Trump recently stated that “These AOC people” should be flying coach, as others were. The response from the Left was swift and angry. Many claim her actions are just a political stunt to gain attention for herself but that’s not what she does. It may seem like an easy target but it’s more complicated than you think in this case and there is nothing wrong with flying first class if your position warrants such luxuries.,

The “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fight for” is a question that has been asked over and over again. There is nothing wrong with AOC flying First Class, but people are asking why she does it.

No, There's Nothing Wrong With AOC Flying First Class. Why Do You Ask?

AOC Flying First Class Has Nothing Wrong With It. Why are you inquiring?

on February 20, 2022 by Gary Leff

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was photographed travelling first class on American Airlines from Austin to New York JFK last Sunday, a tiny social media firestorm ignited on the right. I followed the link to the piece and laughed at the idea that it was scandalous.

One Mile at a Time thinks the optics aren’t great, but also recognizes that American Airlines first class isn’t exactly luxurious, so this is being exaggerated.

Personally, I think the optics aren’t great here. I believe they’re a lot better than when AOC went to the Met Gala, but I see why someone who is adamantly a “people’s person” wouldn’t want to sit in first class for aesthetic reasons.

If I’m the AOC, I’ll travel first class whenever feasible to give myself more room to work. Socialism in our time doesn’t simply happen; it takes hard effort, and she needs to maximize her labor worth. Keep in mind the following:

  • She would not have used government dollars if this had been a paid upgrade rather than an upgrade. She was campaigning in Austin. If anything, it’s DCCC or PAC contributor money at stake, therefore it’s up to them to judge if they’re receiving good value for their money.
  • People believe she is being hypocritical since she opposes first class, but this is not the case; she just wants companies to offer first class to everyone for free.
  • And first class on American Airlines Oasis (Kodak) is barely luxurious. It has less legroom, less comfortable seats, and no seatback entertainment than American Airlines used to provide. And, since the journey took place before the reintroduction of hot meals to flights under 1500 miles, she would have been served something like this to eat:


  • Business class is available on Air Koryo as well. “All animals are equal in communist paradise,” but “some creatures are more equal than others.”

Bernie Sanders has been photographed in American Airlines first class, flying private, and insisting on jacuzzi tubs in his rooms. So, no, this isn’t going to detract from AOC’s popularity — and it shouldn’t.

What traveler would begrudge her a few hours in American Airlines first class if she succeeds to halt the New York LaGuardia ‘train to nowhere’ and it is replaced with something more sane? In addition, due to LaGuardia’s perimeter limitation, she had to fly into JFK. Maybe she’ll vote to revoke it.

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AOC is a company that has been criticized for flying first class. AOC has responded to the criticism by saying that there’s nothing wrong with flying first class and they will continue to do so. Reference: aoc twitter.

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