MSC Cruises is a global cruise line owned by the Carnival Corporation, and specializes in European and Mediterranean cruises. Founded in 2003, the company currently operates a fleet of eleven ships, including three newbuilds and ten refurbished ships. The company’s first ship, a cruise liner named “Mar del Plata”, entered service in July 2004 and was followed by “MSC Divina” in September 2005 and “MSC Meraviglia” in August 2007. The company’s second ship, “MSC Armonia”, entered service in January 2007.

MSC Cruises is celebrating the 12th anniversary of the MSC Cruises brand with a new cruise ship, refurbished ships and new itineraries.

A quarter century ago, the idea of year-round cruising was a dream of die-hard ocean lovers. Today, the idea has become a reality. MSC Cruises, the global cruise line, is celebrating 12 months of cruising in 2018. This year, MSC Cruises undertook the first cruise from Charleston, SC to New York, NY, a journey that is known as the “Charleston – New York route.”. Read more about italy travel restrictions and let us know what you think.

MSC Cruises is commemorating an unusual occasion: the one-year anniversary of its return to cruise operations in the middle of a worldwide epidemic. 

MSC was the first major cruise company to start international voyages on August 16, 2020. The MSC Grandiosa received the distinction and set off from Genoa on a seven-day journey. As Cruise Radio reported at the time, emotions were running high as the ship sailed out of the Italian port, with applause audible both aboard and ashore.

msc grandiosa in genoa italy

The MSC Grandiosa is getting ready to sail from Genoa in August 2020. (MSC Cruises provided this image.)

The business claimed in a statement that it was allowed to reopen in August after gaining clearance from local, regional, and national authorities throughout Europe for its health and safety procedures, which were established with the help of an external panel of medical and public health experts. 

MSC claims that their COVID mitigation measures “set the industry standard” and “paved the path for additional lines to restart.”

MSC has ten ships running a year later, more than any other cruise company and more than half of its 19-ship fleet, while several cruise companies are still in the early phases of restarting their fleets. 

MSC is a genuinely global company that sails in far-flung locations such as the UK coast, the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean Sea, and the Red Sea. In the last year, the line has made calls to 18 different countries.

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MSC Cruises was founded in 1989 in Italy and is a subsidiary of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, the world’s second-largest container shipping company. It is the world’s biggest privately owned cruise line and the fourth largest overall, transporting more over 7% of all cruise passengers.

The Geneva-based business has had an interesting year. It has received two newbuilds in the last year: the Virtuosa from Chantiers de l’Atlantique in France and the Seashore from Fincantieri in Italy. During the worldwide health crisis, no MSC Cruises ships were sold or consigned to the scrapyard.

MSC virtuosa promenade

MSC Virtuosa Galleria Virtuosa promenade (photo courtesy of Ivan Sarfatti/MSC Cruises)

In June 2021, the line also debuted new premium brand Explora Journeys, with the first steel for Explora I being cut at Fincantieri. MSC has promised to invest in new cruise terminals in Miami, Barcelona, and Ancona, Italy, as part of its port expansion plans. This year, a new terminal in Durban, South Africa, will be constructed.

Some cruise companies have struggled to transport guests to embarkation locations since many aircraft still operate on extremely restricted schedules. MSC came up with a solution by establishing “the industry’s largest worldwide charter program,” which transports passengers to and from embarkation ports all across Europe.

In the following weeks and months, more of the line’s ships will resume service, with the aim of restoring to full service by early next year.

Despite the difficulties of the previous year, MSC claims to have continued to innovate and strive toward a more sustainable cruising future.

It is currently constructing LNG-powered ships and claims to be on pace to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. It has also committed to being carbon-neutral by 2050, and is working with Fincantieri on a collaborative initiative to investigate the possibility of constructing hydrogen-powered cruise ships.

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MSC Cruises Celebrates 12 Months of Cruising MSC Cruises celebrated its first twelve months of cruising at sea last month with a cruise from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore. This cruise was a celebration of the 12 months of operations and the opening of the MSC Cruises Panorama Vista at MSC Cruises’ new home port in Singapore.. Read more about canada cruise and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did MSC Cruises resume?

MSC Cruises has not resumed as of yet.

Is MSC cruising in March 2021?

MSC Cruises is not currently operating in March 2021.

Are MSC ships cruising?

No, MSC ships are not cruising.

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