United Airlines can’t catch a break. The airline is the latest target of an online writer from North Carolina, who went on social media to bash United after they offered her their seats because she was crying over the death of her father. She says that no one should have to experience such discomfort in order to get home for the holidays.,

The “raheem kassam wife” is a tweet that went viral on Twitter. The tweet was written by a British nationalist who attacked United Airlines for offering too much comfort.

Nationalist Writer Goes After United Airlines For Offering... Too Much Comfort



United Airlines is being sued by a nationalist writer for offering… Too Much Convenience

on December 27, 2021 by Gary Leff

Raheem Kassam, a British writer, is the kind of conservative who despises capitalism and free markets, preferring to ‘own the libs’ and seize control of government to impose his own beliefs. He co-hosted a podcast with Steve Bannon, ran Breitbart News London, and supported lifting the ban on white nationalist parties when he ran for leader of pro-Brexit UK party UKIP. He also opposes vaccinations.

He’s now suing United Airlines for providing more comfortable seats. I understand that criticizing airlines is popular (see Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal), but most complaints are about compressing seat sizes rather than giving additional seats with greater legroom.

United Airlines is converting its entire fleet, converting “far over half” of its planes to First and Premium seats.

They’re making flying for the “elite” again, sorry plebeians. pic.twitter.com/aNSFSxUqM2

December 26, 2021 — Raheem J. Kassam (@RaheemKassam)

It may seem natural to gripe about the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ of air travel, but the point here is that United is actually generating more haves on its flights by giving more seats with greater legroom. To do so, he’s dug out a pre-pandemic story from two years ago about finishing the airline’s new business class Polaris retrofits – a seat that was less opulent than what American and Delta provided when it was initially launched in 2016. He passes up the chance to discuss United’s premium seat additions on Airbus narrowbodies or its premium-heavy CRJ-550 regional planes.

The addition of premium seats makes those seats more accessible, allowing more people to use them.

  • An increase in the number of premium tickets available should lower their cost.
  • And if it doesn’t, that means there will be more empty premium seas, which will be available for upgrade and cheap buy ups (elite status is not the province of the wealthy but more middle class professionals)

United has placed orders for hundreds of new domestic planes, all of which will have seatback entertainment for all passengers, perhaps improving the overall travel experience. Also keep in mind that travelers purchasing basic economy tickets, the airline’s cheapest and most limited, get access to streaming entertainment.

Is Kassam happier in a world where only Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant are allowed? Those airlines, as well as Southwest, which has been the biggest carrier of domestic passengers, are still viable possibilities. United is offering consumers an option in this case. Say what you want about the airline for being too progressive or for being the first to openly advocate for extra subsidies after the passage of the CARES Act last year. However, they haven’t been very lucrative.

Apparently, his gripe with airlines is truly about vaccinations (and maybe targeting United in particular), illustrating that the longer the epidemic lasts, the dumber people get, like Candace Owens praising Donald Trump for being too anti-vax.

My comment is less about market efficiency and more about the industry’s trajectory as a result of leading airlines’ analysis and implementations. If we’ve arrived at “muh free market,” I assume you won’t oppose immoral vaccine mandates imposed by corporations? Ludicrous.

December 27, 2021 — Raheem J. Kassam (@RaheemKassam)

Against Kassam There is a parallel universe in which only Republicans are willing to take Covid-19 vaccines. A group of scientists successfully lobbied the FDA to erect roadblocks in Pfizer’s clinical trials, delaying the results and the issuance of an Emergency Use Authorization until after the 2020 presidential election. Without it, Trump would have taken credit for the effective immunizations before the election, and Democrats would have said it was all a ruse, calling vaccine safety into doubt.

Meanwhile, the supposed ‘trajectory the industry’ has gone in a variety of directions, with disgraced former United CEO Jeff Smisek leading a race to the bottom in passenger experience, which was joined by current United CEO Scott Kirby when he was President of American Airlines and US Airways – in part to match Spirit and Frontier’s costs and fares, which have escaped the commentators’ wrath (as do services that make flying private less expensive, by the way).

Under the guise of Covid protection, airlines have gone almost two years with limited food and service in premium cabins, as well as limited lounge service for premium passengers, in order to cut costs (in the face of reduced premium demand due to diminished corporate business travel). The ‘industry trend’ can scarcely be described as favoring the ‘elites’ that nationalists loathe (despite the fact that they too are members of that class) and minimizing costs in the face of lower income.

Some services, to be true, are returning. Overall, the tendency has been toward offering people the items that airlines feel they are ready to pay for, mixed with a tough attitude in which legacy airlines mostly follow Delta’s lead (believing their executives are the brightest and must know what they’re doing). As United’s Scott Kirby doubles down on comfort, including improvements for all customers, and American starts to get more aggressive, the pandemic may be disrupting that pattern.

Finally, this member of the ‘own the libs Right’ fails to grasp the industry he’s attempting to exploit to score political points on Twitter, and finds himself having more in common with radical socialists than any sort of ‘conservative’ tradition (though North Korea’s Air Koryo does have business class).

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The “national pulse” is a blog post by a nationalist writer who went after United Airlines for offering “too much comfort.” The author said that the airline’s policies made it seem like they were catering to people with special needs. Reference: the national pulse.

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