American Airlines is now accepting applications for its AAdvantage Executive Platinum status, which lets members travel business class on any airline. The new application process takes just four weeks and allows access to nearly limitless benefits that are typically available only to those with American’s highest tier of elite status.

American Airlines is offering a new “Fast Track To American AAdvantage Status” that allows members to earn miles faster. The program will be available until December 31, 2021. Read more in detail here: american airlines status challenge 2021.

A New Fast Track To AAdvantage Status In The United States

on November 17, 2021 by Gary Leff

Business passengers on American Airlines are being prioritized for elite status. You don’t need to register; just book your tickets using your AAdvantage number and either a Business ExtrAA (small business program) account number or a corporate travel program identification. Then,

  • Earn Gold status by completing 8 trips between November 6 and March 31, 2022.
  • To attain Platinum status, you must fly 16 times between November 6 and March 31, 2022.


With no minimum spend requirement, sixteen flights in five months for Platinum is a fairly decent deal. Flights operated by American Airlines or promoted by American, American Eagle, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, or Qantas must be eligible to earn miles (i.e. not award tickets).

The terms and conditions are shown below.

Rules and Regulations • AAdvantage® members who do not have AAdvantage® status will be automatically enrolled in this program after completing a business flight credited to a company’s American Airlines account. • Eligible flights include bought, published fares flown between your activation flight and March 31, 2022 • The activation flight must be flown between November 16, 2021, and February 15, 2022, and must contain the specified 6-digit corporate indication at the time of booking. American Airlines, American Eagle®, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, JetBlue, Finnair, Japan Airlines, or Qantas must promote or operate flights. This deal does not apply to flights advertised and/or operated by other codeshare partners. • This offer is exclusively accessible to residents of the United States. • This promotion excludes flights that do not earn AAdvantage® points. • After previously announced changes to the AAdvantage® program take effect on March 1, 2022, any status achieved by an AAdvantage® member prior to that date will be extended through March 31, 2023 • Each AAdvantage® member must requalify for AAdvantage® status annually • American may, at any time, terminate an AAdvantage® member’s status.

Small businesses may take advantage of the Business ExtrAA program, which allows them to double dip on their workers’ earnings. Even the tiniest businesses are welcome to participate. To continue in the program, you’ll need three unique passengers and $5000 in flying activity credited to your account in the prior 12 months if you’re a new account (existing accounts will see this requirement starting January 1, 2023). These points may also be used to upgrade your status, with Platinum costing 6600 points and Gold costing 3200.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

The “eqd american airlines” is a new fast track to American Airlines status. The process starts with the user signing up for an account and then completing a few simple tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get American Airlines status fast?

A: The fastest way to get American Airlines status is through membership with any frequent flyer program. United and Delta both offer one-time upgrades for $75,000 each, while British Airways offers an annual upgrade for just under $200.

What is American Airlines Eqd?

A: American Airlines Employee Quarters.

Will American Airlines Extend status through 2022?

A: I am unable to answer that question.

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