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Los Cabos, Mexico is reporting a return to ‘normal’ pre-pandemic visitor levels after a major tourism slump caused by a swine flu scare. The country’s tourism board reported that hotel occupancy in Los Cabos was 85 percent in June and July 2009, with an average occupancy rate of over 70 percent for the year. This is a significant increase from previous years, when occupancy rates were closer to 50 percent. One of the greatest aspects of this project was that I was able to design it to match my personality. I like to write and I like to talk to people, so I designed a project that would let me do both. I could not have done this project without the support of my advisor, who challenged me

Los Cabos is a popular destination for vacationers. But one of its biggest draws—its proximity to the Pacific Ocean’s H1N1 virus—has kept many people away for the past year. Thankfully, the Mexican government has begun to eradicate the virus, and local businesses are expecting visitors to return to the region by the summer. The first important step to removing the virus was to raise awareness of the disease. By having a plan in place to inform people about the virus, the government was able to ensure that people took the correct precautions when dealing with it. Although the virus rarely causes death, many people who were not properly informed of the dangers of the disease would have made the illness worse by going out in public and interacting

During the pandemic, Los Cabos served as a model for other destinations in terms of recovery, and this destination plans to return to pre-pandemic levels as early as this summer.

According to Rodrigo Esponda, executive director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, travelers can expect to experience everything the resort has to offer, from restaurants to entertainment, all within social distance of other guests.


All hotels, beaches, restaurants and bars, tourist activities and other tourism businesses are open subject to strict protocols and capacity restrictions, Esponda said. To enhance the safety of our visitors and the community, a curfew is in effect at this location. Travellers were very positive about the environment we created to ensure a safer journey.

Current trend

By March 2021, Los Cabos will have regained 56.5 percent of its 2019 visitor numbers, he said. March 2020 suffered from the pandemic and the closure of our visitor centre, but by March 2021 we have regained 99.6% of the March 2020 visitor numbers after the pandemic.

More good news: The average length of stay in March 2021 has increased from six to seven nights. The increase in the average length of stay for an extra night can probably be attributed to the new attitude of travelers, Esponda said. Nowadays, people plan and travel differently and think carefully about every step of the journey to ensure safety. By planning more carefully, people want more time to enjoy the trip.

As for the hotel industry, Los Cabos continues to draw interest from hotel owners and developers, and more hotels will open in the near future, he said.

In October 2021, Villa La Valencia Beach Resort & Spa Los Cabos will open in the tourist corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, offering incredible views of the Sea of Cortez, a luxury spa and more, Esponda said.

Opening in October 2022, Amanvari at East Cape Baja will offer a private white sand beach and incredible spa and dining options.

In aviation news, Los Cabos seats and routes were fully restored in March 2021. We’re seeing a 22.2 percent increase in the number of seats expected out of the U.S. over the next six months, Esponda said. These include a new route with Frontier from Las Vegas that started in March, a new route with Spirit from Los Angeles that will start in May, and two new routes with JetBlue from Los Angeles and New York that will start in June. In addition, JSX will return this summer with flights from Los Angeles.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Los Cabos has wasted no time in implementing safety initiatives, including Los Cabos with Caution – A Safer Way to Rest, which have been complemented by a partnership with Intertek Cristal, a global health, safety and risk management company specializing in travel, and Sharecare, a digital health organization that has ensured Los Cabos is the first destination to achieve VERIFIED status, which includes more than 360 standards across a wide range of specialties.

We have a reputation for adhering to strict health and safety protocols, Esponda said. In this day and age where travellers place more importance on precautions and experiences that can be controlled and managed, this is of great importance.

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