The cruise industry has had a rough few months, but it looks like things are looking up. Consumers seem filled with excitement for 2018 and have been swayed by recent promotional opportunities offered by the major brands and companies such as American Express. In fact these changes might be enough to revive the industry in spite of some challenges that may ensue from increased competition, lower gas prices, and other factors.

The “us cruises” is a new survey that shows consumers are optimistic about cruises this year. The survey found that the number of people who plan to book a cruise in 2019 has increased by 20 percent since last year.

New Travel Survey Shows Consumers Are Optimistic About Cruises This Year

According to arrivia’s latest Ready to Board consumer cruise study, which polled over 1,400 Americans between November 2021 and January 2022, travelers want to cruise soon.

The survey’s participants were all members of a travel club or rewards program. Sixty-three percent of those polled want to take a cruise within the next two years, and 16 percent have already done so. The one percent of Americans who indicated they had no plans to cruise at all was perhaps the most shocking response, given the large number of people who stated they want to cruise soon.


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The majority of passengers (37 percent) prefer to cruise in the spring, while another 31% prefer to cruise in the autumn. In any case, this response demonstrates that passengers prefer to go sooner rather than later.

When it comes to whatever sort of cruise visitors prefer, luxury cruises are preferred by a whopping 66 percent. Mega cruises were chosen by just over a quarter of respondents, while river cruises were chosen by just 6%. Travelers are obviously considering paying more and splurging on luxury services and experiences that they may not have had if they had continued to travel frequently during the previous two years.

Despite the fact that most travelers enjoy luxury vacations, affordability is still the most important consideration when booking a cruise, with roughly 45 percent of cruisers prioritizing money above other factors such as safety and itinerary. COVID-19 came in second, with 33% of those worried about safety considering it.

Travelers prefer quick savings and cruise packages that include excursions when pricing is the most essential consideration. About 52 percent say they prefer instant reductions, while another 32 percent say packages with trips are their favourite savings.

The Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination among travelers intending to take a cruise this year or who have already booked one, with the Bahamas (17%), Alaska (17%), and Europe (17%) following closely behind (both nine percent).

Cruise passengers want longer voyages as well as more costly cruises. Fifty-four percent of passengers prefer vacations that last six to nine days, while ten percent want cruises that last 10 days or longer. 35 percent want to reintroduce themselves to sailing with two- to five-day trips.

Overall, 54 percent of cruisers desire explicit COVID-19 policies aboard to feel safe while traveling, which include fully vaccinated guests and personnel, physical separation, and masks.

What does this portend for this year’s cruises and beyond? It indicates that more people wish to go by ship during the epidemic than at any other time. Cruise companies should have its pandemic policies in place and provide booking incentives to encourage people to book.

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