this strategy to two key factors: 1) focusing on quality content and 2) targeting specific audiences with ads tailored for them.

How We Increased Our Blog Ad Revenue From 50¢ to $50 Per Day

It wasn’t long ago that our daily ad income was roughly $50. That’s about 100 times that now, and we’re planning to double it again shortly.

For many years, we struggled to generate any substantial ad income. We believed it was a fantastic day for us when we earned $1 since it was so difficult. We were stuck earning approximately 50 per day, which was discouraging, and we couldn’t figure out how anybody was getting any significant ad money from their site.

This post is for bloggers who are having trouble generating ad money.

Our Battle to Make Money Through Blogging

We were as pleased as many other bloggers to sign up for a Google AdSense account. “This is it!” we exclaimed. With our blog, we’re on our way to generating money.”

Little did we know at the time, that the struggle to make ad revenue would last many years. We kept grinding it out and creating the content, but the ad revenue didn’t seem to correspond to the amount of effort we were putting into our blog.” alt=”” width=”1024″ height=”420″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”http://imagegod.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/How-We-Increased-Our-Blog-Ad-Revenue-From-50¢-to.jpg” />Our blog’s ad revenue in 2019 using AdSense.

In other words, we were making more money on the ground than we were making on our website. We were on the verge of giving up.

How We Make Money From Our Blog

The primary sources of revenue from our WordPress site, TheBudgetSavvyTravelers.com, are shown below.

  • Ad income is earned by displaying sponsored adverts on a network.
  • Affiliate programs: Making a little commission when a user clicks on a link or makes a purchase by casually endorsing services or goods in articles. We also rely heavily on TravelPayouts and Amazon.
  • Sponsored content is advertising material that connects to a website, service, or product that is paid for by another firm.

Please utilize the above affiliate link the next time you shop on Amazon, dear friends and family!

Sponsored content brings in the most money every month, followed by affiliate links, and lastly ad income.

How to Boost Ad Revenue from Your Blog

Here’s the secret: we increased our blog revenue by switching advertising networks from AdSense to Ezoic (⇐affiliate link). By doing so we immediately saw a jump in revenue of about 300 to 500 percent. In other words, we went from about one dollar per day to $3 to $5.” alt=”” width=”1497″ height=”615″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”http://imagegod.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/1652132680_325_How-We-Increased-Our-Blog-Ad-Revenue-From-50¢-to.jpg” />Back in January 2020, when we switched from AdSense to Ezoic we saw an immediate bump in ad revenue!

The first thing that sprang to me was if AdSense has been defrauding us for all these years. We think so.

Why Do We Like the Ezoic Ad Network?

Ezoic’s second major benefit, apart from just generating a lot more money, is that it really speeds up your website. The Ezoic Cloud gives publishers (like us) access to a lightning-fast CDN caching solution as well as increased website security. They also offer a product called Site Accelerator that works similarly to WP Rocket.

Right before we migrated to Ezoic, our website hosting contract was up for renewal. We paid about $300 for a three-year virtual private server (VPS) contract with DreamHost. One of the benefits of utilizing Ezoic is that your website will be hosted for free. As a consequence, hosting your website will cost you nothing. When our plan with DreamHost ends in 112 years, we’ll switch to Ezoic.

Ezoic: A Quick Overview

Ezoic is a decent ad income network (even though they don’t consider itself a “ad network”) for tiny sites since they just need roughly 10,000 monthly page views to be recognized. They’ll even let sites with less than 10,000 visitors in certain situations. As a result, there’s a considerable probability you’ll get authorized if you’re near. Furthermore, their minimum payment is $20, so you won’t have to wait long to achieve a significant sum.

For example, with AdSense and their $100 threshold, we were getting paid about every three to four months. Now, we’re easily getting paid every month.” alt=”” width=”1024″ height=”683″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”http://imagegod.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/1652132682_123_How-We-Increased-Our-Blog-Ad-Revenue-From-50¢-to.jpg” />Increasing site speed is a great perk to using Ezoic!

Ezoic also has the distinction of being a Google Certified Publishing Partner. In other words, Google has authorized their business procedures, ad layouts, and optimization restrictions. As a consequence, they’ve won a Google award for their publishing platform.

Last but not least, Ezoic’s Ad Mediation procedure enables your current ad network partners (such as AdSense) to compete against Ezoic. In other words, instead of relying entirely on AdSense, a “bidding war” amongst networks is established. We now earn more ad money from AdSense than we did when we solely utilized AdSense (due to their outbidding Ezoic on particular advertisements)!

Changing from another ad network to Ezoic

Once approved, we were able to transition from Adsense to Ezoic in one day. Was it a bit of a hassle? Sure, but well worth the effort.” alt=”” width=”1024″ height=”618″ data-ez=”” data-ezsrc=”http://imagegod.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/1652132684_541_How-We-Increased-Our-Blog-Ad-Revenue-From-50¢-to.jpg” />It’s such a gratifying feeling to see our blog progressing!

While the changeover process might be a little complicated at times, Ezoic’s support team is always there to help. You may also simply change back to your pre-Ezoic settings with a single click if you experience a “OMG!?!?” moment.

Last Thoughts

Finally, producing ad money should not come at the expense of your website’s appearance. To put it another way, let’s avoid bombarding people with advertisements.

Publishers may choose how many advertisements they want to run using Ezoic’s handy function. Balanced, revenue-focused, user experience-focused, and bespoke settings are among the alternatives. On our site, however, we utilize the balanced option.

Please let us know whether you believe our site has a good mix of advertisements or if you think there are too many.

Finally, if you decide to utilize Ezoic, please follow this link. We’ll make a tiny commission as an affiliate, and you’ll be well on your way to being a successful blogger.

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