There are a lot of travel companies out there, but SimplyMiles is one that has been consistently delivering. They have focused on the customer experience and their communication with customers from the beginning to end of any purchase. It’s this focus on what matters most in business- honesty and integrity- which sets them apart.

The “simplymiles review” is an article that discusses the deal of the year, which was a simple miles promotion from simplyMiles. It suggests that users should not neglect other deals like this one because they may be better than the original offer.

Lesson From The Deal Of The Year, Don't Neglect Other SimplyMiles

Don’t Forget Other SimplyMiles As A Lesson From The Deal Of The Year

on December 15, 2021 by Gary Leff

The deal of the year allowed you to buy American AAdvantage miles for less than half a cent each – taking advantage of an opportunity to earn 40 miles per dollar on a donation to Conservation International through Mastercard, combined with an end-of-year quintuple miles bonus – resulting in 240 miles per dollar spent. For further information, see this post.

SimplyMiles, an often stackable method to earn American AAdvantage points while making purchases with a Mastercard, was offering the deal. And until now, many people haven’t paid enough attention to it. It’s been kept beneath the radar for two reasons.

  • Just before the outbreak, SimplyMiles was completely operational. It may have gotten less traction as a result of this.
  • It seems that the greatest deals aren’t available when you initially join the program. It might take a day or two to complete. Sign up, connect a Mastercard (or three), and within a day or two, you might be seeing twice as many deals. This is the polar opposite of great practice, since you want clients to see the best deals and promote participation straight away, when they’re first paying attention to a program, to excite them. Otherwise, the majority of individuals will not return.

As a result, the bonus of 5 times the ordinary miles on top of regular mileage earning is really sensible. It’s even wiser for Americans since they were paid by Mastercard to operate it. This partnership elevates the site and its offerings to a new level.

Because this one was so fantastic, it’s easy to overlook other deals on the site. It’s difficult to get enthusiastic about the rest of the offerings on the site when you can earn millions of miles for a ridiculously cheap fee. But that’s definitely a mistake since there are some fantastic deals for things you’d be doing anyway, and why waste free miles?

Here were some of the other options, all of which came with a bonus:

  • You earned 9000 miles as a result of this promotion (1500 x 6)
  • That’s worth $117 to me, a 260 percent return on your investment (plus you get whatever you’re purchasing at CVS).
  • You don’t even need to travel to a CVS shop to accomplish this since it works online.
  • You may even get a $50 CVS gift card! to make advantage of later
  • The offer may be utilized on two different transactions.


I came saw a few additional interesting bargains.

  • On a $200+ Best Buy purchase, you’ll get 12,500 miles (plus a bonus).
  • On a Shiseido purchase of $150 or more, you’ll get 8370 miles (plus a bonus).
  • On a Winc purchase of $30 or more, you’ll get 6000 miles (plus a bonus).
  • 18 miles per dollar (plus a bonus) on American Airlines Vacations purchases of $1000 or more, which earns miles.
  • On a MovieClub purchase of $8.99+ ($0.0072 per mile), you’ll get 138 miles every dollar (plus a bonus).
  • On a $30 Barnes & Noble purchase, you’ll get 2790 miles (plus a bonus) (miles that may be worth more than the spend)
  • On GoPuff, you may earn 30 miles per dollar (plus a bonus) if you attach a Chase Mastercard with statement credits.
  • On a Vinesse purchase of $41 or more, you’ll get 12,500 miles (plus a bonus) (miles that may be worth well more than the spend)
  • On a $100+ purchase, you’ll get 8400 miles (plus a bonus).

These are only a few examples. These are fantastic prices if you were going to purchase from or CVS anyway, and they could be worth it even if you weren’t. MovieClub was successful on its own, but if you had a charity offer, it was more profitable, and you probably didn’t want the MovieClub product anyway. Vinesse wines are bad (in my opinion), but they are much more valuable than the purchasing price. Barnes & Noble basically obtained you a complete refund in the form of miles for a book (or other) purchase. This isn’t the first time they’ve offered sextuple miles; they did it at the end of last year as well.

All of this is to suggest that this extra accentuates SimplyMiles and encourages me to check it out more often than I would otherwise.

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SimplyMiles is a travel rewards program that offers members the chance to earn miles for their everyday purchases. SimplyMiles has been around for years and it seems like everyone should be using this service. However, some people are not aware of the benefits that SimplyMiles can offer them. The “simply aa” is what you need to know about SimplyMiles.

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