Airlines are continuing to expand their business class offerings in order to compete with low-cost carriers. With the cost of air travel becoming a pressing concern, how does Air France stand up against other big name airlines?

Air France’s business class is the best product that you can find on the market. The seats are comfortable and there is a lot of space for your personal items. The food was delicious, but it would have been better if they served champagne as well. Read more in detail here: air france business class review 2022.

Review: Air France Business Class, Paris - Houston

I traveled to Paris in business class with my wife and kid on British Airways. Our flight back was with Air France. I purchased three tickets for 66,500 Air France KLM Flying Blue miles + $383.17 each from Paris to Houston.

These were miles I had in my account from a cancelled roundtrip flight from Austin to Amsterdam during the onset of the epidemic. Originally, I planned to fly BA from Paris to London to Austin. The concept of a lengthy overwater trip that starts and ends in my hometown appeals to me. However, due to a number of schedule adjustments, I now have a 5-hour stopover at Heathrow with no option to make it shorter. With a three-year-old in tow, I decided that was out.

Let me start by saying how much I despise Charles de Gaulle Airport. It’s a long drive from the city, even without traffic. However, getting through the airport took time as well. We first stood in line at the Sky Priority check-in area to produce documentation of a negative Covid-19 test (or prior infection). We were then permitted to join the luggage drop-off line.

Even though we arrived at the airport more than two hours ahead of schedule, by the time we arrived by rail to our distant concourse and through passport control and security, our aircraft was scheduled to board in only ten minutes. Before boarding, we’d still have to submit our Covid-19 attestation at the gate.

Nonetheless, we stopped in the lounge for a toilet break before heading to the gate.

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On its Boeing 777-300ER, Air France business class employs the same seats as Cathay Pacific and American Airlines. This isn’t a brand-new seat by any means, but it’s still a fantastic option.

The seat was initially installed on US Airways Airbus A330s 14 years ago. The Cirrus seat was manufactured by Sicma, Zodiac, and finally Safran. The color palette of the Air France cabin, however, is extremely antiseptic for an airline that is normally fashionable.

Nonetheless, they are entirely flat seats with direct aisle access, and this was formerly the greatest business class across the Atlantic. I prefer it to United’s Polaris seat, as well as any Star Alliance business class on the other side of the Atlantic.

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A blanket and a cushion were waiting for me at my seat. The pillow was adequate, but the blanket was not up to British Airways’ standards, and there was no mattress pad. To be true, it was a day journey, but it was an 11-hour flight.


A Covid Kit with a medical-style mask and other accessories was also included. Air France prefers these or superior masks and does not use fabric masks.


Although I don’t need to fill out papers on US flights, I love having a pen in an amenity kit. Still, until the world is all-electronic and Air France travels to many locations that aren’t, it should be a norm. The amenity package is as follows:

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I decided to change into my jammies before taking off. I donned American Airlines jammies on my overnight BA journey from Austin to London. I wore a pair of United Polaris pajamas on this flight. I wanted to feel comfortable on overnight flights and day flights exceeding 8 hours, and the pair of pants and button shirt I’d worn to the airport weren’t going to cut it.


Apart from the basic seat, I believe Air France’s food stands out the most. Other airlines should learn from United’s example and deliver a wonderful multi-course dinner in business class.

The flight’s menu is as follows:





Drinks and a box of packaged nuts were supplied after takeoff, which was delayed by nearly half an hour due to luggage loading. Whether cooked or not, the nuts were pretty bland. It’s OK, but it’s a missed chance for something more exciting.


However, it is in the actual dinner service that Air France excels. It was first presented in traditional courses, with a tray of salad and appetizers, then an entrée, and finally dessert. The shrimp appetizer was really delicious. My main course was the meat, which was delicious. The cheese was OK (maybe my expectations were too high after spending time in Paris), but the assortment of desserts and sorbets following was fantastic.




The mid-flight nibbles, on the other hand, did not wow me quite as much. In the galley, there was a bar and self-service chocolates and chips, neither of which were very appealing to me. However, they would prepare you a hot meat and cheese sandwich. It was great and pleasant to have on an 11-hour journey, but it was absolutely something you could skip without regret.



Perhaps the second meal service struck me the most, not because it was better than the main meal (it wasn’t), but because it was so much better than what I anticipate from a second lunch on American airlines.

The fish meal was very great, a comfort food that suited the mark nicely, with a beautiful cake for dessert.


Throughout the flight, the flight attendants were polite and efficient, and I was pleased of my three-year-old daughter, who ate meals, watched programs, and played games without complaining.

When we boarded the regional plane from Houston to Austin on United after two long-haul business class trips in a week, she inquired where her bed was.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

Air France’s Business Class is on the Airbus A350 and offers a great experience. The seats are comfortable and offer plenty of legroom. The service is excellent, and the food is delicious. Reference: air france business class a350.

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