While most cruise lines use single-dose vaccines for flu and pneumonia, MSC has long used a two-dose regimen for the seasonal vaccine, which they say is very effective, according to a news release. The cruise line began administering the two-dose vaccine in January 2017 as a precautionary measure against the H3N2 strain of Influenza A, which was responsible for several deaths in the United States.

MSC Cruises has began to offer free vaccinations to all of its crew members. The vaccinations are aimed at protecting the crew against the flu and tetanus. All crew members are required to prove their vaccinations before the start of the season. Crew members who do not have their vaccines will not be allowed on board. MSC has stated that they will not force anyone to get the vaccination, but it is recommended.

MSC Cruises has begun vaccinating crew members in its fleet in preparation for the return to service of 10 of the cruise line’s ships this summer, including

Vaccination of MSC crew members

The cruise line began vaccinating crew members in its fleet on Friday, starting with those working on the cruise ship MSC Bellissima. Initially, the ten ships resuming operations this summer will be the first to vaccinate crew members.

These include ships that will be deployed in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, ships that will be launched from US ports in the Caribbean and other ships that are preparing to be launched.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises, said:

As our ships prepare to welcome more and more guests in the coming weeks and months, we are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive vaccination program for all crew members. Our goal is to provide an extra layer of protection for themselves and the guests they will host during their vacation, as we lead the industry this summer.

The new vaccination program is a key component of MSC’s industry-leading health and safety protocols. The cruise line’s goal is to vaccinate all crew members, including ships in service and those preparing to set sail again. The programme has been developed in partnership with various national authorities, destinations and private sector organisations.

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Onorato continued:

Our health and safety protocol has contributed to the safe resumption of cruising in the global industry over the past year, and our excellent vaccination program for all crew members is further evidence of our commitment to their well-being, the well-being of our guests and the communities that our fleet of ships will visit in the coming months.

Over the past year we have focused and invested heavily in our health and safety protocol and have worked tirelessly to gain approval from a number of authorities to return to safe and responsible sailing. We take a similar approach to vaccinating our crew – plan, prepare and execute.

Photo courtesy of : MSC Cruises

This is not only useful for the protection of guests, but also for crew members who cannot be vaccinated in their own country. This would have prevented them from returning to the ship, but now, thanks to MSC Cruises’ new vaccination programme, the crew can get back to work, ready for a big return this summer.

The crew on board the new MSC Virtuosa will be inducted before the ship’s launch on the 20th. May 2021, departure from Southampton, UK. This will also be the maiden voyage of the new ship and its return to the cruise market in the UK.

MSC Cruises became the first shipping company in the industry to resume international travel in August 2020 when its flagship MSC Grandiosa departed Genoa for a seven-night voyage around the Mediterranean. Since then the company has welcomed some 65,000 guests on board for a safe and relaxing holiday at sea.

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The line’s 10 ships, which will call on the Mediterranean and Northern Europe this summer, have confirmed itineraries and ports of call in Italy, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Germany and the UK. France, Spain and others are expected to be added as more countries open their borders and relax restrictions on international travel and other activities.

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