The Queen Mary has been magnificently restored and is now open as one of the most popular attractions in Long Beach. If you’re looking to enjoy a day at the beach without any crowds, this historical landmark offers something for everyone.

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Queen Mary Repairs in Long Beach to Start This Month

Long Beach is prepared to begin essential repairs on the Queen Mary cruise liner, with the hope of reopening the historical monument to the public later this year. The ship is in a deplorable condition of repair, with the total cost of repairs estimated at $5 million.

Long Beach Now Has Control Over The Queen Mary

In 2021, the city of Long Beach reclaimed control of the moored cruise ship for the first time in 40 years. Urban Commons Queensway LLC, the previous lessee, abandoned its existing leases in June and filed a request to legally reject those contracts via its bankruptcy proceedings.

Previously, Queen Mary was under the jurisdiction of a number of different corporations. The vessel was initially bought by the City of Long Beach for $3.45 million in 1967, when it was decommissioned from the Cunard Steamship Company. The ship was turned into a floating hotel and was administered by the Port of Long Beach, Wrather Port Properties Corporation, Walt Disney Company, Delaware North Companies, and various organizations throughout the years.

The Queen Mary’s financial arrangements are now overseen by the City’s Department of Economic Development, while the physical restoration and preservation initiatives are led by the Department of Public Works.

The Ship Must Be Preserved

Since regaining possession of the ship, the City has worked with marine engineering specialists and compared prior studies to establish the specifications and plans for the necessary repairs to stable the ship and enable it to reopen to tourists and overnight guests.

In a news statement, Mayor Robert Garcia said, “It is our job to conserve the Queen Mary and guarantee this historic relic is properly maintained for.” “Now that the city has complete management and monitoring of the Queen, it’s imperative that we perform the necessary repairs.”

The removal of defective lifeboats is one of the most crucial repairs. The lifeboats put pressure on the ship’s side shell, causing serious breaches in the support system. The lifeboats will be removed to improve the ship’s structural stability and prevent further degradation, while two will be kept for future exhibition.

Queen Mary Hotel(Photo credit: GagliardiPhotography / Shutterstock) Queen Mary Hotel

Museums and other qualifying non-profit groups may be permitted to utilize the remaining lifeboats, but no agreements have yet been made.

In the following months, further repairs will involve the installation of new permanent bilge pumps to release water in an emergency, as well as upgrades to the bulkhead, emergency generator, and water incursion warning system.

“It has taken a long time to address these necessary repairs, but it is an endeavor that will tremendously benefit the Queen Mary’s structural safety and historical preservation,” said First District Councilwoman Mary Zendejas. “Now that the City is in charge of the ship, I am optimistic that this year will see significant progress in conserving this historic icon of our town.”

In January, repairs were done to re-light one of the ship’s funnels, which are lighted by multiple deck-mounted spotlights and are a recognizable aspect of Long Beach’s skyline. Repair work was done to the surrounding circuits, the electrical timeclock, and lighting fixtures to guarantee the safety of the electrical systems and appropriate performance of the lights.

The Importance of Queen Mary

While the majority of abandoned cruise ships are dismantled, the Queen Mary has had a prosperous retirement at Long Beach. The ship supports over 1,300 local jobs and contributes over $46 million in spending to the city of Long Beach each year while it is open and accessible for passengers and activities.

In a normal year, the Queen Mary will hold over 50 events, attracting over 360,000 guests and visitors to the ship for those events, as well as hotel stays and ship excursions.

Furthermore, from her first voyage on May 27, 1936, the “Queen” has a long and illustrious history. Throughout World War II, she served as an allied soldier ship, and during her many years as a cruise ship, she traversed the North Atlantic 1,000 times, transporting 2,112,000 people on exquisite and unforgettable excursions.

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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the ship’s declining state, it has been closed to passengers since May 2020. However, with the new agreement with the city and renovations now underway, it is anticipated that the Queen Mary will reopen shortly, providing visitors with a taste of the ocean liner’s former splendour.

Queen Mary at Long Beach, California

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