The country has officially decided to lift restrictions on COVID-19 travel, with the goal of attracting more travelers and tourists. The decision went into effect as soon as it was approved by Iceland’s parliament in November 2018. It will now be easier for people from around the world to visit countries that previously required them prove their identity before entry.

Iceland is lifting all COVID-19 travel requirements, social restrictions. Icelanders will no longer need to show proof of vaccination or any other medical documents before they can enter the country. Read more in detail here: iceland travel restrictions vaccine.

Iceland Is Lifting All COVID-19 Travel Requirements, Social Restrictions

Iceland is expected to abolish all remaining COVID-19 limitations, including pandemic-related border controls, on Friday, February 25, according to a government press release. Travelers from other countries will be free to come and leave without having to comply with any vaccination, testing, or quarantine restrictions.

In doing so, Iceland joins its Nordic neighbors—Sweden, Norway, and Denmark—in taking possibly the world’s most significant move toward normality.


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Reopening from COVID-19

Domestic public safety procedures, such as limitations on social gatherings and school operations, as well as decreased opening hours and capacity restrictions for pubs and restaurants that offer alcohol, would be repealed. Quarantine for persons who test positive for COVID-19 will also be eliminated.

“We can sincerely celebrate at this turning point,” Minister of Health Willum ór órsson stated. “However, I urge people to be cautious, to exercise personal infection prevention measures, and to avoid interacting with others if they see symptoms.”

Foreign visitors to Iceland must present a certificate of complete COVID-19 immunization or confirmation of recovery from the virus until the policy changes. Vaccination certificates have only been valid for 270 days (nine months) from the day a person got his or her last dose of a main vaccine series, unless they’ve had a booster injection since then.

Despite the fact that the Arctic country is presently seeing a high in new COVID-19 cases, Iceland’s Chief Epidemiologist órólfur Gunason said in a memorandum that “severe disease has not grown in the same way,” even though 2,100 to 2,800 new infections are being registered daily. It’s a pattern that’s been demonstrated to be distinctive of the Omicron variety, and it’s no doubt impacted by the fact that, according to Reuters’ tracker, 80 percent of Icelanders are now completely vaccinated.

Gunason believes that, at this time, overcoming the pandemic would need “widespread herd immunity,” which would imply that up to 80% of the population would have infected the virus and established natural immune system responses.

“Widespread social opposition to COVID-19 is the major path out of the pandemic,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement, according to Reuters. “To do this,” it said, “as many individuals as possible must be infected with the virus, since vaccinations are insufficient, despite providing considerable protection against severe sickness.”

With a population of 368,000 individuals, Iceland has registered more than 110,000 COVID-19 cases throughout the pandemic; however, the ministry thinks that around the same number of Icelanders have previously been infected without being identified, based on antibody testing.

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Iceland is lifting all COVID-19 travel requirements, social restrictions. The “can u.s. citizens travel to iceland 2021” is a great time for those who are interested in visiting Iceland or just want to see what it’s like there before it becomes too popular.

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