The idea of flying when you have coverage has become more prevalent in 2018, with people struggling to find flights before the out-of-network issues right now. The FAA is taking a stand for travelers needing care by banning airlines from refusing them service due to pre-existing health conditions or emergencies. It’s unclear how this will impact consumer choice and whether it could lead some carriers back into denying medically necessary services.

People are now believing it’s ok to fly during covid 2021. This is because the Covid has been in place since 2001 and no one has died from flying yet. Read more in detail here: is it safe to fly during covid 2021.

People Now Believe It's Ok To Fly When They Have Covid



People now believe it is OK to fly with covid.

on May 13, 2022 by Gary Leff

We’ve reached an odd point in the epidemic, when a growing number of individuals believe it’s safe to travel while infected with Covid-19. Traveling while unwell is not recommended, and this was true even before the epidemic, despite CDC guidance that it was usually safe for many individuals.

Even a sizable proportion of ostensibly Covid-averse persons now believe traveling with Covid is OK. “One in four persons who follow a careful doctor who writes about Covid often believe that a known symptomatic Covid patient should still walk to a terminal and board an aircraft.”

Would you do the following if you were in this circumstance (spouse with Covid, fast test +; minor symptoms), with tickets to go home tonight (1 hour flight): 1) I stayed in Palm Springs until the negation was finalized (5-8d) 2) Returning home with a tight N95 3) Skipping the trip, renting a vehicle, and driving home (9 hours); disguised; windows open. (8/23)

May 9, 2022 — Bob Wachter (@Bob Wachter)

But wait, it turns out that masking restrictions provide symptomatic Covid patients a feeling of security, allowing them to go. The removal of masking regulations forced this cautious practitioner to refrain from doing so. Covid spread is reduced when mask rules are not followed. What gives?

He would have gone if the mask regulations had still been in place, believing that everyone was safe (which gives the average mask worn by travelers way too much credit). However, since the mask regulations have been lifted, he thinks traveling with Covid is a bad idea.

We may have done it even if the airline masking rule had been in place. We knew that since it wasn’t, the majority of the folks sitting around her would be without a mask. Option 3 was chosen: a 9-hour travel. (10/23) (Reminder to self: this is a huge state.)

May 9, 2022 — Bob Wachter (@Bob Wachter)

There’s a lot here about where we are socially in relation to the epidemic, as well as our ingrained attitudes about dangers and what we owe others.

It seems to me that it is safe to go about daily life at the present since vaccinations and boosters remain highly protective against the negative outcomes we care about, and that if we do become ill, there is a solution that not enough people are taking (Paxlovid, though FDA advice is undermining treatment in cases where Paxlovid is ending too early). Some individuals should still wear decent masks, and since that mask restrictions are no longer in effect, you may use N95 or even P100 masks with valves.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

The “will airlines require covid vaccine for domestic flights” is a question that has been circulating. People now believe it’s ok to fly when they have Covid, but the answer is still unknown.

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