For the first time in history, an entire cruise ship has been deployed to a region in order to help support and protect the local environment. The MSC Bellissima is currently sailing in the Red Sea and will continue for 11 days before returning to port in Italy.

The msc bellissima itinerary 2021 is a cruise that takes place in 2021. It will be the first ship to sail through the Red Sea.

MSC Cruises has announced that the deployment of its ship MSC Bellissima in Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea would be extended for the winter season 2021-2022. The extension comes after the region’s successful first season this past summer.

Since the MSC Bellissima started sailing out of Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah in July, her itineraries in the region have proved popular. MSC Magnifica, which was originally planned to service in the area, will be replaced by Bellissima this winter.

MSC bellissima

(MSC Cruises provided this image.)

MSC has never done anything like this before, and the ship’s forthcoming itinerary is the first of its type. Bellissima will begin offering seven-night cruises from Jeddah on October 30, stopping at Ras Al Abyad, Aqaba (for Petra), Safaga (for Luxor), Al Wajh, and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

The MSC Bellissima is one of MSC Cruises’ newest ships, having been launched in 2019.

Highlights of the Ship

  • The MSC Yacht Club has three decks.
  • There are approximately 20 lounges and 12 eating locations.
  • Chocolate & Café by pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury
  • A special family deck area with LEGO and Chicco activities
  • The Carousel Lounge and the London Theatre are two entertainment venues.
  • Above a 315-foot-long Mediterranean-style promenade is a 262-foot-long LED Sky Screen.
  • There are ten distinct kinds of cabins.

galleria bellissima promenade

MSC Bellissima’s Galleria Bellissima promenade (MSC Cruises provided this image.)

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Highlights of the Tour

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Guests may explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site Al-Balad – Jeddah’s ancient town — while staying in this lively city. Jeddah is also renowned for its sophisticated retail centers and seafront.

Saudi Arabia’s Ras Al Abyad

Due to its pure white beaches, the area is known as “the White Coast,” where visitors may spend the day resting and unwinding while admiring the magnificent seascapes.

Jordan, Aqaba (for Petra).

This city, which is located on the Red Sea coast, is a paradise for divers and history lovers alike. This location offers something for everyone, from snorkeling in the Aqaba Marine Park to Mamluk Castle and the Aqaba Archaeological Museum.

Because to Aqaba’s closeness to Petra, travelers may visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has been inhabited since 7,000 BC.

petra jordan pixabay

Jordan’s Petra (photo by ChiemSeherin/Pixabay)

Egypt’s Safaga (for Luxor).

The tiny settlement of Safaga is the entrance to Luxor, which is just a short distance from one of Egypt’s most beautiful locations. This is a place to remember, with the remains of Luxor temples and the spectacular Necropolis — where visitors will discover the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens —

Saudi Arabia’s Al Wajh

The coastal city of Al Wajh, which is surrounded by turquoise waters and pristine beaches, was formerly one of the region’s main shipping ports.

Its deserted old town includes historic Hejazi architecture constructed of Red Sea coral, and it currently serves as a seaside entrance to AlUla, which is home to Hegra, one of Saudi Arabia’s cultural gems. Over 110 tombs carved out of massive rock formations, as well as ancient sites dating back to the first millennium BC, may be found there.

Saudi Arabia’s Yanbu

This large port is the ideal conclusion to the seven-night journey. Yanbu’s ancient town, which is within walking distance of the harbor, is 2,500 years old. It is one of the oldest souks, where merchants from all over the world used to gather to sell their wares.

In addition, the city is renowned as “Saudi Arabia’s diving capital” and has become a popular tourist destination owing to its white sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs.

The Following Region Is Being Planned

MSC Bellissima will depart the Red Sea at the end of March 2022 and reposition to Japan, where she will commence sails from Yokohama on April 21.

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The msc cruise updates 2021 is the name of a luxury cruise that will be sailing through the Red Sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will MSC Cruises resume in 2021?

It is unclear when MSC Cruises will resume in 2021.

Where is MSC Bellissima now?

MSC Bellissima is now docked at the Port of Barcelona.

Is MSC sailing in March 2021?


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