Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest ocean liner has been given a new lease of life. The ship is set to undergo ‘critical repairs’ and will re-open in 2019 as an all-new experience for visitors. Queen Mary 2 was originally launched in 2003 but had her lifespan extended by more than 10 years.

Queen Mary Gets Another Chance, 'Critical Repairs' to Start in February

The Queen Mary hotel is receiving a second shot at life after shutting in early 2020. The historic ocean liner-turned-hotel is set to reopen later this year after extensive renovations.

queen mary hotel long beach

The city of Long Beach has announced that crucial repairs to the permanently parked warship will begin soon. The city will begin the first phase of repairs in February, with the project expected to be finished later this year.

Queen Mary has returned to the city’s embrace. 

Mayor Robert Garcia said, “It is our job to conserve the Queen Mary and guarantee that this historic treasure is properly maintained for.” “Now that the city has complete management and monitoring of the Queen, it’s imperative that we perform the necessary repairs.” 

In June 2021, the city took ownership of Queen Mary for the first time in over 40 years. Since then, plans for the necessary repairs have been developed with the assistance of maritime experts. The cost is expected to be approximately $5 million.

The Long Beach City Council authorized $2.5 million in initial financing as part of its Fiscal Year 2022 budget. The city gained clearance from the State Lands Commission to utilize Tidelands money in December 2021, as required by state law, paving the stage for construction to begin in February.

The Queen Mary has been improved.

The removal of defective lifeboats is one of the most urgent repairs. They put pressure on the ship’s side, causing serious breaches in the support system. The structural stability of the vessel will be improved by removing them.

Two of the lifeboats will be kept by the city for future preservation aboard the ship after they have been removed. The city will temporarily hold 13 original lifeboats while it assesses demand from museums and other non-profits interested in preserving them.

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The city will also install new permanent bilge pumps to release water incursion in the case of an emergency as part of the repairs and improvements. Additional bulkhead upgrades, an emergency generator, and a water incursion warning system are all on the cards.

Repairs to one of the ship’s exhaust funnels — a skyline focal point lighted by many lamps on the deck — were completed earlier this month.

When is the Queen Mary scheduled to reopen? 

queen mary ship long beach

The Queen Mary is expected to return to the public when the repairs are done, but no specific date has been set.

Until the repairs are finished, the Queen Mary will remain closed to the public. It is still open for filming, which helps to fund the company’s activities.

For cruise guests departing out of Los Angeles ports, the Queen Mary hotel was an economical choice.

Urban Commons Queensway LLC, the previous lessee, renounced its existing leases in June 2021 and filed a move to legally reject those agreements via its bankruptcy proceedings.

To keep the public informed, the city has developed a Queen Mary updating page.

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