With the new funds, Puerto Rico will focus on two main areas: promoting tourism and developing new events to bring in more visitors. It’s an ambitious plan that officials hope will help make the island a top destination again.

On September 7th, 2017 President Trump approved a request from Governor Rosselló to double tourism marketing and development spending in the wake of hurricane Maria. Tourism accounts for 10% of Puerto Rico’s GDP, so this will have a major impact on the island’s economy.Puerto Rico is doubling its tourism marketing and development spending to attract more visitors. The island has a lot of natural beauty, but also offers an array of cultural activities. It is the perfect destination for those looking for a beach vacation with plenty of culture. Read more in detail here: discover puerto rico.

According to Pedro Pierluisi, the territory’s governor, $120 million in funding allocated to the destination marketing organization (DMO) via the American Rescue Plan (ARP) would almost quadruple Discover Puerto Rico’s existing expenditure on island marketing and promotion programs.

Pierluisi highlighted Puerto Rico’s investment proposal for $4 billion in ARP money, which includes major tourist expenditure, at a news conference on Thursday. Travel to Puerto Rico, according to Pierluisi, is critical to the island’s continued recovery from the epidemic and previous disasters such as Hurricanes Irma and Maria.


“We will develop and reinforce our brand both locally and internationally, as well as expand our marketing and communications operations via our worldwide partners to reach new segments and raise awareness and attractiveness of our island,” Pierluisi added.

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In addition, Puerto Rico will use ARP revenues to advertise the island as a leisure destination, with $50 million going to promote leisure, $20 million to promote domestic tourism, and $10 million to promote entertainment and conventions.

Another $30 million will be spent to revive tourist destinations, natural resources, and public beaches in order to “guarantee that our attractions and natural beauties put their best foot forward,” according to Pierliusi.

Through current local marketing initiatives, Discover Puerto Rico will also expand expenditure on local tourism investment techniques. According to Pierluisi, a fully translated Spanish-language version of the Discover Puerto Rico website will be launched soon, “enabling us to draw more tourists from other U.S. states and motivating more travelers “never before exposed to our destination.”

The governor said that the island’s excellent post-pandemic visitation figures show that the destination may draw more people outside of the regular winter peak travel season.

“We already know that we can increase occupancy and tourist earnings all year long, not only during peak season,” he added. “This year, we’ve seen it. Every month of the year, we’ll be increasing our presence and generating more visitors.”

Other new tourism marketing activities will include digital advertising aimed at the island’s “first-party audience” of overseas tourists, who, according to Discover Puerto Rico statistics, stay longer and spend more.

Officials from Discover Puerto Rico claimed that digital ads would highlight the island through the eyes of locals, employing broadcast journalists and influencers.

Officials noted that the outreach would focus on growing foreign travel across Puerto Rico in order to “guarantee local communities benefit from the good effect of these high-value international tourists.”

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