Princess Cruises has announced an exciting new experience for guests on their Alaska sailings beginning in 2019. The seafood dining option will be available to passengers aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, Regal Princess and Royal Caribbean International Anthem of the Seas.

Princess Cruises has launched a new dining experience for Alaska sailings. The “best seafood restaurants” are the Seafood Dining Experience.

Princess Cruises Launches Seafood Dining Experience for Alaska Sailings

Princess Cruises is bringing a “Wild for Alaska Seafood” dining buffet to its ships operating in the Last Frontier this summer, adding another degree of immersion to its Alaska itineraries. These locally produced foods will not only provide guests aboard every ship with a distinct flavor of Alaska, but they will also help sustain Alaskan economy and culture.

Princess Cruises Launches Initiative “Wild for Alaska Seafood”

Princess Cruises is proposing special menu selections incorporating locally sourced, sustainable seafood dishes onboard its six ships operating in Alaska during the summer of 2022, a first in the industry. This culinary program complements the cruise line’s award-winning North to Alaska program, which brings local Alaskans, culture, and fresh seafood to passengers on board and onshore to immerse them in all things Alaska.

“We take our role as the leader in Alaska cruising seriously, and as a result, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our guests’ experiences, both on board and ashore, while also helping them gain a deeper appreciation of this incredible cruising region,” said Princess Cruises president John Padgett. “Our guests will like these one-of-a-kind meals that highlight Alaska’s diverse culinary choices, adding an intriguing new dimension to our Alaska trips.”

‘Wild For Alaska Seafood’ With New Menus and Events Debuting Spring 2022With New Menus and Events Set to Launch in Spring 2022, ‘Wild For Alaska Seafood’ (Photo Courtesy: Princess Cruises)

Every night in the major dining rooms, the “Wild for Alaska Seafood” program will provide 30 unique Alaska seafood meals with specialty products. In addition, specialist restaurants on board will serve highlighted seafood dishes in addition to their usual menus.

“Regardless of where they dine that evening, guests will be able to taste a whole new choice of Alaska seafood,” said Rudi Sodamin, Princess’ head of culinary arts, who championed the new project.

Dining selections may vary depending on the port of call and will alter during the season based on what is locally available. Multiple species of Alaska salmon, including King (Chinook), Sockeye, and Coho, as well as wild Alaska cod (caught exclusively by hook and line), halibut, rockfish, Dungeness crabs, wild spot prawns, and razor clams, are among the sumptuous options.

“When it comes to traveling in Alaska, more passengers select Princess than any other cruise line, and now we’re adding fresh new seafood options and gourmet events that aren’t available anywhere else,” added Sodamin.

“To honor Alaska’s rich fishing legacy and unique local culture, we launched our special ‘Wild for Alaska Seafood’ program.” “Our objective is to highlight Alaska’s fabulously varied seafood as well as its history, enabling visitors to fully immerse themselves in this awe-inspiring natural beauty,” he stated.

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Princess Cruises created the initiative in collaboration with Pacific Seafood, Alaska Seafood, and Alaska Leader Seafood, all of which are devoted to ecologically responsible methods and operate some of the world’s best-managed, most sustainable fisheries.

“It is our obligation to serve our oceans by being unshakable in our commitment to sustainability, stewards in our local communities, and leaders in sustainable fishing techniques,” said Frank Dulcich, president and CEO of Pacific Seafood. “We’re honored to work with Princess on a purpose that matches with ours: offering sustainable, wild Alaska seafood and the world’s healthiest protein.”

Drinks with a twist and local brews

Princess Cruises is now delivering destination-inspired cocktail experiences to satisfy passengers’ taste buds in addition to the fresh, local culinary selections. Flights of Alaska spirits supplied from local distilleries, as well as unique cocktails like “Creamy Cinnamon Moonshine,” “Glacial cold Martinis,” and hand-picked, premium wine pairings for Alaska seafood meals, will be offered.

Princess Cruises’ Alaska Cruise

This summer, six Princess Cruises ships, including the new Discovery Princess, will sail to Alaska. From late April through mid-September, 145 departures are available, with 14 distinct itineraries ranging from 4 to 12 days. Anchorage, Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver are the four departure ports offered, giving passengers lots of alternatives for their Alaska vacations.

Whatever cruise visitors choose to explore Alaska on, they can expect a once-in-a-lifetime experience onboard Princess Cruises, one that enables them to genuinely discover, appreciate, and immerse themselves in the Last Frontier.

Princess Cruises in Alaska

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