The Malta Tourism Authority has partnered with VeriFLY, a blockchain-based platform for the travel industry. The app is intended to make it easier for travelers to book hotels and flights using cryptocurrency.

WHY IT RATES: VeriFLY makes it simpler to fly to Malta from the United States. Senior Writer, Janeen Christoff

The Malta Tourism Authority has struck a deal with Verifly to provide a hassle-free option for visitors visiting Malta from the United States. The privacy-centric design of VeriFLY guarantees that the user’s data is safe and only utilized for the purpose and for the length of time necessary to meet travel needs. In addition, VeriFLY customers will have complete discretion over how, when, and with whom their data is shared.

The VeriFLY app, which helps to expedite the COVID-19 vaccination, paperwork validation, and presents results in a simple, reader-friendly way, will allow travelers from the United States to verify their health and submit additional documents, as needed by the Maltese Health Authorities.

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Passengers will submit vaccination information and other necessary documents straight into the VeriFLY app after establishing a secure profile on their mobile device. The VeriFLY app verifies that the passenger’s information meets Malta’s criteria and provides a simple pass/fail notification. The traveller will then be directed to complete the Passenger Locator Form for entrance into Malta.

After completing all of the necessary credentials, users may use the VeriFLY app, which is accessible on Google Play and the Apple App Store, to activate their “Trip to Malta” pass, which summarizes the criteria for entrance into Malta in a user-friendly checklist. “This deal demonstrates Malta’s capacity to quickly adapt to new challenges in the tourism industry. The VeriFLY app will be an essential instrument for ensuring Americans’ and Maltese public health’s peace of mind. We will continue to work hard to ensure that the local tourist industry recovers in a sustainable and responsible manner,” said Clayton Bartolo, Minister of Tourism and Consumer Protection.

“The MTA is pleased to have reached this agreement with VeriFLY, which will make it simpler for visitors from the United States to visit Malta by offering a single point of contact for passengers to submit all necessary paperwork before to departure. This will allow tourists to depart from their origin airports with peace of mind, knowing that all of their paperwork is in order, allowing them to begin their relaxing vacation the moment they step onto the plane,” MTA CEO Johann Buttigieg said, adding that the Maltese authorities are officially supporting the use of VeriFLY for efficient entry into the country with this agreement.

SOURCE: Press release from the Malta Tourism Authority.

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