For some, having less time to travel in the past 12 months meant more time to read. And with a tidal wave of new science fiction in 2021 and a shelf full of classic travel books, that’s not a bad thing. Escaping via stories that allow you to travel effortlessly from home is not a new phenomenon, but in the face of a global pandemic, getting lost in a fantasy in a faraway place has become a lifeline.

Discover 37 of the best books to save you from a pandemic, including six impressive new fiction books in 2021, plus a few classics, because how could you not mention them?

37 Escapist Blocking is ready to travel with you:

One, Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens.

Where: North Carolina, United States•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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Second Cottage, door Catherine Cooper.

Where : French Alps•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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3. beautiful ruins, by Jess Walter

Where: Cinque Terre, Italy•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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4. Around the world in 80 trains, by Monisha Rajesh.

Where: London to Russia and Mongolia, North Korea, Canada, Kazakhstan and beyond. ….•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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Season 5 in the Snow, by Isla Gordon.

Where: Switzerland•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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6. Weird weather in Tokyo, Hiromi Kawakami.

Where : Japan•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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The following year, in Havana, Clayton Chanel…

Where: Cuba•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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8th edition of Sweet Tea and Compassion by Molly Harper.

Where: South Georgia, United States•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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9. A Year in Danish Life, by Helen Russell.

Where: Denmark•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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10. Wonderful mess we, by Catherine Isaac

Where: Sirmione, Lake Garda•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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11th Florida, by Lauren Groff.

Location: Florida, United States•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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12. If you could go anywhere, Paige Toon …

Where: Rome, Italy•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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13. The Hunger Games, by Sophie Heawood.

Where: Hollywood, Los Angeles•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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14th Summer Reunion, Fanny Blake.

Where: Majorca•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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15. Good morning, sunshine Laura Dave.

Where: Montauk, New York, USA•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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16. Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan.

Where: Singapore•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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17. the year and the day, isabelle’s broom.

Where: Prague•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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18 Watch Alex Georges Paris

Where: Paris, France•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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Rebecca searle’s next five years 19.

Where: New York and the Hamptons•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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20th small Swiss ski chalet by Julie Caplin.

Where: Swiss Alps•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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21. 24-hour cafe, Libby Page’s.

Location: London, England•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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22. “The Secret Life of the Women of Baba Sega” by Lola Shawnein.

Where: Ibadan, Nigeria•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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23. “A long, long afternoon.” Inga Vesper

Location: California (1959)•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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24 Victoria Park, by Gemma Reeves.

Location: London, England•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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25th Malibu Rising, by Taylor Jenkins Reed.

Where: California, United States•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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26th Summer in Kindness Café, by Victoria Walters.

Where: in Worcestershire (or a fictional place like it).•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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27. sweetbitter, by stephanie danler

Where: New York•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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28. We are all birds of Uganda Hafsa Zayan

Where: Uganda, Africa (in the 1960s)•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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29. but “Beautiful” by Jeff Dyer.

Where: in the deep south, in the United States•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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30. Exit west past Mohsin Hamid

Where: Mykonos, Greece, London, England and Marin, California•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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31st How to kidnap a rich man, Rahul Raina

Where: India•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg
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32. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Where: Mexico•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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33. As translated by Jessica Gaitan Johanneson.

Where? Nowhere. And everywhere.•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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34. Lizzie Dent’s summer job.

Where: Scotland•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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35. Great color to Emily X.R. Pan.

Location: Taiwan, China•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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36. Small Coffee in Copenhagen, by Julie Caplin.

Where: Copenhagen•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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37. Blue Bistro, by Elin Hilderbrand.

Where: Nantucket, Massachusetts.•-Passport-Stamps.jpeg

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