The World Health Organization has released a new report that says the spread of the disease is likely to continue and there’s no sign it will be slowing down. The WHO also warns: “The world needs to prepare for a possible pandemic that may kill millions or even hundreds of million people.

The “norwegian cruise line” is a company that is in the business of providing cruises to people. They have recently provided an update on the second pandemic, which they are preparing for.

NCLH & SailSAFE Chairman Provide Second Pandemic Update

On March 3, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO Frank Del Rio and former FDA commissioner and SailSAFE Chairman Dr. Scott Gottlieb gave their second pandemic report of the year, offering insight on the pandemic’s current situation.

After its Conditional Sail Order expired earlier this year, NCLH, which includes the three cruise lines Regent Seven Seas, Norwegian, and Oceania, was the first to opt into the CDC’s voluntary program.


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Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats.

Since then, Norwegian has relaxed its vaccination requirements, allowing children under the age of twelve to cruise without being immunized, and has made masks optional, effective March 1.

Travel advisers, cruisers, and members of the media were allowed to see the new update, which was hosted earlier this year in January. The latest news from the cruise companies was that by mid-May, all crew members on the three ships will be completely vaccinated, extending the vaccination requirements for crew members.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who revealed plans for a family vacation this year during the first pandemic update of the year, is hopeful that when COVID-19 slows down and becomes what he predicts will be an autumn and winter respiratory virus, similar to the flu, additional restrictions will be lifted. The decline in instances throughout the United States, as well as less severe sickness, are two grounds for his confidence.

“When we last spoke, we spoke about how prevalence would drop dramatically as we moved closer to the end of the winter and into the spring, and I believe we’re seeing that right now,” Dr. Gottlieb said. “You’re seeing a dramatic shift in policy with governors and others dropping things like mask restrictions in schools and other public places…” “Prevalence is falling down all over the nation…”

“I believe individuals would want to return to activities that they love and are somewhat comfortable with. The majority of people have been vaccinated, a large number of people have been infected, a large number of people have been infected and vaccinated, and some individuals have a greater level of immunity at this stage and are quite well protected against negative effects.”

While mask restrictions are being withdrawn around the nation, Gottlieb believes it is doubtful that the federal government would allow its mask mandate for public transit expire on March 28, as it now does.

Though this doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being lifted completely, possibly by the end of this spring, as the government will most likely wait until the entire country has reported low levels of transmission before doing so, wearing a high-quality mask to protect oneself can help travelers stay safe even after the mask mandate is lifted.

Expect to wait a little longer, if not indefinitely, for vaccine requirements on cruise ships: “I think it’s likely to be a requirement that is in place through the fall and winter,” Gottlieb said, because the CDC wants to monitor the virus’s prevalence in an endemic stage, which we’re likely to reach later this year. If the Omicron-specific vaccination can help prevent the spread of disease as well as severe sickness, it may become mandatory in certain areas, such as cruise ships.

Overall, the report expressed confidence for this year and the next years, especially for the cruise sector.

The “nclh online training center” is a company that provides online pandemic training. The company has released their second update on the global pandemic situation.

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