A Marriott guest thought he had landed a free trip to the Bahamas but was slapped with an extra $8,000 in fees when he tried to fly first class.

The “I Should’ve Had A Drink At The Bar” is a story about how a Marriott member missed out on becoming an ambassador for the hotel chain. They were told that they needed to spend $8,000 in the next year, but with the current state of affairs, it’s not possible. Read more in detail here: marriott ambassador elite 2020.

No Leeway: Marriott Member Misses Ambassador Status By $8,



“I Should’ve Had A Drink At The Bar,” says Marriott member who misses out on Ambassador status by $8.

on January 10, 2022 by Gary Leff

During the year 2021, a Marriott Bonvoy member spent 102 nights and $13,992 with Marriott. At least 100 nights and $14,000 in spending were necessary for top-tier Ambassador designation. They also say that on their last visit, they should have ordered a drink at the bar but didn’t anticipate they’d need it. They’d gladly send the $8 to Marriott.

Based on what I’ve observed, it’s almost clear that a member who spent more than $13,990 also spent $8 or more at a property that didn’t post properly throughout the year. And if they want to keep the status they most certainly achieved, they’ll have to do just that.

Alternatively, you could contact a friendlier hotel and explain that they mistakenly took some towels or a bathrobe during one of their previous visits and that they may amend the original folio appropriately.

Because there is no wiggle room – not even $8 – in satisfying Marriott’s Ambassador level criterion,

We placed half of the Elite Night Credits (ENCs) into members’ accounts depending on their 2020 Elite status tier, in recognition of the pandemic’s continued effect in 2021. In addition, the $6,000 expenditure requirement for Ambassador Elite rank has been decreased to $14,000. Members will have Elite status in 2022 based on ENCs earned in 2021, as well as a lower expenditure requirement for those who qualify for Ambassador Elite rank.

The $14,000 criterion for Ambassador rank in 2021 is framed by Marriott as already being an accommodation. That doesn’t sound right to me: it was the year’s announced spending requirement. The concern isn’t whether the member missed earning Ambassador by $6008; it’s only $8 short of the year’s advertised criteria.

To be sure, this is lower than in 2019, given the current situation. Also, the advantages were more restricted!

During the epidemic, Marriott laid off a large number of its finest customer service personnel. While Marriott continues to promote that “Your personal point of contact is always at your service for every stay,” Ambassador members no longer get a personal point of contact and are unable to contact an individual agent directly since “addresses will no longer be checked.”

Some programs consider their cutoffs to be absolute (a 1 mile or 1 dollar miss is a miss). Other programs consider individuals who are really close to making it a success. It seems that the former is the case with Marriott Ambassador designation.

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The “marriott ambassador 2021” is a person who has earned Marriott’s highest level of membership, Ambassador. This status requires the member to spend $8,000 on their hotel stays in one year. The “I should’ve had a drink at the bar” is a phrase that means you made a mistake and regret it now.

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