A road trip is an adventure and a way to bond with your friends or family. Some people like the idea of doing it all on their own, but sometimes you need some help making sure everything goes smoothly. This article will highlight how you can hire someone online to assist you on your next travel experience!

The “melbourne to adelaide road trip distance” is a long journey that will take you from Melbourne in Australia, to Adelaide in South Australia. Along the way, you’ll see some spectacular views and visit some interesting places.

Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip

A Melbourne to Adelaide road trip is one of the few in the world that offers as much incredible variation as a Melbourne to Adelaide road trip. You’ll travel through stunning beaches, historic forests, majestic mountains, volcanic landscapes, and lush wine areas in only 8 days.

Of course, you’ll be checking off one of the world’s most renowned drives, the Great Ocean Road, while you’re doing it. This is a vacation that everyone should do at least once in their lives. Over the course of eight days, the itinerary below covers all of the top attractions of the Melbourne to Adelaide journey.

If you’re in a hurry, skip the excursions to National Park of the Grampians and/or Beachport to cut the journey time in half. Those with more time, on the other hand, will not regret staying an additional night or two at any of the destinations.

melbourne to adelaide road trip

The Great Ocean Road, as its name suggests, comes up to its billing.

Overview of the Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip

Stops to Consider

  • Lorne
  • 2 nights in the National Park of the Great Otway
  • The Twelve Apostles
  • Warrnambool
  • 2 nights in the National Park of the Grampians
  • 1 night in Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia.
  • 1 night in Beachport
  • National Park of Naracoorte Caves
  • 1 night in Hahndorf
  • Conservation Parks of Mount Lofty and Cleland
  • 1+ nights in Adelaide

Summary of the Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip

Day 1: Depart Melbourne early in the morning for Lorne, which is about a 2-hour drive away. Spend the morning exploring the Great Ocean Road’s stunning waterfalls and summit vistas. If you’re looking for a little extra thrill, go to Live Wire Park and put your bravery to the test.

Before settling up for the night, explore Cape Otway and look for koalas.

Cape Otway (Night 1)

Day 2 – Spend the day touring the National Park of the Great Otway, which is really gorgeous.

National Park of the Great Otway (Night 2)

Day 3 – Jump back on the Great Ocean Road and check out the famous The Twelve Apostles and surrounding attractions. After this you’ll follow the road to Warrnambool where you can visit the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village.

In the afternoon, drive north to Halls Gap in the National Park of the Grampians. Check into your hotel and relax with a well-deserved drink.

3rd Night: Halls Gap

Day 4 – Explore the Grampians’ magnificent peaks and lookouts.

Halls Gap (Night 4)

National Park of the Grampians

To witness animals, you don’t even have to get out of your automobile!

Day 5 — Depart the Grampians early in the morning for a 2.5-hour trip to Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia.. Welcome to the state of South Australia! Spend the day visiting the area’s various attractions.

Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia. (Night 5)

Day 6 – You’ve earned a day at the beach after all that trekking. For a sample of the Limestone Coast’s stunning beaches, drive one hour to Beachport.

Beachport (Night 6)

Day 7 – To get back to the main highway, you’ll have to go cross-country for an hour. A little more than an hour’s journey will take you through the Coonawarra wine region’s stunning vineyards, culminating at the Naracoorte Caves.

Before getting back in the vehicle, spend a couple of hours visiting the amazing caverns and other sights here. This afternoon’s travel is a solid 3 hours and 20 minutes, but the destination of Hahndorf is well worth it!

Hahndorf, Night 7

Day 8 – Spend the morning touring Hahndorf, a charming town. When you’re ready to go on, Mount Lofty is just a 15-minute drive away. Explore the lovely botanic gardens and enjoy the breathtaking views of Adelaide from the peak.

Adelaide (Night 8)

The Last Day – You’ve Arrived in Adelaide! What you do next will be determined by the moment and circumstances. You may see the CBD in one day before returning to Melbourne, but you should spend three days in Adelaide to really appreciate it.

If you’re planning a longer vacation to Western Australia, check out our Perth to Adelaide Road Trip (it’s the opposite way around for this case, but it’s just as fantastic!).


Time Spent Driving

One-way flight from Melbourne to Adelaide takes 15.5 hours.

The longest stretch of road

Day 8, Beachport-Naracoorte-Hahndorf, 4 hours 40 minutes

Total Kilometers Traveled

1,286 km

Highlights of a Road Trip from Melbourne to Adelaide

  • The National Park of the Great Otway’s breathtaking waterfalls
  • Mountain roads winding through luxuriant ferns and massive trees
  • The Great Ocean Road is a famous stretch of road in Australia.
  • The The Twelve Apostles
  • Standing atop the National Park of the Grampians’s majestic peaks
  • The crater lake in the center of Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia. is a vibrant blue.
  • Hahndorf is a historic German town.
  • Cleland Conservation Park is home to a diverse range of species.

adelaide to melbourne road trip

The National Park of the Grampians is awe-inspiring.

How much time will I require?

You’ll need at least 10 days to accomplish this Melbourne to Adelaide road trip itinerary as described. If you want to see all Adelaide has to offer, add two more days to your itinerary.

This road trip may be completed in one week or less. The Grampian National Park and Beachport stops will be eliminated, saving three nights and simplifying the itinerary.


There are several lodging alternatives available along this journey. There are also several fantastic camp sites and caravan parks if you have an RV or caravan. We’ll offer our preferred lodging and the best places to stay in each section.

When is the best time to visit?

This Melbourne to Adelaide road trip is best done in late spring. On average, you get a lot of bright days, and the falls still have a lot of water flowing down them. Add in the beautiful new greenery and flowers that abound at this time of year, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Of course, you may finish the journey at any moment throughout the summer. The weather is generally moderate over much of this route, and the huge number of sunny days means there will be less possibility of rain spoiling the fun.

great ocean road trip

There is a lot to see around the The Twelve Apostles

Tips for a Road Trip from Melbourne to Adelaide

  • Save money by using the WikiCamps app to find free campgrounds. We’ll mention some of the nicest camping spots along the way, but some don’t allow tents, so double-check.
  • Get up early for the The Twelve Apostles: Given the direction of the lookout to the rock formations, the sun will be rising behind you in the morning. This will give you amazing morning light shining onto the rocks and making for the best photos.
  • Avoid driving at night and schedule your trips during the day. Along portions of this path, there is a lot of wildlife.
  • Check your route before you go: the Otways have numerous twisty mountain roads that huge RVs and caravans may not be able to handle. This will be mentioned in the Otways section. When driving from Beachport to Naracoorte, use the route that passes via Coonawarra.

Check out our complete list of the greatest Australian road trip advice you should know before you go!

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If you are visiting Australia on a road trip, be sure you have enough insurance coverage. When we travel, we utilize World Nomads since it’s ideal for activities like hiking, scuba diving, and road excursions.

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One of Australia’s Best Drives is from Melbourne to Adelaide.

great ocean road sign

Don’t forget to take a picture in front of this famous sign.

Day 1


This incredible road journey will not keep you waiting to explore breathtaking sites. You’ll start the day by travelling around 2 hours south-west to Lorne, where you’ll get your first taste of the Great Ocean Road.

If you’re a surfer, you may want to get up early in the morning so you can visit Torquay. This beachfront hamlet is home to the famed Bells Beach as well as a nicely-done tiny surf museum.

Continue on to Lorne if you don’t want to go surfing or swimming early (there is also a nice beach here). Make a point of stopping at the ‘Memorial Arch at Eastern View,’ a popular picture location on the Melbourne-Adelaide route.

Lorne is home to a number of breathtaking waterfalls. It is entirely up to you how many you see, since there will be even more the next day. The Erskine Falls are the nicest falls to view here; however, the route is rather steep, so leave any caravans at home.

erskine falls

Erskine Falls is one of Victoria’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Henderson, Sheoak, and Phantom Falls are among the town’s other waterfalls. They’re all wonderful, but the ones in the Otways tomorrow are much better, so how much time you spend here is all up to you.

On the way back to town, the Blanket Leaf Picnic Area provides a lovely morning tea break. You’ll notice the Live Wire Park just before you get to town. There are high ropes courses, zip lines, and other fun activities at this woodland entertainment park.

The hills above Lorne provide some of the greatest views of the Great Ocean Road. Take a hike up to Teddy’s Lookout for panoramic views of the forest-covered mountains that plunge into the sea.

National Park of the Great Otway – Cape Otway

The afternoon’s objective is Cape Otway. This is a portion of the National Park of the Great Otway, which is a must-see on every Melbourne to Adelaide road journey. The section of the Great Ocean Road between Lorne and Apollo Bay is by far the most picturesque.


On Cape Otway, look for wild koalas.

You may stay in Apollo Bay, the area’s largest town, but we suggest staying out on Cape Otway tonight. If you’re going to be out of town for a while, be sure you have everything you’ll need.

Wildlife, particularly koalas, may be seen in abundance at Cape Otway. The Wildlife Wonders refuge, 5 minutes outside of Apollo Bay, provides guided nature hikes. You’ll be given a pair of binoculars and instructed to follow a 1.4-kilometer track through a variety of settings, seeing various animals along the way. The greatest thing is that all earnings go to endangered species conservation projects.

Head out to the Cape Otway Lightstation for the day’s last stop. Built in 1848, this is the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Australian continent. You may climb the lighthouse for magnificent views of the coastline and explore the adjacent historic buildings. Hours and pricing are updated on the webpage.


At Cape Otway Lightstation, catch a sunset from the cliffs.

What are the best places to stay in Cape Otway?


Bimbi Park — This park, approximately 8 minutes from the lighthouse, has a variety of lovely cottages. The park itself is a great draw, with koalas roaming freely in the trees. Another fantastic advantage is that you are near enough to see a spectacular sunset from the grounds of the lighthouse.


Bimbi Park — In addition to the above-mentioned park, Bimbi Park also has caravan and tent sites.

Campgrounds – This region has a number of well rated campgrounds. Parker Hill, Aire River East, and Johanna Beach are all wonderful places to visit. Use the link to see all of the sites on a map and make a reservation with Parks Victoria.

Day 2

National Park of the Great Otway

Beautiful plan spends a full day seeing this park, which is one of Victoria’s main attractions. You have a few possibilities for tonight’s lodging, which you should consider ahead of time. Free camping is available in a beautiful location near the major attractions, although it is not ideal for big RVs or caravans.

National Park of the Great Otway

The Beauchamp Falls Reserve is a fantastic camping spot.

If you want to be best positioned for sunrise at the The Twelve Apostles tomorrow then you will want to find Accommodation closer to there. Lastly, you can remain on Cape Otway which will be about a 50km drive to the attractions on today’s list. See below for the best Accommodation options.

Walking through virgin forests to reach beautiful waterfalls is the primary activity here. There are a lot of them here, and it’s a fun pastime that never gets old. The route from Melbourne to Adelaide passes through some of Australia’s most beautiful waterfalls.

Beauchamp Falls, Hopetoun Falls, and Triplet Falls were our top three choices. You may also go to ‘The Redwoods Otways’, which is close to Hopetoun Falls. This California Redwoods experimental plantation was planted in 1936 and allowed to develop. They’re flourishing close to a lovely stream, and it’s an incredible pleasure to be able to stroll around this environment in Australia!

otway fly treetop walk

A highlight is the Otway Fly Treetop Walk.

The best part, though, is viewing the forest from a different angle. A 600-meter high walkway and tower are available at Otway Fly Treetop Adventures. The ziplining through the forest and the enchanting woodland stroll will delight children and the young at heart.

Where to Stay in National Park of the Great Otway

As stated above it is possible to stay in your Accommodation in Cape Otway. If you want to be closer to the The Twelve Apostles for amazing sunrise shots then check out the below.


The Twelve Apostles Cottages – These beautiful self-contained cottages have amazing ocean views and are only a stones throw from the The Twelve Apostles.


It is probably not a good idea to transport a big RV or caravan to the waterfalls/campground, but you can get to the Otway Fly parking lot.

Beauchamp Falls Reserve — A free camping located within a short distance from the falls. However, there are just six locations, and they are all unpowered. There are restrooms, fire pits, and breathtaking views of a wooded valley. Unfortunately, forestry work has recently taken place near the spot, but the views remain spectacular.

Princetown Recreation Reserve – This cheap site is perfect if you have a caravan or large RV. They offer powered or unpowered sites only 10 minutes drive from the The Twelve Apostles.

melbourne to adelaide road trip

It’s a magnificent experience to walk amid the gigantic redwoods.

Day 3

The Twelve Apostles/Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

The The Twelve Apostles lookout point is the iconic image of the Great Ocean Road. The lookout faces roughly west and so the morning light provides amazing photographic opportunities.

If you stayed at one of the villas listed above, you won’t have to wake up too early to catch the wonderful golden hour. If you’ve made a beeline for this sight, you’ll have to return a little way after you’ve finished. Gibson Steps go down the cliff face to the beach, where you can get a close look at the massive cliffs and sandstone pinnacles.

Resuming your journey west, get back on the road. After a short way, you’ll see the Loch Ard Gorge turnoff. This is another feature of the Great Ocean Road that is well-marked. The Tom and Eva overlook, as well as Thunder Cave, are both located in the same region.


The iconic The Twelve Apostles at sunrise

Continue through the settlement of Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road. There are some excellent picture opportunities between here and Warrnambool. ‘London Bridge’ comes first, followed by ‘The Grotto.’ The ‘Bay of Islands’ is the last suggested halt before the route starts inland.

The Great Ocean Road is now complete, and your next destination will be Warrnambool’s Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. This complex includes a fantastic museum on Victoria’s settlement as well as a living history village. It’s a lot of fun to go through the streets of this town and look at all of the antique stores.

In historical costumes, volunteers sometimes go throughout the village and operate in the stores. Weekends are the busiest, but it’s a terrific place to come any day of the week. If you have the time, there are various additional sites around the hamlet if you have the time, but keep in mind that it takes 2 hours to get to Halls Gap.


Another excellent visit is Loch Ard Gorge.

Stingray Bay, located near the Maritime Village, is a lovely beach. The ‘Deep Blue Hot Springs,’ which are a terrific place to unwind after a tour through the hamlet, are also located in this region. Several whale viewing lookouts are worth visiting during the whale watching season (June to September).

After you’ve completed touring Warrnambool, travel 157 kilometers to Halls Gap. Because there are a lot of animals and it takes around 2 hours, make sure you allow enough time to get here before nightfall. If you run out of time, it’s preferable to remain in town and travel in the morning.

melbourne to adelaide drive

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is a fascinating and educational attraction.

In Halls Gap, where should you stay?


Halls Gap Log Cabins — This lodging is conveniently located near town and has wood-burning fireplaces. Some cottages even include spa facilities to help you relax after a long day of trekking.

More lodging alternatives in Halls Gap may be found here.


NRMA BIG4 Halls Gap Holiday Park is a fully equipped trailer park located in the heart of Halls Gap. There’s even a heated pool there!

Smiths Mill Campground — This is a fantastic campground close to MacKenzie Falls. It contains both automobile and tent sites, which must be reserved ahead of time. The toilets are drop toilets, and the shower is a bucket on a rope with a faucet. Because this location is at the top of a steep mountain road, it may not be ideal for big caravans or RVs.

Day 4

National Park of the Grampians

You’ll have a whole day to explore the Grampians, which should be plenty to whet your appetite for more. There is just too much to see in one day, but you will be able to see the highlights.

adelaide to melbourne road trip

MacKenzie Falls has a fantastic flow all year.

All of the major attractions are located along Mt Victory Road, which is where you should focus your efforts today. The following attractions are presented in the order in which you will see them as you drive out of town.

Enter ‘Wonderland Carpark’ into your navigation system for the first stop. This is where the Pinnacle Lookout trek begins, which is a major highlight of the Grampians. Along the way, there are a number of interesting sights and breathtaking views. Splitters Falls is a short but distinct trek from the parking (although very steep). This only works well in the rainier seasons, so don’t bother with it in the summer or fall.

To reach the next stop at Boroka Lookout you will have to make a right turn onto Mt Difficult Road. This is a pretty steep road but the lookout at the top is well worth it. This is arguably the best lookout in the National Park of the Grampians.

National Park of the Grampians

The effort is well worth it at the Pinnacle Lookout!

Return to the main road and drive a short distance to the ‘The Balconies’ turnoff. This is another spectacular vista with views of the park from a different perspective. The beautiful granite ledges provide for an excellent backdrop for your photographs.

The spectacular MacKenzie Falls is the road’s last endpoint. There are a lot of stairs down to the bottom, but it’s well worth the effort. The falls are open all year, and visitors may see the thunder and spray of the water up close. You can even take a plunge if you’re feeling bold, but it’ll be freezing!

This is more than enough to keep you occupied for a whole day, but if you don’t trek or are simply incredibly efficient, there is much more. For a complete list of attractions in this park, see the official website.

the balconies National Park of the Grampians

The balconies provide a fantastic vantage point.

Day 5

Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia.

Welcome to South Australia! Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia. sits right in the south-east corner of the state, only 2.5 hours from Halls Gap. This town is a bit of a hidden gem, with some amazing scenery and interesting things to do.

If you leave the Grampians early enough, you’ll have plenty of time to see the major attractions. The most noteworthy sites are located in or around town.

The Umpherston Sinkhole is the first thing you’ll notice when you arrive in town. The Limestone Coast is home to a slew of sinkholes, the most of which were created by cave collapse. Mr James Umpherston developed this one into a garden far back in 1886.

It’s a true one-of-a-kind sight, and descending into the lush garden makes for a pleasant little stroll. The site is open from sunrise to dusk, and twilight is a particularly beautiful time to come.

umpherston sinkhole Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia.

From above, the Umpherston Sinkhole Garden

The next must-visit attraction in Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia. is the Blue Lake. This incredibly lake sits inside a huge volcanic crater and is vibrant blue in colour. The best time to view the lake is on a sunny day but it is still quite impressive even when overcast.

Around the lake, there are various lookouts that are well worth seeing. The nicest one lies on the north-west side of the lake, along a tiny cliffside length of road. You may hike up a steep route from here to an observation platform with a great view.

When it comes to amazing vistas, the Centenary Tower provides the greatest view of the surrounding landscape. This 1904 tower lies at the highest point in the region, accessible by a walk from the ‘Lions Lookout.’

melbourne to adelaide road trip Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia.

The deep azure waters of the Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia. crater lake

The Engelbrecht Cave System is the last place you should visit today. This network of caverns extends under the town and may be explored from a location close to the town center. They provide guided tours and, if you are skilled, you may even scuba dive the cave’s flooded areas.

If you still have time, there is lots more to do in and around town. If you still have energy to explore, look at this list on Tripadvisor. Otherwise, go to your lodging for some well-deserved rest and leisure.

Mount Gambier Accommodation is a town in South Australia.


Colhurst House — This lovely historic home is brimming with old world charm. Need I say more? The rooms are well decorated and have hot tubs and bathrobes.

The Old Mount Gambier is a town in South Australia. Gaol – This is a super unique Accommodation option to match the attractions around town. This gaol from 1866 has been converted into a range of rooms while still retaining a lot of the old features of the gaol.

More lodging alternatives in Mount Gambier may be found here. is a town in South Australia.


Pine Country Caravan Campground — This park is a little trip out of town but well worth it. It’s a lovely park with plenty of room to camp. Evenings are especially enjoyable to observe because of the large flocks of cockatoos.

Day 6


You’ve earned a day at the beach after all of your touring so far. The Limestone Coast offers some of the nicest beaches in South Australia, with the best of them being right here.

This is a bit of a detour in the wrong way, so if you don’t like beaches or the weather is bad, you can save yourself a day and skip the journey.


Jetty of Beachport

You will not be disappointed if you opt to visit here. The beautiful water and immaculate beaches provide for a wonderful day of swimming and sunbathing. It’s quiet enough that you may often have the whole beach to yourself.

The finest thing to do here is rest and unwind from your hectic routine. Take the Bowman Scenic Drive out to the family-friendly Salmon Hole beach (which you should not miss). Swimming and snorkeling are also possible in the shallow water here.

Jetty of Beachport is also a great walk, it stretches a really impressive distance out in to the sparkling ocean as you can see above! If you are a sucker for sightseeing then check out the official list of all the things to do around town.

Spend the night here and try to get a good night’s sleep since tomorrow is a huge day!


Bowman Scenic Drive is a stunning drive.

In Beachport, there are a variety of places to stay.


Beachport’s Bonnies of Beachport is a great place to stay if you want to be right on the beach. These magnificent apartments have ocean views and are located within walking distance of the town center.

More Beachport lodging alternatives may be found here.


Southern Ocean Tourist Park — Only a short walk from the beach, this park provides big grassy sites and excellent facilities. It’s also in the heart of town, so you can walk to restaurants and stores.

3 Mile Bend Campground — Located 3 kilometers outside of town, this campground has drop toilets. It may be used with tents or caravans. Bookings must be made via the specified website and are $16 per night.

Day 7

Hahndorf/Naracoorte Caves

Today is the The longest stretch of road on the trip at 445km. There is some great scenery and a fantastic stop along the first 180km so they fly by quite easily.

The Naracoorte Caves are the first destination after leaving Beachport. If you use Google Maps to get there, make sure you choose the route that goes east to Penola before continuing north on the major highway.

The first part of the journey will take you through Coonawarra, which is famed for producing excellent red wines. Around here, the breathtaking panorama of unending vineyards starts and lasts for the majority of the trip to Padthaway.

adelaide to melbourne road trip

Exploring one of Naracoorte’s amazing caverns

The first stop is the National Park of Naracoorte Caves. These caves are around 800,000 years old and numerous fossils of extinct creatures have been found here. They offer some great tours and there is a small but really fun museum. You can choose from a number of different experiences including adventure caving, fossil filled caves and a bat observation centre. Click here for more information.

Following your excursion to the caverns, you’ll be on your way to Hahndorf in no time. It’ll take you a little more than 3 hours to get there, so you’ll probably arrive in the late afternoon. Don’t worry about viewing the attractions today; you’ll have the morning tomorrow to do so.

You should absolutely take advantage of Hahndorf’s excellent restaurants and bars tonight! For a superb German pub experience, go to the German Arms or the Hahndorf Inn.

melbourne to adelaide road trip - hahndorf

Since 1863, the Hahndorf Inn has been a pub/hotel.

In Hahndorf, there are a variety of places to stay.


Manna by Haus — Located in the centre of Hahndorf, these rooms are clean and pleasant. It’s an excellent spot to stop after a long day of travelling since they provide free parking. All of the greatest pubs in town are within walking distance.

More Hahndorf lodging alternatives may be found here.


The Discovery Parks Hahndorf Resort is the only choice in town, but don’t worry, it’s a fantastic one. This is a beautiful park with excellent amenities. It’s a bit outside of town, but it’s only a short walk away, and the bus stops just outside the door.

Day 8

Mount Lofty/Hahndorf

The first part of today may be spent touring all of Hahndorf’s adorable tiny stores and sites. There are several excellent breakfast options, and it is well worth you to dine out for the ambience. Café 1839 has some of the greatest interior design.

The primary things to do here are shop and look for secret picture places in alleyways. Hahndorf Hill Estate, Shaw + Smith, and Nepenthe are just a few of the fantastic wineries in the area. Don’t hurry since the next destination, Adelaide, is just a short drive away.

melbourne to adelaide road trip

Café 1839 is a fantastic breakfast location.

When you’ve done touring Hahndorf, get in the vehicle and travel to Mount Lofty Botanic Park. This is a lovely garden on a steep incline. The Mount Lofty top is just a short way up the road. You’ll enjoy a fantastic view of Adelaide and the surrounding region from here. At the summit, there is a café as well as various walking routes.

Consider visiting Cleland Wildlife Park if you have time left over in the day. This is one of Australia’s top wildlife parks, located near the peak. A wide variety of natural creatures may be seen and interacted with. Don’t worry if you can’t make it; it’s readily doable on a day trip from Adelaide.

You can drive down the picturesque mountain roads to Adelaide after visiting Mount Lofty. Return to your lodging and relax; you’ve just finished your Melbourne to Adelaide road trip!

Melbourne to Adelaide drive

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is a botanical garden in Mount Lofty, New South Wales,

What Hotels Should You Book in Adelaide?


The Palms Apartments — Located on the north-east corner of the CBD, this property is conveniently close to many of the city’s main attractions. The rooms are big and clean, with excellent facilities like as free Wi-Fi and a dishwasher.

The Stamford Grand Adelaide is a well-known landmark on the Glenelg beachfront. It’s stunning both inside and out, with a fantastic indoor pool to unwind in after a day of touring. You’ll be located next to a tram line, making it convenient to go about the city.

More lodging alternatives in Adelaide may be found here.


Adelaide is unusual in that it has a plethora of excellent caravan sites right in the heart of the city. Check out Adelaide Caravan Park or Levi Adelaide Holiday Park for close access to the CBD.

Check out BIG4 West Beach Parks or Discovery Parks Adelaide Beachfront for beachfront lodgings (but away from the CBD attractions).

Final Day


Even though you’ve arrived at your destination, the journey doesn’t have to end there. Hopefully, you’ve set aside some time to visit Adelaide, since there are many interesting things to see. If you have more time, there are several fantastic day excursions from Adelaide.

Wine lovers will recognize South Australia as a wine paradise. There’s something for everyone on our list of the top wine tours from Adelaide, from casual fans to connoisseurs.


Historic structures may be found in Port Adelaide.

Those who are fortunate enough to be continuing their journey will have plenty of time to see more of the world. Take a look at these weekend getaways from Adelaide for some inspiration on where to go.

After you’ve completed exploring South Australia, go to the Nullarbor Plain and then on to Western Australia. This road journey from Perth to Adelaide is the greatest route to take if you want to see everything. (You’ll have to do it backwards, but it’ll work just as well!)

I wish you the best of luck on your Melbourne to Adelaide road trip! Good luck on your journey.

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The “melbourne to adelaide road trip 3 days” is a trip that will take you from Melbourne, Australia to Adelaide, Australia. This journey will take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

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