Norwegian Cruise Line is changing their testing requirements for those who would like to embark on a cruise. The new policy allows applicants with a health condition that affects one of the body systems tested, such as vision or hearing, to still be eligible for cruising through pre-testing and continuing education. This will ensure passengers with special needs can enjoy cruises without fear of being turned away due to medical conditions.,

Norwegian Cruise Line has recently changed their pre-cruise testing requirements. They have also increased the amount of time that passengers will have to complete the test. Read more in detail here: when is norwegian sailing again.

Norwegian Cruise Line Changes Pre-Cruise Testing Requirements

Norwegian Cruise Line has another change on the horizon for its forthcoming sailings, just as other cruise companies are modifying onboard health standards and tightening health and safety rules.

Beginning January 17, 2022, travelers will be forced to organize their own COVID-19 exams prior to sailing, which is a significant shift from NCL’s previous policy of providing testing at the terminal for all passengers.

Passengers will be responsible for their own tests.

Norwegian Cruise Line explained the policy change in a letter to guests and booking agencies.

“Guests will be required to provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test given by a verified third party at least two days prior to boarding for cruises leaving from a U.S. port and three days prior to boarding for voyages departing from a non-U.S. port at the time of check-in.” Testing will be offered at the terminal at your cost for $99.00 per person if you are unable to produce documentation of a negative result at the time of embarkation.”

Prior to this adjustment, NCL offered free testing to all passengers at the terminal.

Norwegian’s approach on whether or not travelers were compelled to test in the days leading prior to their trip has also been murky. Customer care representatives stressed that such pre-cruise testing was indicated and recommended, but not needed. Only the terminal exam – “performed and paid for by the cruise company” – is required for voyages leaving until January 16, 2022, according to the cruise line’s website.

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Passengers will be forced to make their own testing arrangements beginning January 17, 2022, for cruises departing on that day. At-home testing that are medically supervised will be acceptable.

This move may come as a shock to pre-booked passengers, who will either need to make testing arrangements ahead to their cruise or pay $99 per person at the port. The extra $396 cost for a family of four might be a significant drain on a cruise holiday budget.

While the change was announced in a letter sent out in mid-November, several passengers have complained that they have yet to get specific notice of the new requirement, despite the fact that they are scheduled to sail after January 17.

NCL Letter

Passengers flying to the embarkation port may be subjected to additional testing procedures, based on their place of origin and airline and international travel restrictions. Furthermore, cruise guests may be subjected to extra testing requirements at certain ports of call.

Passengers should review current procedures and standards in the days and weeks leading up to their departure to ensure that they will be able to comply. As pandemic circumstances develop, new or altered needs are likely to emerge.

Requirements for cruise ships are being tightened.

Several cruise companies, including Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean International, have tightened onboard health and safety measures in the last few days. Masking restrictions have been reinstated, and Norwegian Cruise Line’s “cruise mask-free” policy has been repealed, with masks now being needed in indoor and outdoor locations where social distance cannot be maintained.

Concerns about the Omicron strain of COVID-19, which is quickly spreading in many locations, have prompted these revisions. There is now a lot of ambiguity regarding the hazards of this new variation and how it could interact with existing vaccinations.

It’s unsurprising that cruise companies are strengthening health and safety standards in an attempt to reduce the danger of exposure, since significant outbreaks may be catastrophic to an industry that has only just started to recover.

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Norwegian Cruise Line has changed their pre-cruise testing requirements. The changes include a new requirement that passengers must be able to speak English, and they will also implement a new policy of not allowing children under the age of 12 on board. Reference: norwegian cruise line daily newsletter.

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