Once in Mount Airy, North Carolina, the real blueberry.

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If you grew up with Andy Griffith’s show, you might not know that the fictional city of Mayberry really exists, or at least that the real Mayberry, NC, knows it! Mayberry is actually based in Mount Airy, North Carolina. This picturesque town where Andy Griffith grew up is as charming as his TV series. Anyone planning a day trip to Mount Airi will find that the city pays tribute to the man who put the city in danger!

How do you spend a day on Mount Airy NC?

Flying Mountain

Mountain State Park Pilot

Start your day with a walk on Pilot Mountain. Just 15 minutes from Mount Iry, North Carolina, you can park at the Visitor Center at the foot of the mountain and either climb to the top or take the tram to the top of Mount Pilot.

If you use the shuttle, the fare for a round trip for adults is $5.00 (free for children under 13 years). You can also buy a single ticket for $2.50. You have to buy the tickets in advance.

The visitor centre is definitely worth a visit. It has recently been renovated and has exhibitions on the history of the region.

View from the top of Pilot Mountain

The view from the top of the Montagne Pilote makes you glad you made a trip to the top!

Downtown Mount A.C.

Mount air distribution centre

A visit to Mount Airy gives you plenty of time to explore the historic city centre. You’ll find everything from sodas to antiques. If you like the Andy Griffith show, you’ll also find lots of souvenirs and collectibles!

Opie Candy Box

Opie’s Candy

One of my favorite places on Mount Airy is the good old Opie’s Candy Shop.

The Opie Candy Store on Mount Airy.

This store sells candy, ready-made candy, traditional sweets and handmade Mayfield Dairy ice cream.

Hairdresser Floyd & Snappies Lunch

Two places you should definitely see as you walk through Mayberry’s historic centre are Floyd’s hairdressing salon. Both were installed by Andy Griffith (under different names) and integrated into the city of Mayberry in Andy Griffith’s exhibition.

Mayberry police car

Mayberry Carrier

If you walk around the center of Mount Airy, you may see a Mayberry patrol car. Mayberry Squad Tours takes you on a city tour where you’ll learn some fun facts about each location.

The Mayberry Squad car is a replica of a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500.

Andy Griffith Museum

Just behind Andy Griffith’s playhouse (which used to be the primary school he attended) is the Andy Griffith Museum. Here you will find exhibitions about Andy’s life and career in theatre, film and music.

It features current props and costumes from Andy Griffith’s show as well as items from the Matlock series.

Tickets to the Andy Griffith Museum also include admission to 5 other exhibitions of the Surrey County Arts Council.

8 per adult
$6 12 and under

The Andy Griffith statue...

Statue of Andy Griffith Andy and Opie

Don’t miss the statue of Andy and Opie, famous for portraying them on the fishing trail, as in the introduction to Andy Griffith’s show.

William Alfred Moore House

The William Alfred Moore House is a historic building from the early 1860s and is the oldest remaining building in the city. The house houses a small museum.

In general, you don’t have to be a big Andy Griffith fan to appreciate everything Mount Airy has to offer. This enchanting city has something to keep you busy all day, and if you decide to stay the night, there are many Bed & Breakfast offers to choose from.

Why not stay in the charming Bed & Breakfast during your stay at Mount Airy? Many of them are within walking distance of the centre and everything you want to see and do.

Photo loan: www.anrdoezrs.net

To know more about it

Photo loan: www.anrdoezrs.net

To know more about it

Photo loan: www.anrdoezrs.net

To know more about it

Photo loan: www.anrdoezrs.net

To know more about it

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