Marriott International is taking a strong stance on vaccine safety, which has some guests feeling left out. The company will only allow travelers who have been vaccinated to stay at their hotels in the future. This change comes after more than 8 million people were affected by outbreaks of diseases like measles and mumps over the past few years.

The “msc cruises” is a cruise line that has recently changed its policy. The company now requires all guests to have a vaccination before boarding the ship.

MSC Changes Course and Now Requires Vaccine for All Guests

One of the few cruise lines that did not require all passengers to get vaccinated has reversed policy. MSC Cruises, a privately owned cruise operator located in Switzerland that sails ships all over the globe, now requires all customers aged 12 and above to get vaccinated.

This obligation already applied to cruises departing from the United States, South America, Asia, and the Middle East, but it has now been extended to cover cruises departing from Europe.

Two Ships are Affected by New Rules

MSC Trips has established a new policy requiring that all passengers on all cruises be completely vaccinated against COVID-19. The sole exemption to the new obligation is for children under the age of 12 who are not yet eligible.

It’s a big shift for the cruise operator, which just a month ago said it would still allow unvaccinated passengers on European voyages. MSC Grandiosa and MSC Fantasia, two of its boats cruising the Mediterranean this winter, are affected by the adjustment.

MSC Grandiosa Cruise shipPhoto credit: Mavrin

MSC Cruises has been operating in the Mediterranean since August of last year, with its own set of health measures that have proven to be successful. The Swiss cruise company has had some success with a thorough testing and monitoring procedure. However, the corporation has decided to alter direction due to an increase in instances in Europe, particularly among people who have not been properly vaccinated.

“This approach has reassured our guests, our crew, and the destinations we visit with our ships,” says Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises. “We saw last winter with our Mediterranean sailings that even during a new peak of the pandemic ashore, we were able to adapt our health and safety measures appropriately and continue to offer the highest level of protection to our guests and crew.” This is the case once again, since certain European nations are experiencing a surge in infection rates onshore, and our approach indicates that health and safety are our top priorities on board our ships and in the communities where they dock.”

Testing Requirements Are Maintained

Vaccinations are now required aboard all of the company’s ships for the first time since August. If guests get their last dosage of a WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine 14 days before sailing, they are completely immunized. Guests must perform a PCR-RT or Antigen test between 48 and 72 hours before departing, depending on the departure port and nation, in addition to being properly vaccinated.

MSC Grandiosa Health MeasuresMSC Cruises provided this image.

All journeys leaving after December 4 will be subject to the new guidelines. Guests who have not yet received their vaccinations have the option to postpone or cancel their trip and get a refund.

Guests must obtain a Travel Protection Plan with COVID-19 coverage via their country of residence for all MSC cruises in the Mediterranean. Guests have the option of purchasing something from MSC.

Guests will be refused boarding at the terminal if they fail to give evidence of any of the three measures in place, such as the vaccination mandate, the testing requirement, or the obligatory travel protection.

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The criteria for cruises in the United States aboard MSC Seashore, MSC Meraviglia, and MSC Divina, all of which depart from Florida, have not altered. Guests must be completely immunize against COVID-19 and provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test done at least 48 hours prior to sailing.

MSC Cruise Ship

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be vaccinated to cruise with MSC?

How many passengers are allowed on MSC virtuosa?

A: This is not a question that can be answered with numbers, as there are many variables to consider.

Are MSC ships sailing at full capacity?

A: MSC ships are sailing at 80% capacity.

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