This is the second Park Hyatt review I’ve written in the last two months, so I thought I’d start this new series off with a bang by upgrading to a suite at the Hyatt on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. I stayed in a room at the Hyatt on Pennsylvania Avenue last month on an all-organic diet and hardcore exercise plan. I feel like I’ve earned the right to upgrade, right?

You may have seen pictures of Park Hyatt DC recently, and thought, “Is that the Park Hyatt DC you see in the background of the White House?” Well, yes, that’s the Park Hyatt DC you see in the background of the White House. In fact, the Park Hyatt DC is the Park Hyatt DC in the background of the White House. That Park Hyatt DC is also the Park Hyatt DC in the background of the White House. That Park Hyatt DC is also the Park Hyatt DC  in the background of the White House. And that Park Hyatt DC  in the background of the White House is also the Park Hyatt DC  in the background of the White House.

Somewhere between the National Mall and the White House, a large red wooden door marks the entrance to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. A line of patrons spreads across the sidewalk, some dressed in fine suits, others in unseasonably warm coats, and all holding their heads up high. They’ve come to DC for a reason—to celebrate, to laugh, to make some money. They’ve come to Park Hyatt DC, and inside they’ll find a hotel so perfect you’ll wonder if you’ve been transported to a different city altogether.

This Park Hyatt DC review arose from my need to go to Washington, DC for business recently, and my wife and I agreed that she and our daughter would accompany me for the weekend. I despise the word “bleisure,” but that’s exactly what this was.

When I go alone, I book a hotel at the Hyatt Place closest to the location where I’ll be working. I’m searching for something a little nicer for my family. And, considering how early my little daughter goes to bed, having a suite is a huge plus since it means we don’t have to sit in the dark and in quiet before falling asleep.

The Park Hyatt DC was an excellent choice for our vacation. As a Globalist, I was able to get a suite there, and with the weekend stay, we’d be able to take advantage of the breakfast perks.

park hyatt dc exterior Exterior of the Park Hyatt Washington, D.C.

park hyatt dc entrance Entrance to the Park Hyatt in Washington, D.C.

One Of The Strangest Valet Experiences I’ve Ever Had

When I arrived at the hotel, I discovered that the front desk also serves as the valet and bellman. As a result, one of the front desk employees assisted with luggage while another drove. This was a recurring issue during my stay: when I returned to the hotel, there was never anybody waiting for me at the valet stand. Instead, I’d flag it down at the front desk, and someone would come out and drive it away.

However, there was evidently someone working as a valet, and when I phoned for my vehicle, that guy came up with it – but didn’t inform anybody. When I went down to inquire about my vehicle, they handed me my keys. The vehicle wasn’t parked at the front. When I inquired about the vehicle, they informed me that no one had claimed it yet. They set off in quest of a vehicle that happened to be… just around the block.

Upgrade to a Park Hyatt Georgetown Suite in Washington, D.C.

When you book a confirmed suite upgrade, you will be assigned a ‘Park Suite,’ which is a two-room suite. At check-in, I planned to inquire about the availability of a bigger ‘Park Executive Suite,’ but was informed that I had been allocated to a better-than-average “Georgetown Suite.” This is a business hotel, although there isn’t much business travel going on. It also doesn’t draw as much leisure traffic as some of the others. There were a lot of vacant suites, and there were a lot more people at the hotel who came for drinks and meals at the wonderful Blue Duck Tavern than who stayed at the hotel.

Living room, dining room, and office in the Georgetown Suite

The Georgetown suites are located in the hotel’s corner. When you enter the room, you’ll see a bathroom on your right and a longish corridor leading to the dining area and living room. The office is the next room over.

georgetown suite guest bathroom Bathroom for Guests

park hyatt dc georgetown suite living room Areas for Living and Dining

1629061752_148_Park-Hyatt-DC-Review-Upgrade-To-A-Georgetown-Suite In the Living Room

1629061753_742_Park-Hyatt-DC-Review-Upgrade-To-A-Georgetown-Suite Coffee

When we arrived, there was a bottle of water on the dining table and chocolates in the refrigerator over the coffee maker, as well as waters in the refrigerator above the coffee maker and in the bedroom.

1629061753_384_Park-Hyatt-DC-Review-Upgrade-To-A-Georgetown-Suite Chocolates

The office is a fantastic perk, and I took full use of it since my wife and kid arrived a day before me. In addition, I had a space to catch up on work when I awoke before my wife.

However, the wood floor in the workplace, particularly in the conference room, was severely scuffed. The property is old and in need of some TLC, which is likely to be delayed even further by the epidemic.

park hyatt dc georgetown suite office Office

Bedroom And Main Bath At The Park Hyatt DC Georgetown Suite

Windows run down two sides of the living area, and they continue into the office and bedroom, bringing in light and providing a view of 24th Street.

The bedroom included a king-size bed with a mattress that I found quite comfortable, but the pillows were lacking in substance — the night after my wife departed, I needed three pillows instead of two, and I realized I should have requested for extra earlier in the stay (and I’m normally content with one).

park hyatt dc georgetown suite bedroom Bedroom

The wonderful shower and tub, which was a huge room unto itself with excellent water pressure and numerous shower heads, was the show-stopper.

1629061756_150_Park-Hyatt-DC-Review-Upgrade-To-A-Georgetown-Suite Bathroom

1629061757_784_Park-Hyatt-DC-Review-Upgrade-To-A-Georgetown-Suite Shower

1629061758_511_Park-Hyatt-DC-Review-Upgrade-To-A-Georgetown-Suite Bath tub

The toilet was just off the sink, and beyond it was a walk-in closet that was ideal for keeping several pieces of baggage — open, even – as well as hanging clothing.

1629061758_122_Park-Hyatt-DC-Review-Upgrade-To-A-Georgetown-Suite Closet

The remote control for the television in the bedroom was broken. We simply used the same remote for both TVs in the living room since it was similar. Overall, I thought the room to be very comfortable.

Breakfast is served in the room, and housekeeping is provided.

The hotel’s restaurant, the Blue Duck Tavern, used to be the only place to have breakfast. It’s a fantastic place to have supper, and one of the most appealing hotel dining rooms you’ll find in the United States.

Breakfast is now available in the restaurant or through room service for Globalists. This was given to me ahead of time during check-in. While I was informed that the benefit is “$40 per person,” that seems to be “plus plus,” and certainly, they hadn’t recognized the fact that there were three of us at check-out, resulting in additional breakfast costs on the folio. They erased the whole amount for each day when they realized my two-year-old was with us (the first morning it came to almost $200 that was taken off — more than $40 each!).

park hyatt dc room service breakfast Breakfast is available via room service.

When I called, service was usually fast, and room service was brought promptly. After we ate, I’d place the food outside the door, phone to let them know it was ready, and they’d come right away.

I didn’t call one morning when I needed to get out of the hotel fast. Housekeeping came in and cleaned the room, as well as placing the tray outside the door (rather than collecting it). The remainder of the day, no one arrived to take it up. Alternatively, you may leave it overnight. Or till the following morning, if I don’t order again.


To be clear, I appreciated having daily cleaning since so many homes no longer do it! During my visit, though, I encountered additional cleaning issues.

  • When they departed one day, they left the door to my room open.
  • My daughter was sleeping at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on another occasion. On the door, I had up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Housekeeping phoned to see whether I wanted service that day since they didn’t want to bother us. What makes you think that calling instead of knocking isn’t bothersome?

I’ve already scheduled my return flight.

It may seem that there were some service interruptions, and there were. The hotel is obviously having staff issues (one in particular, who had just been there a week, was snarky with customers).

However, I believe I must rate on a curve, and right now, compared to what I’ve experienced in most other locations, the stay was wonderful – so much so that I’ve already rebooked my next stay in a few weeks to be back here.

With my wife and kid, I enjoyed a wonderful brief vacation to DC. On Sunday, everyone went home, while I remained to work. I had most of Sunday to myself, so I caught up on work and even ventured out to Merrifield for my favorite Thai restaurant, Elephant Jumps. When I returned to the hotel, I was greeted with a large room with a homey atmosphere. The furniture was very comfy for both resting and working, and it perfectly complemented my own style.

elephant jumps banana blossom salad Salad with Banana Blossoms Jumps Elephant

More From the Wing’s Perspective

This past week we upgraded to a suite in the Park Hyatt DC, part of the Park Hyatt Hotel chain. We were given a suite in the hotel’s newly opened “Old Georgetown” section, which is on the other side of the river from the main portion of the hotel. We were upgraded to a suite on the 12th floor, in the hotel’s recently completed  “New Georgetown” section of the hotel. As a result, the Park Hyatt DC is one of the few luxury hotel chains that offers both options for guests.. Read more about park hyatt dc oyster and let us know what you think.

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