The Norwegian Cruise Line will no longer be offering drop-off services for Splash Academy at M&S Mall, according to an email received from the company.

The “ncl splash academy age groups” is a new cruise line that will not be offering drop-off services at Splash Academy. This means that passengers will have to take a shuttle from their ship to the port and then take a taxi or walk to the resort.

Norwegian Cruise Line Won't Be Offering Drop-Off Services at Splash Academy

Norwegian Cruise Line has temporarily suspended its Splash Academy children program, according to an email addressed to booked passengers. A variety of family-friendly activities will be given in its stead, but parents must accompany their youngsters.

The Youth Program has been halted.

The Splash Academy program, Norwegian’s supervised kids program for ages 5-12, has been suspended, according to an email issued to customers booked on forthcoming Norwegian sailings. The email is as follows:

“Due to the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic and CDC Guidelines, Splash Academy will not provide drop-off services for children from 5 to 12 years old during your cruise.”

Norwegian Cruise Line’s kids program, Splash Academy, has three stages for young cruisers: Turtles (years 3-5), Seals (ages 6-9), and Dolphins (ages 10-9). (ages 10-12). Craft projects, sensory play, parades, storytelling, and treasure hunts are common activities for the youngest cruisers; circus skills classes, games, theme nights, and team-building are common activities for middle youth ages; and takeovers, scavenger hunts, sports, and video games are common activities for the oldest cruisers.


Passengers aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, which is presently sailing from New Orleans, and the Norwegian Getaway, which is currently sailing from Miami and will transfer to New York in February, have reported getting this email.

Although exceptions may be granted if unique circumstances on a journey permit or if local standards differ for non-United States homeports, it is probable that the suspension will apply to all Norwegian cruise ships now running.

The Entourage Teen Program, which provides events for ages 13 to 17, is still offered at this time, and includes more advanced circus skill training, movie evenings, sports competitions, theme parties, and other activities.

Alternative Activities are available.

Despite the fact that Splash Academy is now unavailable, the email continues:

“On board, we’ll have activities designed just for kids and families. From relaxed movie evenings and game shows to our lively Feel Free Play events, we have something for everyone. Feel Free Play is not a drop-off service; parents must accompany their children to the session.”

The range of activities available isn’t specified, but it’s likely to vary across ships depending on the amount of young cruisers on board, personnel availability, and COVID-19 guidelines if positive instances are reported during a voyage. Guests are invited to check the NCL mobile app or the Freestyle Daily email for updates throughout their cruise.

Guests are also advised that “To ensure your health & safety, and with an abundance of care, all activities will follow the social distancing, sanitizing and mask protocols that are in place on board.”

Why Do Youth Programs Have to Be Cancelled?

There is no reason given for why Splash Academy is temporarily halted other than “ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and CDC Guidelines,” however there are various possibilities.

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Because January and February are often the months with the fewest young cruisers, this ban is anticipated to affect fewer visitors during these months. Furthermore, with COVID-19 isolation and quarantine regulations affecting cruise ship personnel, it may be essential to decrease staffing in certain places to maintain service levels for more popular onboard activities.

Changing to a parent-accompanied model instead of Splash Academy’s drop-off service may enable activities to be dispersed throughout more parts of the ship, allowing for greater social distancing as well as improved cleanliness and sanitation between activities.

It’s Critical to Be Flexible

Last-minute alterations are becoming more typical on cruises, as travelers have discovered in recent weeks. As health and safety procedures are adjusted to a fast changing scenario, this might include canceled ports of call, schedule alterations, canceled entertainment, and onboard activity changes.

Above all, cruisers should keep their expectations in check during this time and appreciate the quiet, relaxation, and happiness that sailing can provide, even when the scenario and circumstances change. It’s vital to remain on top of any changes that could influence a future vacation, and to speak with the cruise company if there are any issues or modifications that need to be made.

Norwegian Cruise Ship Deck

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The “norwegian cruise line family suite” is a special type of room that Norwegian Cruise Line offers. The rooms are designed for families with children. This will be the last year that Norwegian Cruise Line will offer this service at Splash Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Splash Academy on Norwegian Getaway?

A: In this activity, teams cross a wasteland-like area as they collect tokens and items. There are platforms to jump from called splash pads that can be accessed by firing your cannon at them.

Is Norwegian Cruise Lines in financial trouble?

A: No, Norwegian Cruise Lines is not in financial trouble.

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