Norwegian Cruise Line created an art collection that is available on the blockchain, with a million pieces of artwork being sold in twenty minutes. The company in partnership with Emonee has created one of the most popular digital collections ever.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s New Digital Art Collection Sells Out in Twenty Minutes. Norwegian Cruise Line is the latest company to make a foray into the world of digital art. The collection, which was released on Wednesday and sold out in 20 minutes, includes paintings from artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Norwegian Cruise Line's New Digital Art Collection Sells Out in Twenty Minutes

The two very different worlds of NFTs and the cruise industry collided today at a Norwegian Cruise Line auction. With the debut of Norwegian Cruise Company’s newest cruise ship, Prima from Norway, in August of this year, the cruise line held an auction to sell art inspired by the ship. 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, of art works produced by Manuel Di Rita, popularly known as Peeta, the creator of the amazing hull art that will be featured on Prima from Norway and her sister ship Norwegian Viva, were auctioned off during the event. The collection sold out in 20 minutes this morning, demonstrating how popular the items were. 

Prima NFT paintings from Norway sells out in record time.

This morning, an auction of five of six digital art works by Italian designer Peeta sold out in record time. The artwork depicted several stages of the design process for Prima from Norway, the company’s newest cruise ship. 

Within 20 minutes, NFT versions of art pieces that will be displayed as physical art pieces onboard, representations of the design process between NCL and Peeta, a rearrangement of Prima from Norway’s hull art, and a piece inspired by the entire creative process of designing Prima from Norway’s hull art were all sold.

Prima Hull Art Sketch 1Norwegian Cruise Line provided this image.

There is just one work left, ‘Prima from Norway Hull Art,’ which will be auctioned until April 21, 2022. The auction winner will also get a two-night cruise for two in a balcony suite on one of Prima from Norway’s first journeys to the United States, which will depart from Miami.

Prima from Norway’s hull art was created to be seen from any aspect, with flowing forms and indistinct beginnings and endpoints, much like the ocean. Blue swirls are represented as freely floating across the hull of Prima from Norway, simulating the undulating movement of water.

“The Prima Class represents the future of Norwegian Cruise Line, bringing innovation and guest experiences out of this world… and into the metaverse!” stated Harry Sommer, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line. Art is a significant part of our fleet’s passenger experience, and we’re excited to continue our tradition of pioneering firsts with our foray into the realm of NFTs.”

In addition to Prima from Norway, Manuel Di Rita will design the hull art for Norwegian Viva, which is scheduled to launch in June 2023. 

Prima from Norway-class Cruise ShipsNorwegian Cruise Line provided this image.

Prima from Norway

Considering the anticipation that has been building for Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, there is little surprise that the five NFTs sold out as quickly as they did. Prima from Norway is one of the most anticipated cruise ships in the industry. 

The first out of six Prima class cruise ships, Prima from Norway is the start of a new chapter for the cruise line. From August, after the inauguration by global superstar Katy Perry, she will set sail on a series of cruises in Northern Europe from Southampton, Amsterdam, and Reykjavík. 

Other cruises will depart from New York City, Galveston, Miami, and Port Canaveral, among other locations. The cruise ship, which weighs 142,500 tons and can accommodate 3,215 passengers at double occupancy, is presently being outfitted at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy. 

Prima from Norway NFT Collection

Norwegian Cruise Line’s New Digital Art Collection Sells Out in Twenty Minutes. The “digital art crypto” was a collection of digital artwork that was available for sale on Norwegian Cruise Line’s website. It sold out in twenty minutes.

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