Travel packages are a great way to enjoy the world and save money. For one day only, Marriott is offering five-night travel packages with airline miles plus hotel stay for less than $200 USD! The catch? They’re gone tomorrow at midnight.

The “marriott 5 night travel package 2021” is a limited time offer that can only be purchased for one day. The deal includes airline miles, hotel stay, and free breakfast.

Marriott 5-Night Travel Packages (Airline Miles + Hotel Stay) Still Exist - For One Day Only?

Marriott 5-Night Travel Packages (Airline Miles + Hotel Stay) are still available – but only for one day.

on January 17, 2022 by Gary Leff

Marriott said last week that travel packages will be phased out on January 19, 2022, in their terms and conditions. This was evidently released prematurely in the terms and conditions, and Marriott deleted it from their public terms, assuring me that “we will have further specifics for members in the coming days.”

We haven’t heard anything from Marriott Bonvoy in a long time. We know they want to get rid of vacation packages (multi-night hotel stay awards combined with airline mileage transfers). We don’t know for sure when they will be phased out – it’s conceivable they’ll cease on Wednesday, but it’s possible they’ll be postponed since members haven’t been informed about the benefit being phased out yet.

My main concern was that they were making program modifications without informing anybody, as well as modifying program regulations without informing anyone. And this time it’s with an award that was previously key to the program’s worth but has recently become merely a narrow use case because:

  • With the launch of the Bonvoy program, redemptions became substantially more costly.
  • Marriott dropped five-night travel packages in favor of seven-night packages, implying that you’d have to book a longer stay to make them beneficial.

Or did they eliminate 5 night packages? Reader Steve points me to a social media discussion with proof where a member called to redeem a 7 night package before they’re eliminated and the agent offered a 5 night package as well. They redeemed for a 5 night category 7 hotel stay at a cost of 430,000 points.


If the hotel is redeemed on peak redemption nights, this redemption might cost up to 550,000 points if purchased individually.

  • When redeemed during peak hours, a 5-night stay in a category 7 hotel would cost 280,000 points (70,000 points per night for 4 nights, with 5th night free).

    In general, 110,000 airline miles costs 270,000 points (60,000 points per 25,000 miles plus 30,000 points for the final 10,000 miles).

The member has already used their stay coupon for 5 nights in August at the Bodrum EDITION, where nightly prices are $1400. They also saved 120,000 Marriott points by bundling the redemption with airline miles.

I can’t guarantee that every agent will do so, or that the agent with whom this member talked should have done so. Marriott employees are infamous for being unreliable. These five-night packages were formerly only available to timeshare owners, but with the correct agent, they could still be redeemed by others.

However asking for reward code 873T may help if they don’t know what a 5 night air and hotel travel package award is (and they can likely find the other redemption categories based on your preference once they’ve found this one).

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