Norwegian Cruise Line announced that it will extend its future cruise credits to the end of the year. The credit extension coincides with a new partnership with Norwegian Air, who can now book discounted cruises for their passengers.

Norwegian Cruise Line has extended their future cruise credits to the end of year. The company is also offering a $100 credit for first time cruisers. Read more in detail here: ncl future cruise credit faq.

Norwegian Cruise Line Extends Future Cruise Credits to End of Year

Norwegian Cruise Line has extended the booking deadline for Future Cruise Credits (FCCs) till the end of the year. This would be very useful for visitors who had a 2020 trip booked but were unable or unable to utilize their future cruise credit before it expired on January 31. 

Norwegian Cruise Line Extends the Book-by-Date Option for FCC Passengers

Future Cruise Credits granted in June 2020, for example, would have expired in July 2021, prompting Norwegian Cruise Line to extend the booked by date to January 31. This term has been extended by the cruise operator one again; FCCs are now valid until December 31, 2022. 

Thousands more FCCs were given to passengers who had their cruises canceled during the initial months of the epidemic in 2020. Not all of those passengers have rebooked for a new cruise since then. These passengers will now be free to plan their next voyage at their leisure.

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In a letter to travel advisers, Norwegian Cruise Line said the following: 

“As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the passenger experience, we’ve chosen to extend Future Cruise Credits (FCCs) to guarantee that your guests have the finest vacation possible when they sail.” All FCCs with a ‘effective to’ date of January 31, 2022 will be modified to reflect a new ‘effective to’ date of December 31, 2022, as well as a’sail-by’ date of December 31, 2022, starting today.”

The sail-by date has always been December 31, 2022, therefore the only date that has been extended is the effective date when passengers must use their credit. Guests may use the FCC until the end of 2022, but they must also sail by the end of that year. At the very least, the whole Norwegian Cruise Line fleet will be operating by then.

By May 7, Norwegian Cruise Line will be fully operational.

Guests must choose a cruise that they like in order to utilize their FCC. Currently, eight of the seventeen ships that sail for Norwegian Cruise Line are not in service. They will, however, be returned to service shortly. 

Norwegian Pearl will be the first ship to return to operation on February 7, sailing from the spectacular new cruise port in PortMiami. After that, it’ll only be a matter of time before Norwegian Sky returns to service on March 2, also sailing the Caribean from Miami.

Norwegian Pearl Cruise ShipIan Stewart / Shutterstock / Ian Stewart / Shutterstock / Ian Stewart / Shutter

Norwegian Jewel will resume operations on March 29 from Civitavecchia, Italy, near Rome. She will be giving cruises to the Greek Islands to her passengers. Norwegian Jade will resume to service one day later from Panama City, a seldom visited homeport from which she will conduct Panama Canal voyages.

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Norwegian Star and Pride of America, the only major cruise ship registered under the US flag, will begin sailings in April. Norwegian Star will depart from Barcelona, Spain, while Pride of America will depart from Honolulu, Hawaii, where she is based. 

Last but not least, the two ships that will signal the moment when the entire Norwegian Cruise Line fleet is operational again are Norwegian Sun and Norwegian Spirit. Sun will return on May 5, also sailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, and Norwegian Spirit will sail on May 7, from Papeete, Tahiti. Both ships offer guests Pacific Ocean & Hawaii cruises.

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that they will extend future cruise credits to the end of year. This is a positive step for passengers who are looking to book their next cruise. Reference: future cruise credit carnival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can future cruise credits be extended?

A: The credits on the cruises expire after a long day of cruising, so in order to extend them you would need to purchase more credits.

How long are Norwegian cruise credits good for?

A: Norwegian cruise credits are good for a year.

Do I have to accept a future cruise credit?

A: No, you do not have to accept the future cruise credit.

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