While the LGBTQ community has made incredible strides in the last few years, there are still many roadblocks to full equality in the travel industry. Barriers to travel can include physical restrictions on your mobility and the ability to travel, social challenges, and problems with changing places.

The LGBT community often faces barriers to safe and comfortable travel, including the fear of being discriminated against or of being a victim of violence. These fears are often based in reality: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are often deterred from traveling, with many citing safety concerns as the biggest barrier to travel.

An issue that’s often overlooked in LGBTQ travel is the fact that often times those who identify as LGBTQ+ are in the minority when they travel, as a result of the way people travel. Often times travelers may purposefully avoid certain countries because of their own personal biases, which could be based on the countrys LGBT history, or lack thereof.

Booking.com has released new data that reveals some of the obstacles and difficulties that members of the worldwide LGBTQ+ community experience while traveling, as well as their top concerns.

More than 3,000 LGBTQ+ tourists from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand participated in the study.

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Sixty-one percent of those polled have encountered discrimination while traveling, and 63 percent have had unpleasant hotel or other lodging experiences, leading nearly the same number (60 percent) to believe that traveling as a member of the LGBTQ+ community restricts travel to certain destinations due to concerns about safety and well-being.

Interactions with other visitors account for the bulk of unsettling or discriminating encounters. Over a quarter of respondents polled said they had experienced one of these scenarios. Misuse of pronouns, preconceptions about their partners at check-in or restaurants, and the need to alter their look or conduct while socializing are examples of other scenarios.

The majority of respondents (60-65 percent) said that being LGBTQ+ has an impact on who they bring with them when they travel, how they behave with their significant other while traveling, and how they present themselves during their trips, citing a significant unease when staying in a hotel or lodging.

Despite these reservations, 87 percent of respondents believe that the majority of their previous travel experiences have been safe and welcoming, with positive interactions such as receiving information about a destination’s LGBTQ-friendly attractions and friendly, welcoming interactions with staff members being reported.

Booking.com’s Travel Proud initiative, which includes a Proud Certified property training session created in partnership with HospitableMe to help properties better welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community, was created in part to help make accommodations more transparent and welcoming to LGBTQ+ travelers.

Booking.com property partners may participate in this program for free. The program is presently accessible in English and will be available in French, German, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand in the near future. Over time, more languages and nations will be added.

LGBTQ+ travelers will find it simple to browse through Proud Certified accommodation offerings, boosting their confidence in travel and ensuring that they will be safe and accepted wherever they go.

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Three years ago, a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimated that there were 1.4 million LGBTQ+ Americans in the United States, making up 5.6% of the US population. However, this number does not take into account Americans who are not out to everyone they meet.. Read more about lgbtq vacations and let us know what you think.

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