Marriott International, Inc. is testing a process they call the “Marriott Intensive Luxury Program.” The program offers those who spend $20,000 or more in one year with the opportunity to experience customized service without having to go through an extended sales pitch. This type of customer-focused approach will be crucial as hotels attempt to retain and attract high spending guests amid mounting competition from Airbnb rentals.

The “which of the following is not one of the four basic types of financial statements” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is none of these.

Marriott Wants A Form To Replace Tailored Service For Customers Who Spend $20,000 Or More

For customers who spend $20,000 or more, Marriott wants a form to replace personalized service.

on May 4, 2022 by Gary Leff

With disclosed earning requirements, Marriott offers the most exclusive top elite tier. Not only do you need 100 hotel nights, but you also need to spend a minimum of $20,000, which is practically hard to attain in many regions of the globe.

Marriott, on the other hand, has ruined the Ambassador experience in recent years. Members used to have a personal agent assigned to them to take care of all of their stay requirements, including making requests, personalizing things with hotels, and aiding with any arrangements. This is a carryover from Starwood. This individual would “get to know you over time” and “give the personal touches that make each journey exceptional,” according to the promise.

Despite introducing a minimum spend requirement (which Starwood did not have) on top of staying 100 nights, Marriott has discontinued providing Ambassador members with a genuine Ambassador.

During the epidemic, Marriott laid off a large number of its finest customer service personnel. As those “addresses are no longer checked,” Ambassador members no longer get a personal point of contact and are unable to contact an individual agent directly.

When I asked Marriott Senior Vice President David Flueck about the program last October, he said Bonvoy “would be investing in the Ambassador program especially heading into 2022, to enhance the entire experience of our top members.”

It seems that this is one of such endeavors. Ambassador members received an email from Marriott requesting them to fill out a form with their choices. You used to tell a single person who came to know you what you loved and required, as well as what you didn’t like. This information was previously available to Marriott’s existing Ambassadors. They now want Ambassador members to supply it in a poll once again.


There are a few hotels that will consider preferences and requests ahead of time, but this is an extremely unusual occurrence. And preferences will never be completely captured on a form the way they may be with a person who gets to know you over time and communicates them to a hotel ahead of time. Even while constant delivery is dependent on the property, it has a considerably better chance of succeeding.

Maybe they should call the exclusive tier Ambassador if Marriott isn’t going to offer members with a personal Ambassador? By the way, Hyatt provides an assigned concierge after 60 elite nights and without a minimum spend requirement – albeit it, too, might be better.

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